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''Soldier'' is a 1980 (see 1980 in music) album by proto-punk musician Iggy Pop. David Bowie and Simple Minds provide backing vocals on "Play it Safe".

It is the first album on which Iggy collaborated with ex-Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock. Videos were made for songs "Loco Mosquito", "Knocking 'Em Down (in the City)" and "Dog Food". The album peaked at number 125 on the Billboard charts. Ex-Stooge James Williamson was originally hired to produce the album but a conflict between Williamson and David Bowie (who was assisting as a friend of Pop) over recording techniques led to Williamson walking out on the project.

There has been some debate over the lack of lead guitar on the final mix, which has been criticized by Glen Matlock. In Iggy Pop's biography, Matlock claims that the lead guitar was stripped after David Bowie was punched by Steve New for hitting on his girlfriend.

Release Date: 2000-07-11
Duration: 44:06

Buy AlbumPrice: $9.99

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Song Title Time Play Price Download
1Loco Mosquito 03:12
$0.99 Buy Song
2Ambition 03:23
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3Knocking 'em Down (In The City) 03:23
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4Play It Safe 03:06
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5Get Up & Get Out 02:46
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6Mr. Dynamite 04:24
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7Dog Food 01:49
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8I Need More 04:05
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9Take Care Of Me 03:28
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10I'm A Conservative 03:54
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11I Snub You 03:10
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12Low Life 03:02
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13Drop A Hook 04:24
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Album - Soldier $9.99 Buy Album