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''Operation: Mindcrime II'' is the ninth studio album by American progressive metal band Queensrÿche. It is a concept album and the sequel to the group's 1988 release, ''Operation: Mindcrime''. The album was released on April 4, 2006 in North America, (March 29, 2006 release in Japan, March 31 in Germany, April 3 rest of world) on the Rhino Entertainment label. The lead single, "I'm American," was performed by Queensrÿche during their 2005 tour in support of Judas Priest.

The album resumes the story of Nikki, a drug-addicted political revolutionary who was arrested for the murder of Sister Mary at the end of ''Operation: Mindcrime''. As ''Operation: Mindcrime II'' begins, 18 years later, Nikki is released from prison and begins to plot his revenge against Dr. X, the villain of the first album.

Vocalist Pamela Moore reprised her role as Sister Mary for the album, while the role of Dr. X (played by actor Anthony Valentine on the first album) was taken over by heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio.

The album debuted on the Billboard 200 album chart at #14, the highest chart position for a Queensrÿche album since ''Promised Land'' peaked at #3 in 1994. Thus far, the album tracks "I'm American" and "The Hands" have been released as singles with accompanying videos.

Operation: Mindcrime II
Label: Rhino
Release Date: 2006-03-28
Duration: 59:08

Buy AlbumPrice: $11.49

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Song Title Time Play Price Download
1Freiheit Ouvertüre 01:36
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2Convict 00:08
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3I'm American 02:53
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4One Foot In Hell 04:13
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5Hostage 04:29
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6The Hands 04:37
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7Speed Of Light 03:12
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8Signs Say Go 03:17
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9Re-Arrange You 03:11
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10The Chase 03:08
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11Murderer? 04:34
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12Circles 02:58
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13If I Could Change It All 04:28
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14An Intentional Confrontation 02:32
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15A Junkie's Blues 03:42
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16Fear City Slide 04:58
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17All The Promises 05:11
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Album - Operation: Mindcrime II $11.49 Buy Album