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Peter Paul and Mary Albums

The Solo Recordings [1971-1972]
Label: Rhino
Release Date: 2009-01-13
Duration: 128:36

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Song Title       Time
1River Of Jordan    02:54
2Mary Beth    02:52
3Goodbye Josh    04:13
4Take Off Your Mask    03:36
5Wings Of Time    04:13
6Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom    04:45
7Side Road    02:55
8Tall Pine Trees    04:20
9Greenwood    03:45
10Beautiful City    03:17
11Plato's Song    02:55
12Weave Me The Sunshine    04:28
13Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues    05:26
14Been On The Road Too Long    02:25
15Hey Sad Sack    03:43
16Wedding Song [There Is Love]    03:47
17Meanings Will Change    05:44
18Give A Damn    02:24
19Sebastian    04:43
20Lucy    05:03
21Ju Les Ver Negre En Che Ese [Ed's Tune]    03:50
22Tiger    03:48
23Tender Hands    01:49
24John Henry Bosworth    05:05
25The Song Is Love    03:05
26I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado    02:10
27Children One And All    03:23
28The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face    02:57
29I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free    03:30
30Erika With The Windy Yellow Hair    01:14
31Rhymes And Reasons    02:44
32Follow Me    02:41
33On The Path Of Glory [La Colline Au Whisky]    02:22
34Circus    03:20
35Song For The Asking    02:09
36Indian Sunset    07:01