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''Operation: Mindcrime'' is a concept album by American progressive metal band Queensr├┐che. Released on May 3, 1988, it is the band's third full-length album. A rock opera, its story follows a man who becomes disillusioned with the society of the time and reluctantly becomes involved with a revolutionary group as an assassin of political leaders. The album is highly regarded within the heavy metal community, often labelled as one of the genre's finest works. In January 1989, it ranked #34 on ''Kerrang!'' magazine's "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time."

Operation: Mindcrime (Remastered)
Label: EMI/EMI Records (USA)
Release Date: 2003-05-06
Duration: 68:23

Buy AlbumPrice: $7.99

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Song Title Time Play Price Download
1I Remember Now 01:17
$1.29 Buy Song
2Anarchy-X 01:27
$1.29 Buy Song
3Revolution Calling 04:39
$1.29 Buy Song
4Operation: Mindcrime 04:45
$1.29 Buy Song
5Speak 03:42
$1.29 Buy Song
6Spreading The Disease 04:07
$1.29 Buy Song
7The Mission 05:47
$1.29 Buy Song
8Suite Sister Mary 10:39
$1.29 Buy Song
9The Needle Lies 03:08
$1.29 Buy Song
10Electric Requiem 01:22
$1.29 Buy Song
11Breaking The Silence 04:34
$1.29 Buy Song
12I Don't Believe In Love 04:23
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13Waiting For 22 01:05
$1.29 Buy Song
14My Empty Room 01:32
$1.29 Buy Song
15Eyes Of A Stranger 06:53
$1.29 Buy Song
16The Mission (Live) 06:11
$1.29 Buy Song
17My Empty Room (Live) 02:43
$1.29 Buy Song
Album - Operation: Mindcrime (Remastered) $7.99 Buy Album