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Now Playing: Katy Perry in Killer Queen TV Commercial NFL Asks Musicians to Pay for Super Bowl Halftime Show Spot
2014-08-20 Who’s Bigger: The Super Bowl Halftime Show or Coldplay?
2014-08-20 Ouch! Watch Katy Perry Pierce Her Nose
2014-08-18 Shock Collar Trivia: Pharrell Williams, 'Frozen 2' and More
2014-08-13 Pizza Party - Katy Perry Wears the Yummy Food
2014-08-07 Katy Perry Rocks a Pepperoni Pizza Onesie
2014-08-06 Katy Perry and Sports Stars Attend Star-Studded Night in D.C. and More
2014-08-04 Katy Perry's 'This Is How We Do' Music Video Highlights
2014-08-03 Obama 'Loves' Katy Perry and These 4 Other Musicians
2014-08-03 Katy Perry Disses Kim Kardashian’s ‘Plastic Surgery’ Butt on Prism Tour
2014-08-01 Justin Bieber Could Cause Hollywood Club To Loose Liquor License
2014-07-18 Police Say Intruder Looked for Katy Perry at Kennedy Complex
2014-07-16 Top 5 Really Weird Celebrity Obsessions
2014-07-13 9 Top Katy Perry Music Videos of All Time
2014-07-06 Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Caught Kissing at 'The Rover' Premiere
2014-06-19 14 Unreal Celebrity Makeup Transformations
2014-06-18 Katy Perry Believes She's the 'American Dream'
2014-06-13 Katy Perry Relaxes In A Hammock
2014-06-10 Morning Meeting: Katy Perry's 'Satanic' Performance at the Grammy's
2014-06-08 Katy Perry Talks Exes Russell Brand And John Mayer, Reveals The Longest She's Gone Without Sex
2014-06-05 John Mayer Is Funny Again
2014-06-04 John Mayer: My Name Is Gold for Other People's Songs
2014-06-03 14 Lucky Guys Katy Perry Has Dated
2014-06-01 Which Artist Charges the Most for a Performance?
2014-05-29 Niall Horan & Selena Gomez Date at Katy Perry’s Concert?
2014-05-29 Katy Perry Brings Her Prismatic Tour to London
2014-05-28 Fans Roar as Katy Perry Takes Tour to London
2014-05-28 Dance Music Fans Launch Festival
2014-05-25 Artist Bean Talks Katy Perry & Iggy Azalea
2014-05-22 Katy Perry's Flying 'Birthday' Performance 2014 Billboard Music Award
2014-05-19 9 Best Performances Billboard Music Awards 2014
2014-05-19 Timberlake's Billboard Music Awards Speech Said It All
2014-05-19 Justin Bieber Vs. Seth Rogen - Worst Celeb Feuds This Week
2014-05-10 5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Performs 'Roar' In Her Own Music Video
2014-05-08 Katy Perry And Rihanna: Girl Code Violation
2014-05-07 Best and Worst Moments from IHeartRadio Music Awards 2014
2014-05-02 Selena Gomez Ditches Taylor Swift, Makes Katy Perry New BFF
2014-05-02 Katy Perry's New Man
2014-04-29 Teen Vogue May 2014 Music Issue, Featuring Lorde and Beyonce
2014-04-28 Katy Perry's Hilarious 'Birthday' Video Pranks
2014-04-27 Katy Perry and Biggest Celebs On Tinder
2014-04-26 Katy Perry Goes Green And Courteney Cox Shows Cleavage
2014-04-26 Katy Perry and John Mayer Call It Quits - Again
2014-04-24 Katy Perry Previews Insane 'Birthday' Music Video
2014-04-23 Is Katy Perry Smarter Than Your Average Pop Star?
2014-04-23 Katy Perry Reveals a Childhood Secret & Talks About Delivering a Baby
2014-04-23 Could Katy Perry's New Man Be Another Bad Boy?
2014-04-18 Katy Perry And Diplo Get Flirty At Coachella
2014-04-17 Robert Pattinson Hangs With Katy Perry, Also Has Super Awkward Moment
2014-04-16 Celebrities at the 2014 Coachella Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party
2014-04-14 Jason Derulo Talks To Us About Billboard Awards Finalists
2014-04-14 Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Cameo at Conan's Opening at 2014 MTV Awards
2014-04-14 Selena Gomez Splits With Manager Parents
2014-04-11 Try and Guess the Celebrity Alter Ego!
2014-04-10 Katy Perry Posts Hot Pic With New Green Hair
2014-04-10 'Cosmo Catch Up': Katy Perry’s Super Frightening Wax Statue
2014-04-06 Kids' Choice Awards 2014 Recap With JJ Totah!
2014-04-01 7 Best Celebrity SLIMES at the Kids Choice Awards
2014-03-30 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014 Winners!
2014-03-30 With Added Dates, One Direction 'Where We Are' Tour Could Be 8th Highest Grossing Ever
2014-03-26 Demi Lovato Fires Back At Kathy Griffin After Comedian Calls Her The "Biggest Douche"
2014-03-26 Riff Raff Talks Katy Perry Date
2014-03-26 2014 Kids' Choice Awards Predictions
2014-03-16 Lady Gaga Delivers Defensive Keynote at SXSW
2014-03-15 Miley Cyrus’ Tongue Gets Her in Trouble
2014-03-14 Bachelor Fan John Mayer Dissects Juan Pablo's Facial
2014-03-14 Katy Perry Wants to Spank Miley Cyrus!
2014-03-09 Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus Twitter War Ends in Spanking
2014-03-08 Miley Cyrus Katy Perry Girl Kiss Feud
2014-03-08 Katy Perry Knew 'Something Was Missing' with John Mayer
2014-03-06 Katy Perry Spills on the Miley Kiss
2014-03-05 Katy Perry Kissed A Girl — And She Didn't Like It!
2014-03-05 Is Miley Cyrus Setting Katy Perry Up With Hot Dates After Break Up?
2014-03-02 The Real Reason Katy Perry Dumped John Mayer?
2014-03-01 Katy Perry Likely to Reunite with John Mayer After Tour