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Divas Who Need To Make A Comeback

12/27/2015 3:34pm EST
14 Divas Who Need To Make A Comeback
Pop culture swiped the term “diva” from the opera, where it was used to note iconic greats like Maria Callas and Kathleen Battle. Nowadays we use it to tag the ladies who have become pop goddesses. These are the gals who sing and dance their way to first-name recognition, hugely anticipated records, and their every action becoming a headline. Unfortunately, not every diva has the longevity of your Madonnas, Beyonces, Adeles, and Taylors. Let’s take a look at 14 divas who have fallen by the pop culture wayside. They burned so brightly, but the light of fame eventually dimmed. Bear in mind - ...

These Songs Were About Musicians

8/30/2015 10:00am EDT
14 Songs About Or Named After Musicians
Is there anything better than when musicians compose songs about other musicians and/or name the song after the said musician? Wait don’t answer that! There indeed many be more stimulating, revolutionary things in the world as well as the music world but admittedly does it pique curiosity when musician A sings about musician B? Just nod your head So to satisfy curiosities running rampant, here are 14 Songs About Or Named After Musicians. Just let the sweet sounds of these songs permeate – or something like that!

1) Taylor Swift, “Tim McGraw” (Taylor Swift, 2006)

This song needs little...

Jason Aldean Tops The Billboard 200: This Week in Music

10/16/2014 12:33pm EDT
Jason Aldean
For country musician Jason Aldean, it is certainly a “beautiful day.” Why – well Aldean topped the Billboard 200 selling a robust 278,000 copies of his latest album, Old Boots, New Dirt. With so many new releases bowing yet so few managing to sell remarkably, Aldean can definitely consider himself one of the biggest successes of the year after week one. Aldean isn’t “Burning It Down,” he’s lighting it up…something like that!

But of course, there’s a down side to everything. After building up Aldean as Billboard Chart royalty, it must be noted that even his large sales are downscaled f...

Jason Aldean Leads New Albums To Check Out: This Week In Music

10/7/2014 11:16am EDT
Jason Aldean
As 2014 progresses in the fourth quarter, the amount of new albums released increases dramatically. The month of October is chocked full of new albums, many with the potential to be big hits. That said, ‘big hits’ in the new normal of album sales means tempered sales expectations. That said the sure bet this week seems to be obvious – Jason Aldean's highly anticipated Old Boots New Dirt. Besides Aldean, there are many other alluring aspects to check out this week.

1) Jason Aldean, Old Boots New Dirt (Broken Bow)

There’s good reason NOT to bet against popular country singer Jason Ald...

Celebrities You May Not Know Have Chronic Illnesses

8/2/2014 8:00pm EDT
Celebrities You May Not Know Have Chronic Illnesses
More than 65 million people worldwide have epilepsy, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. Medication can be effective, but millions of people with the disease continue having seizures for the rest of their lives.

Several celebrities have been diagnosed with Epilepsy, including some that may surprise you.

Prince told PBS's Tavis Smiley in a 2009 interview: "I used to have seizures when I was young. My mother and father didn't know what to do or how to handle it but they did the best they could with what little they had."

The singer added: "My mother told me one day I walked in to her a...

Stevie Nicks Joins 'The Voice' As An Advisor

7/9/2014 3:02pm EDT
Stevie Nicks
Contestants on Adam Levine's The Voice team will have the opportunity to learn from Stevie Nicks.

The Fleetwood Mac singer will join the Maroon 5 vocalist's team in the seventh season, which is currently filming. Shakira and Usher are taking the season off, and will be replaced by Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. Blake Shelton will return as a coach.

As an advisor, Nicks will be involved in all 12 of Levine's singers and help them get read for the show's later rounds where they face off against singers from the other coaches' teams.

In an interview with Extra, Nicks was quick to poi...

Jimmy Fallon And Stevie Nicks Recreate Tom Petty's 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around' Music Video

4/10/2014 6:09pm EDT
Jimmy Fallon And Stevie Nicks Recreate Tom Petty's 'Stop Draggin
Jimmy Fallon and Stevie Nicks recreated Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' 80s video for hit single "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," (which featured Nicks on vocals) during "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night with exacting proportions.

Although Fallon, wearing a blonde wig and doing his best to sound exactly like Petty, stood to Nicks' right, nearly everything else from the original studio-shot video was recreated, right down to the square-shaped microphones and the band's instruments.

The duet was introduced by Nirvana's Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, who guested on the show ahead of thei...

Christine McVie Officially Back In Fleetwood Mac, New Album And Tour Dates Announced

3/28/2014 5:32pm EDT
Fleetwood Mac
Christine McVie has officially re-joined Fleetwood Mac after a 16 year absence.

McVie's return to the group was announced in January, and the band announced on Thursday that a 33-city North American tour would kick off in late September. There's also a new album in the works, according to Britain's NME magazine.

The singer/keyboard player, who penned several of the band's most famous songs, including "Say You Love Me," "You Make Loving Fun," and "Little Lies," hasn't toured with the band since their 1998 "The Dance" reunion tour.

The band -- keyboardist McVie, singer Stevie Nicks, singer...

John McVie Returns To Fleetwood Mac After Health Scare

12/31/2013 11:00am EST
John McVie
On Monday night, Fleetwood Mac returned to the stage with John McVie for the first time since the bass player's cancer diagnosis.

The 68 year-old musician's health scare prompted the band to cancel a tour of Australia and New Zealand, but he returned to the stage with the group on Monday for a special end of year show in Las Vegas.

The public performance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena will be followed by a private concert on New Year's Eve.

Speaking before the first show, Stevie Nicks told ABC News Radio that the shows will be "really good for John" so he can "get back on the treadmill...

Stevie Nicks Wants To Write Music For 'Game Of Thrones'

10/7/2013 11:41am EDT
Stevie Nicks
Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks has credited hit fantasy TV series Game Of Thrones with helping her overcome a bout of depression.

The 65 year-old singer hit a low point after the death of her mother Barbara, but she found an escape after getting hooked on the popular HBO series, adapted from author George R. R. Martin's novels.

She tells, "I didn't go (to the studio). I didn't want to go. But it wasn't just that - I didn't want to go anywhere. I didn't leave the house for almost five months... I worked on the edit of my documentary about the making of (her solo album) I...

Fleetwood Mac Debuts New Music On iTunes Without Any Promotion

5/1/2013 1:02pm EDT
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac has surprised fans with a new four-song EP released via iTunes on Tuesday.

The release, non-titled "Extended Play - EP," was made without any promotion or marketing other than drummer Mick Fleetwood mentioning it in January and singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham telling fans in Philadelphia earlier this month that new music was on the way.

"It's the best stuff we've done in a long time," Buckingham told Rolling Stone earlier this month.

The new EP includes three tracks penned by Buckingham and one written by singer Stevie Nicks, which was originally intended for release in...

Stevie Nicks Advises Cocaine Users To Save Up For Rehab

3/22/2013 3:06pm EDT
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks has offered cocaine users a harsh dose of reality, insisting it will cost them $50,000 in rehab fees when they become addicted to the drug.

In a candid new TV interview for Oprah Winfrey's Master Class series, which airs on Sunday, the Fleetwood Mac singer admits she regrets spending a fortune on coke, and looking back at old photos she hates her permanently high look.

Nicks says, "Everybody else thought you looked beautiful but that's because everybody else was stoned. You didn't look beautiful; you looked high."

She admits her cocaine habit almost killed her, adding, "I...

Stevie Nicks: 'Christine McVie Is Done With Fleetwood Mac'

12/6/2012 11:30am EST
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks has warned Fleetwood Mac fans not to expect a surprise appearance from Christine McVie on the band's 2013 reunion tour.

The singer quit the group in 1998 following special performances at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy Awards and BRIT Awards.

Although McVie has been spotted at Fleetwood Mac concerts in England, Nicks is adamant she will never return to the stage with her ex-band mates.

She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I would say there's no more a chance of that happening than an asteroid hitting the earth. She is done. You know when you look in somebody's face ...

Fleetwood Mac Announces 2013 Tour

12/4/2012 8:40pm EST
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac will hit the road again as its four members, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, have just announced that they'll embark on a U.S. tour in 2013.

One of rock's most enduring and successful bands, Fleetwood Mac will play 34 cities beginning in Columbus, Ohio April 4th.

"Having started Fleetwood Mac with John McVie in 1967, it has always been so gratifying that despite the various incarnations, the band has survived. Throughout the years, though, the one thing that has remained constant is our fans. I am looking forward to getting back behind the ki...

The Eurythmics Among 2013 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Nominees

10/11/2012 9:53am EDT
Steven Tyler, Annie Lennox and Stevie Nicks are among the artists who will be competing for a place in the 2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Tyler is joined in the list of nominees by his Aerosmith bandmate and writing partner Joe Perry, while Lennox's Eurythmics collaborator Dave Stewart is also included, along with Nicks' Fleetwood Mac co-stars Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie.

Blues legend B.B. King and The Kinks' Ray Davies are also among the nominees for the 2013 inductees.

Voting ends in December and the chosen artists will be inducted at a gala ceremony in New York City on J...

Stevie Nicks: Mariah Carey Should Have 'Strangled' Nicki Minaj To Death

10/10/2012 9:01am EDT
Stevie Nicks
Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks is sticking up for Mariah Carey in the pop diva's feud with fellow "American Idol" judge Nicki Minaj.

Last week, the hip hop star lashed out at Carey during an altercation over an Idol wannabe's performance during the Charlotte, North Carolina, auditions. In video released by, Minaj goes off on Carey, yelling things like, "I told them (producers), I'm not f---in' putting up with her f---in' highness over there."

Nicks, who was a guest mentor on "Idol" last season, told she would not have tolerated Minaj's bad attitude. She said, "How...

Stevie Nicks Confirms 2013 Fleetwood Mac Tour

7/13/2012 12:05am EDT
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks has shot down Mick Fleetwood's remarks suggesting Fleetwood Mac will never tour again by announcing plans to hit the road with the supergroup next year.

Fleetwood recently told Playboy magazine he blamed Nicks for wrecking plans for a reunion by extending her solo tour and co-headlining dates with Rod Stewart, stating, "I don't believe Fleetwood Mac will ever tour again."

But Nicks insists her band leader's fears were premature and now there are plans afoot to stage a major comeback in 2013.

She tells CBS news that once she and bandmate and former lover Lindsey Buckingham ha...

'American Idol': Heejun Han Goes Home + Power Rankings

3/30/2012 10:00am EDT
And another favorite goes home. I’ve had such a terrible run with my favorites since I picked Kelly Clarkson as my favorite contestant in the first season. It’s been nothing but disaster since.

In my wake you’ll find the Anoops, the Carly Smithsons and the Gina Glockens of the world. Of course, you’ll also find my favorite contestant of all time: Molly DeWolf Swenson, who didn’t even make the live shows.

Yes, being my favorite has been cursed since I helped Kelly to a win in the first season, and now the end has come for my favorite this year: Heejun Han.

It’s kind of odd timing really a...

'American Idol': The Idols Pay Tribute To Their Idols

3/29/2012 9:39am EDT
Elise Testone performs Whole Lotta Love
Stevie Nicks. Singer. Artist. Legend. Creepiest ‘Idol’ mentor of all time. Stevie brought it all to the director’s chairs for her first stint in the ‘Idol’ mentor role. A lot of singing. Some crying. And an inate ability to make every contestants’ performance and song choice about herself. Exactly what you want from a narcissistic mentor.

But she brought an extra weird creep factor to the recording studio as well. She had the presence of a burnt-out college professor talking about how she was “there man” and the instability of that same professor’s mother.

I really didn’t know what she’d ...

Filmmakers Want Stevie Nicks Fans To Feature In Documentary

1/17/2012 8:44pm EST
Stevie Nicks
Filmmakers behind an upcoming Stevie Nicks documentary are giving fans the opportunity to star in the movie by sending in "rambunctious or crazy" testimonials about what the singer's music means to them.

Producers at Weapons of Mass Entertainment have shot a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Nicks' new album In Your Dreams and her work with producer pal Dave Stewart, but they are now calling on devotees to get involved and possibly land a spot in the film.

In an online post, executives write, "Hello Stevie Nicks fans! As many of you may have heard, a documentary film on th...

Stevie Nicks Eyes Fashion Exhibition

11/22/2011 8:40am EST
Stevie Nicks
Singer Stevie Nicks wants to organize a special exhibition of her iconic stage costumes after keeping "every single" outfit she's worn through the years.

Nicks has carefully preserved the clothes and accessories she's worn since finding fame with Fleetwood Mac, and she'd love to share her wardrobe with fans.

She explains, "I have every single thing I have ever worn since the very first outfit that my designer Margie Kent made for me. When you make stuff out of silk chiffon it never, ever gets wrecked.

"I would love to do something like that (an exhibition), because my stuff is an impo...

Brittany's 'The Voice' Blog: Catching Up With...Beverly McClellan

10/4/2011 11:00am EDT
Beverly McClellan
Here's the latest on and around NBC's The Voice: I shine the spotlight on Beverly McClellan, the finalist for Team Christina who exemplified what the series was all about - not just being yourself, but being proud of yourself.

She was an example of the blind auditions in action; she didn't look the part of a conventional music star, but she had the talent and the personality. After catching the eye of Christina Aguilera, Beverly let her self-confidence guide her throughout the competition. She was being herself, loud and proud and without fear.

Her rendition of The Who's "Baba O'Riley" ...

Stevie Nicks Grateful For Boy Who Broke Her Heart

9/13/2011 10:51pm EDT
Stevie Nicks
Rocker Stevie Nicks owes her songwriting success to the boyfriend who broke her heart at the age of 15.

The Fleetwood Mac star reveals she was so devastated by the split, she was inspired to pick up her guitar and pen her very first tune.

Nicks recalls, "I have a lot of amazing memories, and I really do pull from my past (when songwriting)... (My first song) was about the first boy that I fell in love with, who was, like, the guy in 10th grade and I was so taken with him. We went out for, like, a month, and then he started going out with my best friend and that ended in two weeks.

"Then ...

Fleetwood Mac Planning Summer Tour For 2012

9/13/2011 10:00pm EDT
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood has confirmed reports suggesting the supergroup will reform in 2012.

Just two weeks after singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham told fans he "wouldn't be shocked" if the group got back together for an album and tour, Fleetwood has made the idea official.

He tells, "We're so disorganized as a band... All we know is we're working next year. I'll get a phone call that we're going to start rehearsing - usually in a blind panic because we leave everything way too late. But we're all up for touring in the early summer of next year, I think, and o...

Stevie Nicks, Graham Nash & Others Honor Buddy Holly On Late Star's 75th Birthday

9/8/2011 10:10pm EDT
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks, Paul Anka and Chris Isaak were among the stars who came together for a 75th birthday tribute to late rock 'n' roller Buddy Holly in Hollywood on Wednesday night.

Members of Cobra Starship, Boz Scaggs, Lyle Lovett and Graham Nash also performed, while Holly's widow Maria Elena and Priscilla Presley were among those who offered up anecdotes at the Music Box Theater celebration, which was organized by singer Peter Asher.

The concert, which featured tracks from new tribute album "Listen to Me," was filmed for a TV special, which will air in December.

Asher and Isaak co-hosted t...

Steven Tyler To Launch Clothing Line

8/11/2011 12:37pm EDT
Steven Tyler
Aerosmith star Steven Tyler is branching into fashion - he's releasing a "rocker inspired" clothing range.

The singer and American Idol judge has teamed up with designer Tommy Hilfiger's brother Andy to create a line called Andrew Charles.

The menswear is based on his own eccentric style, while the women's garments have been influenced by Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks' wardrobe.

The rocker and his 22-year-old daughter Chelsea will model the clothing together in an upcoming advertising campaign.

Andrew Charles is set to go on sale at U.S. department store Macy's next month.

Armchair Musician: "The Voice," Week Ten

6/30/2011 9:25am EDT
The Voice
Two and a half months later, my journey with The Voice has come to an end. I'm sad to walk away, but I'm also overjoyed (and grateful) to have gone out on top.

Everyone wants to finish on a high note, and this show certainly did that, for the most part. The final performance show saw the four finalists duet with their coaches - a move which signified their having flourished over the course of the competition and become equals. Dia Frampton and Blake Shelton were certainly having a great time performing Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down," complete with Blues Brothers-esque black suits a...

Javier Colon Wins The First Season Of 'The Voice'

6/29/2011 11:01pm EDT
Javier Colon and Carson Daily on The Voice
NBC's The Voice has crowned its first winner! After a heated 10-week competition, the fate of the four finalists - Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez and Javier Colon - was in the hands of TV viewers for the last time, with the top two finalists - Dia and Javier separated by only 2 percent of the final vote, according to host Carson Daly; but it was Connecticut native Colon who took the prize - $100,000 and a recording contract with Universal Republic.

"Wow. Thank you. I don't even know where to begin other than to say that the three women behind here are absolutely awesome," ...

Stevie Nicks Pens Song About 9/11

6/17/2011 2:21pm EDT
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks wrote one of the songs on her new album shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York as an outlet for her shock and grief following the atrocities.

The Fleetwood Mac star is set to release a new record, In Your Dreams, at the end of the month and she has revealed the title track is a tribute to the victims of the 2001 World Trade Center attack in the Big Apple.

Nicks was in New York City shortly after the disaster, and admits the incident affected her so deeply she was moved to write a song.

She tells Britain's The Sun, "I got lost in the morning. I was on the roa...

Kristen Stewart, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Other Stars Shine At Glamour Awards

6/8/2011 11:00am EDT
Kristen Stewart
Adele, Kim Kardashian and the woman behind Kate Middleton's wedding dress were among the winners at the annual Glamour Women of the Year awards in the U.K.

Adele was honored with the "Solo Artist of the Year" trophy, while reality star Kim Kardashian jetted over from the U.S. to collect her accolade for "Entrepreneur of the Year" at London's Berkeley Square Garden gala on Tuesday.

Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, won the "Designer Award" for her acclaimed bridal creation at April's royal wedding.

Aussie singer and former U.K. "The X Factor" judge Dannii Minogue p...