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Now Playing: Justin Bieber Impersonates Ozzy Osbourne on 'Lip Sync Battle' Justin Bieber Impersonates Ozzy Osbourne on 'Lip Sync Battle'
2015-07-18 Rita Ora Among Celebs in 'Save the Arctic' Campaign
2015-07-14 You'll Never Guess What This Youtube Video Inspires Ozzy Osbourne to Do!
2015-05-11 Jack Osbourne's Pregnant Wife Lisa Osbourne Involved in Car Crash
2015-04-29 The Black Sabbath Feud Just Got Much Worse
2015-04-17 Justin Bieber Unrecognizable in Long Hair and Eyeliner
2015-04-03 Ozzy Osbourne Needs Surgery, Cancels Ozzfiesta
2015-03-27 Top 10 Musicians with Successful Band and Solo Careers
2015-03-08 Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy Has Quite the Domestic Side
2015-02-24 Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé Collaborate for Stevie Wonder
2015-02-12 Top 10 Infamous Reality TV Stars
2015-01-28 Sharon Osbourne 'Has Alzheimer's Genes'
2015-01-19 Top 10 Decade Defining Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Songs: 1990s
2014-11-19 Ozzy Osbourne Gets a Species of Frog Named After Him
2014-11-11 2014 MTV EMAs: Nicki Minaj Hosts but Ariana Grande Steals the Show
2014-11-10 Sharon Osbourne Announces New Season of 'The Osbournes'
2014-11-07 Showbiz News Round-Up: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Is 'Dangerous' and More
2014-10-01 Top 10 Guitar Riffs of All Time
2014-09-14 Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne -- Bloody Hell, Ozzy ... You're in the Wrong Car!
2014-09-12 Counting Cars: Tribute Guitar
2014-09-03 Would You Let Ozzy Osbourne Carry Your Child?
2014-08-30 Is Kelly Osbourne Going to Get Arrested By the Fashion Police?
2014-07-03 Sharon Osbourne Gets Frisky on the Red Carpet
2014-06-23 Ozzy Osbourne Fans Want Him Knighted
2014-05-07 Top 10 Heavy Metal Anthems
2014-04-01 Sharon Osbourne Goes Au Naturel
2014-03-17 Ozzy Osbourne Wants to Combine Touring and Recording a New Album in 2014
2014-01-27 Stars Shockingly High Net Worths
2013-11-20 Nicole Scherzinger Has to Carry Sharon Osbourne Home
2013-11-05 Top 10 Ozzy Osbourne Songs
2013-10-20 Sharon Osbourne on Her Family
2013-10-14 Ozzy Osbourne’s Granddaughter – Rocking Ozzy’s Style
2013-10-09 Next Generation: Pearl Osbourne Steals the Spotlight
2013-10-07 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Convicts
2013-10-03 Sharon Osbourne Details Physical Fight With Ozzy During Split
2013-09-30 Why Sharon Osbourne Is Nervous For Jack On 'Dancing With The Stars'
2013-09-06 Sharon Osbourne: Cybill Shepherd Was 'Crazy Like A Box Of Frogs'
2013-09-06 The Time Robin Williams Got Into Bed With Sharon Osbourne
2013-09-06 Sharon Osbourne And Julie Chen On 'The Art Of The Power Nap'
2013-09-06 Julie Chen: Racist 'Big Brother' Contestant Was 'Shook' After Interview
2013-09-06 Sharon Osbourne & Julie Chen LIVE
2013-09-06 Ozzy Osbourne Sets Another Fire In His Home
2013-08-29 Ozzy Osbourne Takes Wife Sharon on a Dinner Date in New York
2013-08-16 Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Engagement Ring
2013-07-23 Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Her Engagement Ring After a Manicure With Father Ozzy
2013-07-22 Ozzy Osbourne ‘Living on Borrowed Time’
2013-07-18 Ozzy Osbourne on Drugs Abuse, Cory Monteith’s Death
2013-07-17 Kelly Osbourne Announces Her Engagement to Matthew Mosshart
2013-07-15 Top 10 Frontmen in Rock
2013-07-14 Black Sabbath's New Album '13' Debuts at Number One
2013-06-23 Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Renew Wedding Vows
2013-06-21 Sharon Osbourne Has Ozzy Under 24 Hour Surveillance
2013-06-20 Britney Spears Debuts 'Ooh La La'
2013-06-18 Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne Share Smooch On Red Carpet
2013-06-18 "Man of Steel" Super-Sizes the Box Office, Streisand Honored in Jerusalem
2013-06-17 Ozzy Osbourne Hates Sharon's Obsession With The Showbiz Lifestyle
2013-06-17 Black Sabbath to Release New Album and Embark on World Tour
2013-06-11 Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Her Father's Recovery in 'Cosmopolitan'
2013-05-29 Mayim Bialik and Michael Stone Finalize Divorce
2013-05-29 Kelly Osbourne Has Golden Globe Dreams
2013-05-29 Jennifer Lawrence Is a Red Carpet Winner in Christian Dior at Cannes
2013-05-20 Ozzy Osbourne Gives Sharon a Kiss As They Reunite in Beverly Hills
2013-05-20 Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Kiss On the Red Carpet After Divorce Reports
2013-05-20 Celebrity Speed Dating - May 2013
2013-05-09 Ozzy Osbourne Promises To Get Sober For Daughter Kelly's Wedding
2013-04-30 Sharon Osbourne's Dog Maggie Passes Away
2013-04-29 Sharon Osbourne Comes Clean on Ozzy Divorce Rumors
2013-04-25 'Wayne's World' Cast Reunites After 20 Years
2013-04-25 Sharon Osbourne Sets the Record Straight About Marriage
2013-04-24 Sharon Osbourne Says She Is 'Devastated' By Ozzy's Relapse
2013-04-24 The Osbourne's: Sharon On Ozzy's Drug Use
2013-04-24 Ozzy Osbourne Thought Sharon Was Plotting To Kill Him
2013-04-22 Sharon Osbourne Looks Lonely on a Yacht in Mexico
2013-04-19 Ozzy Osbourne's Sober Phase Isn't Enough To Get Sharon Osbourne Back
2013-04-17 Ozzy Osbourne Denies Divorce Rumors But Admits to Drinking and Drug Use