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Birth Place: Japan
Years Active: 1995–present
Genres: Experimental Rock, Post-rock

OOIOO is a group founded by Boredoms drummer (and occasional trumpeter and vocalist) Yoshimi P-We. The majority of OOIOO's music originates from improvisations.

They made their debut via the Kill Rock Stars label in 1997 with the release of their first album, “OOIOO,” originally released as “∞8∞” (pronounced "eight") in Japan.

“Feather Float,” their second album, was released in 1999 through Shock City and Birdman Records. It included a cover of the Kiyoshi Izumi song, “Oizumio.”

In 2000 OOIOO released their third album, “Gold and Green,” via the Shock City, Trattoria and Ape Sounds labels. “Green and Gold” featured many guest artists, most notably Sean Lennon, Seiichi Yamamoto and Yuka Honda.

The band released “Kila Kila Kila,” their first album on the Thrill Jockey record label, in Japan (via Ape Sound) in 2003 and in the United States in early 2004. “Taiga,” their fifth studio album, was released by Shock City and Thrill Jockey in 2006.

It would be another three years before the release of OOIOO’s “Armonica Hewa.” The album, issued by Avex and Thrill Jockey, was released in 2009. Thrill Jockey released the band’s seventh LP, “Gamel,” in 2014.