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Now Playing: On Set With Mindless Behavior For "Girls Talkin Bout" Jason Sudeikis' Toddler Is a Connect Four Prodigy
2015-09-15 800-Year-Old Magna Carta Explained Through Hip Hop
2015-02-24 BBC Meets China's Child Prodigy Pianist
2014-02-20 Hardcore Rapper Prodigy Laughs About His Beef With Jay-Z & Nas
2013-07-11 Prodigy And Alchemist: The Role Of Herb In Our Recording Process
2013-07-11 Hardcore Rapper Prodigy: Why Rappers Go To Prison
2013-07-11 How Prodigy Manages His Sickle-Cell
2013-07-11 Prodigy Walks Back On Jay-Z Illuminati Theory
2013-07-11 Where Prodigy And Havoc Stand Now
2013-07-11 How John Legend Went from Child Prodigy to World-Famous Musician
2013-06-10 Rocking Out With YouTube Cello Stars
2013-05-27 Legend's Celebrity Movie Cast?
2013-05-20 1D, Swift, R5, MB, & Zendaya On Fanlala 5ive!
2013-03-19 Mindless Behavior All Around The World Movie Premiere
2013-03-12 One Direction, R5, MB, IM5 & MORE Music Count Down
2013-03-09 Mindless Behavior Release "All Around the World” Music Video
2013-03-09 Disney, Nick, LMFAO, & More Dance Videos on Fanlala 5ive!
2013-02-05 Mindless Behavior on Fanlala 5ive!
2012-12-18 Mindless Behavior Movie & Tour!
2012-04-24 On Set With Mindless Behavior For "Girls Talkin Bout"
2011-09-21 Mindless Behavior On Summer & "My Girl"
2011-06-21 Mindless Behavior's Musical Influences
2011-02-15 Mindless Behavior's Fanlala First Look