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My Dying Bride Albums

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The Vaulted Shadows
Turn Loose The Swans (20th Anniversary Editio…
The Manuscript Ep
Peaceville Presents... My Dying Bride
Introducing My Dying Bride
A Map Of All Our Failures
The Barghest O'whitby
Bring Me Victory
For Lies I Sire
An Ode To Woe
A Line Of Deathless Kings
Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light
As The Flowers Withers
34.788%... Complete
Meisterwerk I
The Voice Of The Wretched
The Dreadful Hours
Meisterwerk II
The Light At The End Of The World
34.788% Complete
Meisterwerk 2
The Angel And The Dark River
Turn Loose The Swans
The Angel & The Dark River
Like Gods Of The Sun
As The Flower Withers/Suicidal Fine Art
Meisterwerk 1