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Now Playing: Hunger Games Star Amandla Stenberg Calls Out Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift for Appropriating ''Black Culture'' Hunger Games Star Amandla Stenberg Calls Out Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift for Appropriating ''Black Culture''
2015-04-17 The Stars Come Out For The Coachella Festival
2015-04-17 Are Katy Perry And John Mayer Dating Again?
2015-04-14 Kendall, Kylie Jenner & Bella Thorne Coachella Style 2015
2015-04-13 Katy Perry Reveals Left Shark's New Gig After The Superbowl
2015-04-13 Watch Harry Connick Jr. Butcher a Katy Perry Song on 'Idol'
2015-04-09 Nicole Richie Is Queen Of The Rainbow With Unicorn Hair
2015-04-09 Taylor Swift and Sam Smith Lead Billboard Music Awards Nominations
2015-04-08 Is Taylor Swift's Next Single a Remix of ‘Bad Blood' With Kanye West?
2015-04-07 Justin Bieber's Lip Sync Battle, Zayn & Perrie's Love Fest Away from 1D
2015-04-05 13 Best Celeb April Fools Pranks
2015-04-05 5 Weird Ways Celebs Avoid Paparazzi
2015-04-05 Katy Perry Accidentally Posts Phone Number Online
2015-04-03 Katy Perry Accidentally Leaks Her Own Phone Number
2015-04-02 Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne Set Sail For Chanel
2015-03-31 Katy Perry Smoulders at Prismatic World Tour Movie Premiere
2015-03-27 Katy Perry Says 'Embrace the Future'
2015-03-27 Katy Perry Really Needs a Nap
2015-03-27 Katy Perry Insists Her Tour Rider Is ‘Not Crazy,' Reveals What's Actually On It
2015-03-27 Supercut: Women Who Kick Ass
2015-03-26 Katy Perry and John Mayer Have Called It Off...Again
2015-03-24 Diplo Compares Taylor Swift Fans to North Korean Army
2015-03-18 Katy Perry Reveals Why "Weed Doesn't Agree With Me,"
2015-03-13 Nicki Minaj Put IHop on Blast for Posting a Super Lame Joke on Twitter
2015-03-13 Katy Perry Reveals She Can't Smoke Weed Anymore
2015-03-13 Katy Perry's 'Left Shark' Onesie for Sale
2015-03-05 Katy Perry Selling Official 'Left Shark' Onesie
2015-03-04 Here's Why Taylor Swift Refuses To Talk About Katy Perry
2015-03-04 Katy Perry Visits Auschwitz
2015-02-27 Katy Perry's DARK HORSE Explained! -- 5 Weirdest Lyrics of 2014 Totally Clevver
2015-02-26 Katy Perry's Super Bowl 2015 Halftime Show – Weird or Awesome?
2015-02-26 Will Katy Perry DISS Taylor Swift & 5 Other Reasons to Care About the Superbowl
2015-02-26 Taylor Swift Named Woman of the Year at Elle Style Awards
2015-02-25 Breaking Hair News: Camilla Belle Debuts Blonde Taylor Swift Locks
2015-02-21 Katy Perry Gives Sexy Fan Art to Rihanna as Birthday Gift
2015-02-21 9 Celebs Without Makeup
2015-02-13 Top 10 Stupidest Lyrics of All Time
2015-02-11 Kristen Wiig Brings Her Grammys Dances Moves to Madonna's After-Party
2015-02-11 Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sharks Get Their Own ESPN Commercial
2015-02-11 Rita Ora Dishes on Her Breakup With Calvin Harris and More
2015-02-11 What Are Other #JobsforJonStewart?
2015-02-11 Sam Smith Avoids Perry/Swift Showdown
2015-02-10 Katharine McPhee and Ne-Yo Guest Host Fashion Police Tonight
2015-02-10 Madonna, Beyonce Walk Grammy Red Carpet
2015-02-09 Brooke Axtell Speaks at the Grammys
2015-02-09 Best 2015 Grammys Red Carpet Style: Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry
2015-02-09 Grammys Fashion: Madonna, Taylor Swift and Rihanna Go All Out
2015-02-09 2015 Grammys: Best & Worst Dressed
2015-02-09 Sia and Her Mini-Me Maddie Ziegler Are Hiding In Their Hair
2015-02-09 Unlucky Number 13 and Other Grammy Curses
2015-02-09 Sam Smith and Beck Dominate 57th Annual Grammy Awards
2015-02-09 Sam Smith Victorious at Grammy Awards
2015-02-09 Beyoncé Will Perform at the Grammys This Sunday
2015-02-08 Katy Perry to Taylor Swift: Trademark This
2015-02-08 Katy Perry Lashes Out At Paparazzi
2015-02-08 Bob Weir and John Mayer's 'Long, Strange' 'Truckin'' Jam Visit "Late Late Show"
2015-02-07 Move Over, Kim Kardashian! Katy Perry Is Getting a Game, Too
2015-02-05 John Mayer Interviews Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sharks During His Late Late Show Guest Hosting Gig!
2015-02-05 Katy Perry Getting Moble Gaming App
2015-02-05 Someone Got a Tattoo of 'Left Shark' From Katy Perry's Halftime Performance
2015-02-04 Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry Read Mean Tweets - Rihanna's Video
2015-02-04 Katy Perry Set to Perform at Grammys
2015-02-04 Someone Got a Left Shark Tattoo
2015-02-04 Katy Perry Taylor Swift Catfight Goes Up a Notch
2015-02-04 Katy Perry Disses Britney Spears, Calls Out Taylor Swift in New Interview
2015-02-04 Seahawks Lose Super Bowl, Left Shark Wins the Internet
2015-02-03 Top 10 Katy Perry Songs
2015-02-03 Katy Perry Disses Taylor Swift At Superbowl Show? - Harry Styles Celebrates
2015-02-03 Make No Mistake, the Real (Yet Forgotten) Hero of the 2015 Super Bowl Was the Right Shark
2015-02-03 Katy Perry Gets a Celebratory Post-Show Tattoo
2015-02-03 Missy Elliott Is Having the Best Day Ever and Can't Stop Tweeting About It
2015-02-03 Katy Perry's Super Bowl Looks: Diamonds, Crystals and That Ponytail
2015-02-03 Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Back Together?
2015-02-03 Welcome Back, Missy Elliott
2015-02-03 "New Kids" Don't Know Who Missy Elliot Is