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''Street Angel'' is the fifth studio album from American singer-songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks.

The album was released in 1994, during a particularly unhappy time in Nicks' life and career. It was the first album she released after her much publicized departure from Fleetwood Mac, and during the tail end of her 8-year-long dependency on the prescription medication Klonopin. It is the least successful record of her solo career, peaking at only #45 in the U.S. The album has, however, achieved gold status there for sales over 500,000 copies.

Unlike all of her previous releases, the album did not yield any hit singles, with "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" only charting at #57 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the second single "Blue Denim" not charting at all.

The album enjoyed slightly more prominence in the UK, where it peaked at #16, though again there were no top 40 hits from it. "Blue Denim" was originally lined up as the lead-release in the UK, and promotional copies were circulated to radio stations in April 1994, but it was replaced at the last moment by the more pop-friendly "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind", which peaked at #42. The UK release of the "Maybe Love..." single featured two separate CD-single releases as an attempt to boost the song's chance of UK chart success (no promotional video was shot for the single, unlike "Blue Denim"), and included a newly-recorded version of "Thousand Days" (originally demo-ed for her 1985 ''Rock a Little'' album), which later showed up on her ''Enchanted'' box set in 1998, but in a slightly longer version.

Nicks has tended to look upon the album's lack of success as a result of her dependency on Klonopin, and, due to the resultant onset of writer's block from which she suffered until 1995, most of the songs used were outtakes from previous solo albums. "Greta", "Love Is Like a River", and "Listen to the Rain" date back to the ''Rock a Little'' era. "Destiny" was written in the early 1970s before Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac, and shares some lyrics with the song "Enchanted". It was considered for ''The Wild Heart'' album. "Rose Garden" was written when Nicks was 17 and was considered for the ''Rock a Little'' album. ''Street Angel'' also features a cover of Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman", with Dylan himself on harmonica. Originally, the album was produced by Glyn Johns and was ready for release in February 1993, with "Unconditional Love" as the first promo single.

The album suffered further as Nicks spent her second stint in drug rehabilitation (for Klonopin dependancy) during the mixing and mastering period. The record label rushed the production so Nicks would be ready to promote the album once out of rehab, but this meant that she had no input into the overall sound or tracklisting of the album - these duties were overseen by co-producer Thom Panunzio, who had previously worked with Nicks' close friend Tom Petty. On coming out of rehab, Stevie returned to the studio, minus Johns, to overdub and re-record a lot of what had already been done. Despite her efforts, the album did not turn out how she wanted. She was, however, able to present some of the album's tracks ("Street Angel", "Destiny", and "Blue Denim") in her own final mixes on the 3-disc ''Enchanted'' retrospective in 1998.

Street Angel
Label: Rhino Atlantic
Release Date: 1994-05-03
Duration: 57:31

Buy AlbumPrice: $9.99

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1Blue Denim 04:24
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2Greta 04:21
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3Street Angel 04:11
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4Docklands 04:48
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5Listen To The Rain 04:34
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6Destiny 05:02
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7Unconditional Love 03:22
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8Love Is Like A River 04:45
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9Rose Garden 04:29
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10Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind 04:19
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11Just Like A Woman 03:52
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12Kick It 04:25
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13Jane 04:59
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