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Birth Place: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Years Active: 1989-present
Genres: Industrial Metal, Industrial Rock

Pitchshifter are a British five-piece metal band from Nottingham, United Kingdom formed in 1989. The band was started by vocalist JS Clayden lead guitarist and programmer Johnny A. Carter, bassist Mark Clayden, rhythm guitarist Stuart Toolin.

The band gained attention with their 1998 release '''' for its fusion of electronic music like drum 'n bass with metal and rock, which has been compared with other electronic groups like The Prodigy. The band is also known for the early industrial metal sound with downtuned guitars and the use of drum machines and being cited as one of the originators of the genre along with Godflesh.

Albeit the band has found little mainstream success, the band managed to gain a platinum with the release of the ''Mortal Kombat: Annihilation'' soundtrack and their 2000 release ''Deviant'' peaking at 39 in Billboard 200. Since its formation, the band has released six studio albums, three EPs and eight music videos. The band has played in various around the world including Ozzfest, Phoenix Festival and Damnation Festival.