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Now Playing: 2011 CMAs: Lionel Richie Justin Bieber Gone Wild! Singer Smokes Weed and Drinks Hennessey From the Bottle Onstage During Concert
2015-10-02 Justin Bieber Says Floyd Mayweather's Critics Are 'Stupid'
2015-09-30 Thursday's Showbiz
2015-09-17 Lionel Richie Named 2016 MusiCares Person of the Year
2015-08-19 Lionel Richie: 2016 MusiCares Person of the Year
2015-08-19 Nicole Richie Opens Up About Having More Kids
2015-07-21 July 6th, 2015 Showbiz Headlines
2015-07-06 Hello? Is It Lionel Richie Trivia You're Looking For?
2015-07-05 Showbiz News for July 2nd, 2015
2015-07-02 Glastonbury Festival Announces Full Lineup and Stage Times
2015-06-02 Strange Crowdfunding Hits
2015-05-25 Lady Gaga, Sam Smith Booked at Montreux Jazz Festival
2015-04-16 Glastonbury Add Pharrell And Alt J To Their Eclectic 2015 Line Up
2015-04-15 The Rock, John Legend and Common Join 'Lip Sync Battle'
2015-03-17 The Latest Showbiz News: Jennifer Lawrence's New Role and More
2015-03-04 Many Questions | Old Age & New Medicine Bonus Clip 3 | Candidly Nicole S2
2015-02-12 Third Eye Pain | Old Age & New Medicine Bonus Clip 2 | Candidly Nicole S2
2015-02-12 Lion Exercise | Old Age & New Medicine Bonus Clip 1 | Candidly Nicole S2
2015-02-12 #Candidly Nicole S2:E12 | Old Age & New Medicine
2015-02-12 Candidly Nicole S2:E12 Teaser: Old Age & New Medicine
2015-02-06 Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast
2015-01-21 ZomBee Apocalypse | To Bee or Not to Bee Bonus Clip 3 | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-12-11 Alabama Bees | To Bee or Not to Bee Bonus Clip 1 | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-12-11 Bee Expert | To Bee or Not to Bee Bonus Clip 2 | #Candidly Nicole S2
2014-12-11 #Candidly Nicole S2:E10 | To Bee or Not to Bee
2014-12-11 Nicole Richie's 16-Year-Old Sister Lands Modeling Deal
2014-12-11 #Candidly Nicole S2 Teaser | To Bee Or Not To Bee
2014-12-04 Gillian Anderson Wins at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards and More
2014-12-01 Lionel Richie -- 'Quite Honored' ... Messi Was Named After Me
2014-10-23 Lionel Richie: I'm Not Khloe Kardashian's Father!
2014-10-21 Khloé Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lionel Richie Catch the Same Flight
2014-10-13 Khloé Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lionel Richie Catch the Same Flight
2014-10-13 Is Shelia E. a Diva? No, But Diana Ross Was
2014-09-18 'Where Are They Now?' Clip: Oprah Interviews Nicole Richie
2014-07-28 The Easiest and Hardest Part of Nicole Richie's Marriage
2014-07-28 Nicole Richie's Parenting Philosophy
2014-07-28 Parties You Missed: Lionel Richie's 65th and 'Get On Up' Premiere
2014-07-28 Nicole Richie on Being Famous for Being Rich and Famous
2014-07-25 The Must See Moments from the 2014 BET Awards
2014-07-01 Chris Rock and the 2014 BET Awards Red Carpet Review
2014-07-01 Nicki Minaj & Pharrell Dominate 2014 BET Awards - Winners Recap
2014-06-30 ShowBiz Minute: BET Awards, Parton
2014-06-30 Lionel Richie's Name Misspelled As "Ritchie" At BET Awards As He Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award
2014-06-30 'Lifetime Achievement' Recipient Lionel Richie's Name Misspelled by BET
2014-06-30 Lionel Richie: 'Having Kids Changed Me Tremendously'
2014-06-23 How Lionel Richie Learned to Accept the Man in the Mirror
2014-06-23 Lionel Richie: 'Success is Lethal'
2014-06-23 Exclusive: What Pulled Lionel Richie Out of His Darkest Hour
2014-06-23 Kylie Jenner Tattoos Her Initials on Lionel Richie's Son
2014-05-13 Lionel Richie: The Super Bowl Is Where It's At
2014-01-12 Lionel Richie Ties Irving Berlin in Hits
2013-08-06 Lionel Richie Talks Iconic 70’s Hair
2013-08-06 Day With Dad (Special Guest: Lionel Richie): #CandidlyNicole
2013-06-11 #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene: Dad's Dilemma
2013-06-11 #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene: Emoji Overload
2013-06-11 #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene: Generation Gap
2013-06-11 #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene: Zen and the Art of Garden Maintenance
2013-06-11 #CandidlyNicole Episode 7 Sneak Peek
2013-06-04 What Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie Taught Dr. Robin Smith
2013-03-10 Top 10 Classic Duets
2013-01-20 Celebrities Who Are Broke This Christmas
2012-12-21 The Music Minute: Is American Idol Looking For Judges Or Good TV?
2012-07-18 Lionel Richie Scores First #1 Album In 26 Years With Tuskegee
2012-04-20 Spears May Join "X Factor," Lionel Richie Tops Charts
2012-04-18 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-04-16 Celeb Says What?
2012-04-06 Kenny Chesney Drunk-Dials Lionel Richie
2012-03-28 Lionel Richie's Life and Career
2012-03-27 You've Got Lionel Richie
2012-01-17 2011 CMAs: Lionel Richie
2011-11-10 SNTV - Nicole and Joel tie the knot
2010-12-13 SNTV - Latest Celebrity Gossip
2010-08-31 Enrique Iglesias On New Album 'Euphoria'
2010-07-07 Lady Gaga and Her Little Monsters at the 2010 Grammy Awards
2010-05-11 The Stars Step Up for Haiti