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Birth Place: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Years Active: Since 1997
Genres: Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, Nu Metal

Nonpoint, stylized as "nonpoint," is a four-piece hard rock Band originating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Nonpoint was formed in January 1997 by drummer Robb Rivera, vocalist Elias Soriano, guitarist Andrew Goldman and bassist Kenneth "KB" MacMillan, The band rose to popularity in the burgeoning South Florida metal scene of the mid-late '90s.

Nonpoint's debut album “Separate Yourself” was released independently in 1998. The band's first commercially released album “Struggle” was released in May 1999 on the now defunct Jugular Records.

The band released their debut major label album “Statement” in September 2000 via MCA Records. A year after its release, the album entered the Billboard 200 Albums chart, where it peaked at #166. The first single from the album, "What a Day," peaked at #24 on the Mainstream Rock charts.

Nonpoint's second album “Development” was released in June 2002. The album entered the Billboard charts at #52, with the first single released from the album, "Your Signs," peaking at #36 on the Mainstream Rock charts. A second single "Circles" was featured on the video game NASCAR Thunder 2003.

Two years after the release of “Development,” Nonpoint released their third major album “Recoil” in August 2004 via their new label Lava Records. The album entered the Billboard charts at #115. The album's first single, "The Truth," peaked at #22 on the Mainstream Rock charts. Another single "Rabia" was later released. "In the Air Tonight," was the theme song for the “Miami Vice” movie. It made a belated appearance on the Mainstream Rock charts, peaking at #34.

After departing from Lava Records, Nonpoint signed with independent label Bieler Bros. Records. The label's co-owner, Jason Bieler, produced the band's previous three albums. Nonpoint re-emerged with their fourth major album “To the Pain” in November 2005. The album entered the Billboard charts at #147. The single, "Bullet With a Name," peaked at #22 on the Mainstream Rock charts and was featured on the game WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 and the 2007 film “The Condemned,” The album's second single, "Alive and Kicking," peaked at #36.

Nonpoint released a CD/DVD combo, “Live and Kicking,” in November 2006. The live album was recorded at the band's April 29, 2006 show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In November 2007 Nonpoint released their fifth major album, “Vengeance,” under Bieler Bros. Records. “Vengeance” peaked at #129 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart.

Nonpoint released their next studio album in May 2010. The first single “Miracle,” was available in March 2010. The album debuted #6 on the Billboard Hard Rock chart and #11 on the Billboard Alternative chart, marking the band’s highest Billboard debuts of their career. The album debuted #59 on the Billboard Top 200, marking the second highest debut of the band’s career on that chart. Miracle also landed #12 on the Independent chart.