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Wilson Phillips To Record New Album Via Reality TV Series, Debuting Tonight On TV Guide Network

11/27/2011 4:30pm EST
Wilson Phillips
Girl group Wilson Phillips' new TV series will follow the trio as it records tracks first recorded by The Beach Boys and the Mamas and the Papas for a new album.

The bandmates' parents - Brian Wilson and John and Michelle Phillips, fronted the two bands and now their kids are paying tribute to the pop classics they recorded in the 1960s and 1970s.

And their efforts will feature in new reality TV series Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On, which debuts on Sunday night at 9:00 (EST) on the TV Guide Network.

Band member Carnie Wilson insists the show will make for great TV viewing: "It's not ...

'Dancing With The Stars' Finale Crowns J.R. Martinez The Hero Of The Ballroom

11/23/2011 9:14am EST
JR Martinez Wins 'Dancing With The Stars'
So last night ‘Dancing With The Stars’ crowned a new champion for it’s thirteenth season, and it was an outcome that I wouldn’t have predicted. Then again, I feel like I’ve been swinging back and forth all season, so it’s nothing new.

After Monday night’s show, Rob held onto the top spot, and I really hoped he would hang onto it. Here’s where the leader board stood on Monday:

1. Rob and Cheryl - 57
2. Ricki and Derek - 54
2. J.R. and Karina - 54

As usual, all the fallen stars took the stage in the first number, and it never fails to be kind of nostalgic. Which is weird, consid...

Billy Baldwin: 'I'm So Proud Of Chynna'

10/12/2011 2:56pm EDT
William Baldwin
Actor Billy Baldwin held back tears of pride during a TV interview on Tuesday night after his wife Chynna Phillips was voted off Dancing With The Stars.

The singer was among the favorites to win the contest outright when the show began and joked she had made her husband promise to have a vasectomy if she won the dance floor challenge.

However, Phillips' run on the program ended on Tuesday and her shock exit caught Baldwin off guard.

Speaking to TV show Access Hollywood minutes after the elimination, he said, "I'm so proud of Chynna."

He then had to halt the interview to compose himse...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week Four: Say Goodbye To Chynna Phillips

10/12/2011 9:08am EDT
DWTS Says Goodbye To Chynna Phillips
Last Tuesday I was so sure that Chaz was going to go home... and then he didn’t. A much better dancer did. It made me worried for Carson going into last night’s elimination. Then again, Chynna fell from a second place standing to being tied for second to last place with Nancy and Chaz. That is not a good place to be at all.

Here’s where the leader board stood Monday night:

1. Ricki and Derek - 29
2. J.R. and Karina - 26
3. Hope and Maks - 24
3. Rob and Cheryl - 24
4. David and Kym - 23
5. Chynna and Tony - 21
5. Nancy and Tristan - 21
5. Chaz and Lacey - 21
6. Carson and Anna - 20...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week Four Goes To The Movies

10/11/2011 9:36am EDT
DWTS Movie Night
In a week, we lost another dancer, Brooke got a new last name (congrats, Mrs. Charvet!), and all the stars started freaking out. Yep, week four is about that time for the pressure to kick in, especially after the last elimination. The voters at home decided last week that sometimes dancing ability won’t save you.

Two weeks ago, I predicted that Kristin would make the top five. Well, I guess not. Meanwhile Chaz is still dancing. I swear, I’ll tear my hair out if we have another Bristol Palin phenomenon. I have a hard time seeing that happening, but it has before.

Anyway, this week wa...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week Three Sends Home Reality Star Kristin Cavallari

10/5/2011 9:39am EDT
Kristin Cavallari Sent Home

Monday night had me sniffling off and on throughout the show, so I was crossing my fingers that Tuesday night’s elimination show wouldn’t also make me sad. Going into it, I was pretty sure it would be fine, and not just because Len was reported to be dancing on the show. It also just seemed obvious to me that Chaz would got home. Maybe Nancy. No big loss either way. But was I right?

Here’s where the leader board stood after Monday night’s show:

1. Ricki and Derek - 27
2. Chynna and Tony - 26
2. J.R. and Karina - 26
3. Rob and Cheryl - 24
3. Kristin and Mark - 24
3. Hope and...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week Three Pulls Our Heartstrings

10/4/2011 9:10am EDT
DWTS Ricki Lake
Every season we get a week with the personal stories, and this season is no different. This week’s theme was the “most memorable year” in our star’s lives. Based on the show’s intro, I went searching for some tissues when the opening credits started.

Here’s how the night went:

Rob Kardashian (reality star) & Cheryl Burke
Dance: Foxtrot
Scores: 8, 8, 8
Len said Rod put the “dash” into Kardashian. I thought he was going to say “dashing”, but ok. He also thought Rob’s footwork and posture were good. Bruno said he liked the way Rob was starting to “play” with Cheryl, and that the...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week 2 Elimination: Elisabetta Canalis Dances Her Last Dance

9/28/2011 8:15am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
It was a mostly lackluster Monday night on "Dancing With The Stars," but that’s bound to happen when you throw a bunch of almost-celebrities together in a position totally out of their comfort zones. Some weeks it just works a lot like herding cats.

Well, that’s probably a little harsh, but the day I start taking this show too seriously, it’s time to stop watching. That time hasn’t come yet, obviously, so last night it was time to sit down and watch all the flashy filler, waiting for the only thing I wanted to hear, who was going home.

Here’s where the leader board stood as of Monday ni...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week Two Performances

9/27/2011 10:32am EDT
Dancing with the Stars Week 2
Last week we rejected World Peace... or Metta, or Ron, or that guy who couldn’t dance, or whatever you want to call him. This week we’re down to eleven contestants, and the show threw two of the hardest dances at them, the jive and the quickstep. Let the dancing newbies start slow and build up, you say? Never!

Hope Solo (goalie for U.S. women’s national soccer team) & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Dance: Jive
Scores: 6, 7, 6
Len said it was crisp and sharp, but she lost her timing a bit. Bruno said all of her power was not enough, but she had to be precise and accurate too. He said it looked li...

William Baldwin Helped Wife Chynna Phillips Get On 'Dancing With The Stars'

9/24/2011 4:00pm EDT
Chynna Phillips
William Baldwin pulled some strings to get his wife Chynna Phillips on the "Dancing With The Stars" dance floor because he thought the hit show would help revitalize her singing career.

The actor thought a spot on the popular program might benefit Phillips - so he contacted the TV bosses to sell them on the idea.

Singer Chynna explains, "Billy said, 'Chynna, why aren't you on Dancing With the Stars...? And I was like, 'Alright, well if you can get me on it, I'll do it.' And he made a few phone calls, and the next thing you know, I was on it. and I was like, 'Ah, now I have to do it.'"


'Dancing With The Stars' Week One Elimination: Ron 'Metta World Peace' Artest Leaves The Dance Floor

9/21/2011 9:27am EDT
Ron 'Metta World Peace' Artest Leaves The Dance Floor
Who gets the boot first on DWTS? That’s the question on the minds of viewers, dancers, and stars alike going into the first elimination of the season. Well, any elimination, really, but the first one is always the worst. It’s the one where the excitement of the new season gives way to the “oh yeah, there’s a sucky part of this too.”

But before we got to the elimination show, we got an hour to “meet the cast”. Highlights included a clip of Chaz admitting he’s scared of Cheryl, Carson excitedly announcing a crush on Maks while trying on Maks’ clothes, and J.R. giving us a glimpse of his ...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week One: The Pomp And Flash Begins (Again)

9/20/2011 10:00am EDT
Dancing with the Stars Chaz Bono, Lacey Schwimmer
Tuning in to the first night of any season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ feels a little like the opening night of a circus. There are lots of flashy costumes, drama, and the worry that someone might fall off the high wire or have a lion confuse its tamer for a juicy steak. Only on ‘Dancing’, the fear is more about falling off the high heels or having a “star” confuse their partner with a Twister board.

It’s also the night we get to see if our presumptions about how well certain stars will do are going to go how we want them too. There are obviously late bloomers, but you usually know on n...

Mackenzie Phillips: 'I'm Very, Very Sorry That My Family Has Been Hurt By The Truth'

2/22/2011 5:13pm EST
Mackenzie Phillips
Mackenzie Phillips has taken issue with her half-sister Chynna's assertion they are "taking a break" from one another, because they have had little contact since the One Day At A Time actress went public with her incestuous relationship with their father.

The 51 year old shocked fans with the 2009 release of her book High on Arrival, in which she revealed she had shared a decade-long sexual relationship with dad John Phillips, the founder of The Mamas & the Papas.

Chynna spoke out in support of Mackenzie when the news hit the headlines, insisting she was "proud" of her sister, but the W...

Mackenzie Phillips Denies Prompting Chynna's Rehab Stint

3/12/2010 9:06am EST
Mackenzie Phillips
Actress Mackenzie Phillips is adamant her shocking expose about her incestuous relationship with musician father John Phillips is not to blame for her half sister Chynna's anxiety issues.

The star shocked fans when she released her book "High on Arrival" last year, which revealed she had a decade long sexual relationship with her father, founder of The Mamas & the Papas, which began when he raped her on the night she wed Jeff Sessler.

After pledging her support for her sibling, Chynna Phillips entered rehab in February, staying for two weeks to deal with "anxiety" problems. Upon leaving...

Starpulse Scene Weekly Wrap Up: Marie Osmond, The Bachelor & More

3/11/2010 8:12am EST
Gary Busey
Contributing writer Erin Demchak shares the Top 10 latest Hollywood gossip on the Starpulse Scene. This week Erin discusses who Jake chose on the finale of The Bachelor, the next Bachelorette and the newest cast of Dancing with the Stars.

Gary Busey and Christina Milian both welcomed babies, Chynna Phillips is not getting a divorce from Billy Baldwin, Andrew Koenig’s body was sadly recovered and Marie Osmond remains in shock regarding her son’s suicide. Check out these stories and more on this week's hottest Hollywood gossip video –The Starpulse Scene.

Last week’s famous mov...

Chynna Phillips Backs Out Of Divorce Bid

3/2/2010 1:58pm EST
Chynna Phillips
Singer/songwriter Chynna Phillips filed for divorce from her actor husband Billy Baldwin on Friday - only to withdraw the petition two days later. The former Wilson Phillips star ordered her lawyers to file divorce papers on the day she was released from a rehab centre following two weeks of treatment for "anxiety issues."

However on Sunday, Phillips requested that her legal team withdraw the bid after realizing she wanted to work on saving her 15-year marriage to the Gossip Girl star, according to the New York Post.

A source tells the publication's gossip column PageSix, "Chynna has gon...

Chynna Phillips Out Of Rehab

2/28/2010 4:08pm EST
Chynna Phillips Baldwin-SGG-042974.jpg
Singer/songwriter Chynna Phillips has been released from rehab after completing a treatment program for anxiety.

The former Wilson Phillips star, who is married to actor Billy Baldwin, checked into an unnamed facility on her 42nd birthday to help deal with personal issues.

She was released on Friday after two weeks of treatment so she could be home in time to celebrate her daughter Jamieson's 10th birthday.

Phillips' manager, Lizzie Grubman, tells, "After successfully completing her in-patient treatment for anxiety, Chynna Phillips has happily returned home to celebrate her...

Mackenzie Phillips Pledges Her Support For Chynna

2/16/2010 4:00pm EST
Mackenzie Phillips Pledges Her Support For Chynna
Actress Mackenzie Phillips has pledged her support to half-sister Chynna after she checked herself into rehab for anxiety treatment. The former Wilson Phillips star, who is married to Billy Baldwin, was admitted to an undisclosed recovery facility over the weekend.

Mackenzie has vowed to stand by Chynna as she battles her personal issues, just as the singer/songwriter did for her when she shocked Hollywood last year with the news of her decade-long sexual affair with their father, Mamas and the Papas founder John Phillips.

And the former One Day At A Time actress is confident Chynna...

Chynna Phillips Enters Rehab For Anxiety

2/16/2010 9:53am EST
Chynna Phillips Enters Rehab For Anxiety
Singer/songwriter Chynna Phillips has checked herself into rehab for anxiety treatment. The former Wilson Phillips star, who is married to actor Billy Baldwin, was taken to an unknown facility over the weekend, according to her manager Lizzie Grubman.

She tells, "After much thoughtful deliberation Chynna Phillips has checked herself into an undisclosed treatment facility for anxiety. With the full support of her family and friends, she is looking forward to her recovery. We ask that people respect her and her family's privacy at this time."

Last year, Chynna Phillips spo...