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''New York'' is a 1989 album by Lou Reed. It was received very warmly as a return to the style of The Velvet Underground, the group which Reed founded in the 1960s and whose legacy had grown in stature during the 1980s as it was carried on by any number of alternative rock acts. Reed's straightforward, rock and roll sound on this album was unusual for the time and along with other releases such as Graham Parker's ''The Mona Lisa's Sister'' presaged a back-to-basics turn in mainstream rock music. On the other hand, the lyrics through the 14 songs are profuse and carefully woven, making ''New York'' Reed's most overtly conceptual album since the early 1970s. His polemical liner notes direct the listener to hear the 57-minute album in one sitting, "as though it were a book or a movie." The lyrics vent anger at many public figures in the news at the time. Reed mentions by name the Virgin Mary, the NRA, Rudy Giuliani, "the President", the "Statue of Bigotry", Buddha, Mike Tyson, Bernard Goetz, Mr. Waldheim, "the Pontiff", Jesse Jackson, (Jimi) Hendrix, and (Jimmy) Swaggart.

"Dirty Blvd." was a #1 hit on the newly created Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart for four weeks.

New York
Label: Warner Bros.
Release Date: 2011-03-29
Duration: 56:53

Buy AlbumPrice: $9.99

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1Romeo Had Juliette 03:10
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2Halloween Parade 03:33
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3Dirty Blvd. 03:29
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4Endless Cycle 04:03
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5There Is No Time 03:46
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6Last Great American Whale 03:42
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7Beginning Of A Great Adventure 04:57
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8Busload Of Faith 04:50
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9Sick Of You 03:26
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10Hold On 03:25
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11Good Evening Mr. Waldheim 04:37
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12Xmas In February 02:57
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13Strawman 05:54
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14Dime Store Mystery 05:04
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Album - New York $9.99 Buy Album