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Now Playing: Jordin Sparks Weighs In On Beyonce Lip-Synching This Is What Disney Characters Would Look Like On Instagram
2015-09-24 'The View': Prince William and Kate Visit New York City
2015-08-11 Prince Teams Up With Jay Z For Next Release
2015-08-11 'Once Upon A Time': The Evil Queen Crashes the Wedding
2015-07-16 The Royal Family Celebrates Princess Charlotte's Christening
2015-07-06 Matt Bomer Reveals Why Joe Manganiello Would Be the Perfect Singer
2015-06-26 Australian Girl Steals Kiss From Prince Harry
2015-05-07 Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Celebrate Their Fourth Wedding Anniversary
2015-04-29 Apollonia's First Ride in Prince's Purple Limousine
2015-04-26 Prince George's Cutest Moments
2015-04-14 Lily James, Richard Madden Brings Cinderella to London
2015-03-20 The Royals Star William Moseley On Elizabeth Hurley And How The Monarchy Is Like A 'Golden Cage.'
2015-03-12 Style Watch: Kate's 2015 Maternity Outfits
2015-03-10 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Ewan McGregor on Wearing a Kilt & Meeting Prince Charles
2015-01-22 'America's Funniest Home Videos': Farming Fails
2014-12-17 Prince Will and Kate Attend Glitzy Gala Dinner at the Met Museum
2014-12-10 Prince -- Coolest, Tiniest Stage Crasher Ever
2014-12-02 Stephen Merchant Talks About "Hello Ladies: The Movie"
2014-11-20 'Modern Family': Jay Misses His Hair
2014-10-30 'Modern Family': Jay Loses His Halloween Wig
2014-10-30 Lindsay Lohan Denies Rumours That She's Chasing Prince Harry
2014-10-23 How Prince Gave Carmen Electra Her Name
2014-10-20 Top 10 Band Logos
2014-09-28 Singer Sheila E. Tells All About Her Time with Prince
2014-09-12 Chi McBride: Prince 'Disappeared Out Of The Room Like Cigarette Smoke'
2014-05-09 Celebrate National Shrimp Day With Hollywood's Shortest Celebs
2014-05-09 New York Nightlife Impressario Jerry Brandt
2014-04-21 Here's How Tracy Morgan Got Kicked Out Of Prince's House
2014-04-10 DJ Rashida: 'Prince Roller Skates Like He Dances'
2014-04-02 Misty Copeland Talks Prince & Curves, Throws Shade At Kobe
2014-03-14 The Beauty Of Big Purple Pimpin' Is In The Details With Prince
2014-03-07 Prince Reveals His Favorite Song, Why He Doesn't Have A Cell Phone & More
2014-03-06 Prince Breaks Up A Couple
2014-03-06 When Was The Last Time Prince Watched 'Purple Rain' Or Bought Something From an Infomercial?
2014-03-06 Prince Announces Takeover Of The Arsenio Hall Show
2014-02-28 New Music From U2, Prince, Shakira, Rihanna, & Justin Bieber
2014-02-04 Lamorne Morris Shares Details Of Prince's 'New Girl' Episode
2014-01-31 Grayson Dresses Down for Palace Date
2014-01-24 Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Baby Naps to Rap
2014-01-02 Eye Opener's Broken News #2: Famous Babies Are Born
2013-12-31 'New Girl' Gets It's Most Epic Superstar Guest Yet
2013-12-14 New Music From Prince, TLC, Justin Bieber, & The Game
2013-10-15 Prince Uses 'Chappelle's Show' Parody For Album Cover
2013-08-19 Prince's 'Breakfast Can Wait' Cover Art Is The Best Thing He's Ever Done
2013-08-19 Celeb News: Prince's New Single Cover Is Amazing
2013-08-19 Prince Finally Joins Twitter