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Poverty's Paradise
Label: Rhino
Release Date: 2011-01-25
Duration: 62:30

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Song Title       Time
1Intro Skit (Lp Version)    00:38
2Poverty's Paradise (Lp Version)    01:04
3Clap Yo Hands (Lp Version)    04:38
4City Of CI-Lo (Lp Version)    03:14
5Hang Out And Hustle (Featuring Road Dawgs And Cruddy Click) (Lp Version) (Featuring Road Dawgs And Cruddy Click Lp Version)    03:15
6It's Workin' (Featuring Rottin Razkals) (Lp Version)    04:04
7Holdin Fort (Lp Version)    03:32
8Chain Remains (Lp Version)    04:33
9Feel Me Flow (Lp Version)    03:33
10Craziest (Lp Version)    04:08
11Radio Skit    00:09
12Sunshine (Lp Version)    03:13
13Webber Skit (Featuring Chris Webber)    00:48
14Respect Due (Lp Version)    03:01
15World Go Round    03:06
16Klickow-Klickow (Featuring Rottin Razkals, Cruddy Click And The Road Dawgs) (Lp Version)    04:58
17Double I Skit    00:11
18Slang Bang (Lp Version)    03:42
19Shout Out (Featuring Gordon Chambers) (Lp Version)    07:02
20Outro    00:27
21Connectons (Lp Version)    03:10