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Choirboys From Heaven
Label: Warner Classics
Release Date: 2010-10-11
Duration: 149:58

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Song Title       Time
1Panis Angelicus    03:09
1Amazing Grace    03:04
2I Waited For The Lord (From Hymn Of Praise)    03:37
2What Is Pink?: What Is Pink?    01:46
3Quattro Pezzi Sacri: Laudi Alla Vergine Maria    05:03
3What Is Pink?: The Mysterious Cat    02:25
4Elijah, Op. 70: Lift Thine Eyes    02:11
4What Is Pink?: Who Has Seen The Wind?    01:02
5The Lord Is My Shepherd    03:12
5What Is Pink?: A Pavane For The Nursery    03:28
6Requiem Op. 48: Pie Jesu    02:59
6What Is Pink?: Counting-Out Rhyme    00:51
7Alleluia! (From Chouer De Pâques)    10:05
7What Is Pink?: The House On The Hill    02:24
8Ave Maria Op.67, No.2    02:11
8Moznost (Four Moravian Duets, Op.38)    01:47
9Gott Ist Mein Hirt    05:05
9Jablko (Four Moravian Duets, Op.38)    02:11
10Ex Ore Innocentium    03:36
10Venecek (Four Moravian Duets, Op.38)    01:53
11I Sing Of A Maiden    02:38
11Hore (Four Moravian Duets, Op.38)    03:23
12Rejoice In The Lamb - Festival Cantata Op. 30 (1987 Digital Remaster): For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry (Treble)    02:16
12Carmina Burana (1985 Digital Remaster): Amor Volat Undique    01:50
13Requiem: 3. Pie Jesu (Edward Saklatvala, Treble)    03:36
13You Were There    04:02
14Miserere A 9    13:02
14Mother Of God    02:44
15A Ceremony Of Carols Op. 28 (1995 Digital Remaster): 2. Wolcum Yole!    01:24
15Secret    04:05
16A Ceremony Of Carols Op. 28 (1995 Digital Remaster): 3. There Is No Rose    02:22
16Ave Maria    04:21
17A Ceremony Of Carols Op. 28 (1995 Digital Remaster): 6. This Little Babe    01:26
17Bach: Air On The G String    03:46
18A Ceremony Of Carols Op. 28 (1995 Digital Remaster): 9. Spring Carol    01:13
18Prayer    04:05
19Ching-A-Ring Chaw (American Songs)    01:58
19Be Still My Soul    03:59
20Simple Gifts (American Songs)    01:49
20Going Home    04:04
21Old American Songs_set 1: I Bought Me A Cat    02:27
21Nothing Compares To You    04:08
22Old American Songs_set 2: At The River (Lowry, 1865)    02:30
22Eternal Flame    03:25
23Burning Down The House    03:50
24Only Time    03:36

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