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Vince Neil To Be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

6/29/2011 3:28pm EDT
Vince Neil
Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil is to be honored for his stellar music career at an awards bash in Las Vegas later this year.

The singer will be handed the Lifetime Achievement in Rock 'n' Roll prize at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards in August.

Publisher Sally Steele says, "There is no one that deserves it more than Vince. Vince has done so much over the years for charity since he has lived here in Las Vegas... We are also planning on having a secret special guest present Vince's award to him with me, so stay tuned!"

The ceremony will take place at the Las Vegas Hilton on August 21st.

Cee Lo Green To Record With Motley Crue

6/16/2011 11:37pm EDT
Motley Crue
Cee Lo Green's rocking performance with Motley Crue at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night has led to a new collaboration between the "F--k You" singer and the band.

The Gnarls Barkley star took to the stage with Crue for a mash-up of "F--k You" and their hit "Don't Go Away Mad" and the track went down so well, the band has invited Cee Lo to record with them.

He explains, "I sent out a tweet just thanking them... for letting me rock with them that way and Nikki (Sixx) said, 'Let's do some music together.'

"I was like, 'F**k yeah!'"

Spotlight on Summer Concerts

5/13/2011 3:00pm EDT
Bonnaroo Music Festival
During the summer of 2011, plenty of music will be playing across this great land of ours. While by no means an exhaustive list of summer tours, we're shining our spotlight on some of the hottest tickets of the hottest season. Whatever your musical taste or monetary budget, there's bound to be something for everyone.


U2 - One of this summer's most highly-anticipated events is U2's 360º Tour, especially considering that many fans have been waiting with tickets in hand since last summer, when the North American leg of the tour was postponed due to Bono's back injury. The tour begins wit...

Nikki Sixx Apologizes To Bret Michaels

5/13/2011 12:53pm EDT
Nikki Sixx
Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx cleared the way for a joint tour with Poison by apologizing to Bret Michaels for derogatory comments they made about the idea.

Poison frontman Michaels first suggested hitting the road with Motley Crue, but the concept was dismissed and scoffed at by some members of the rival rock group.

The two bands later stunned fans by announcing the joint tour and scheduling the dates for this summer, and Michaels admits the plan was put into action after Crue star Sixx approached him and apologized for their previous remarks.

Michaels tells The Arizona Republic, "Th...

Sammy Hagar: 'I Was Asked To Be In Aerosmith'

5/3/2011 4:16pm EDT
Sammy Hagar
Rock veteran Sammy Hagar has revealed he was offered the chance to replace Steven Tyler as the frontman of Aerosmith, but snubbed the opportunity because it would have been a "difficult" transition.

The former Van Halen singer claims he has been approached over the years to join a string of top bands, and was in the running to front Slash super-group Velvet Revolver in 2008.

He tells Forbes magazine, "I was asked at one time to be in Motley Crue. I was asked at one time to be in Pantera by their managers. I was asked to be in Velvet Revolver when Scott Weiland quit."

Hagar even allege...

Gross! Tommy Lee Recalls Ozzy Osbourne Playing With His Poop

4/26/2011 8:47am EDT
Ozzy Osbourne
Tommy Lee knew he could never compete with Ozzy Osbourne's wild ways when he found the rocker smearing his own excrement on the walls of his hotel room after one particularly crazy drink and drugs binge during the 1980s.

Lee witnessed the extent of Osbourne's bizarre behavior in 1984 when his band Motley Crue joined the former Black Sabbath frontman on the road.

The drummer admits even he was shocked by the amount of booze and illegal substances Osbourne took during that tour - and he vividly recalls the moment he realised the Brit had completely lost it.

Speaking in candid new film docu...

Avenged Sevenfold Dominate The 2011 Golden Gods Awards

4/21/2011 3:52pm EDT
Avenged Sevenfold
Heavy metal stars Avenged Sevenfold were crowned the most talented musicians in rock on Wednesday after sweeping the board with four prizes at the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

Frontman M. Shadows beat Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson to claim Best Vocalist, while Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance were named joint winners for Best Guitarist.

Former bandmate Mike Portnoy, who was temporarily drafted in to replace tragic Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan, also triumphed by taking the Best Drummer title. He did not attend the ceremony at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, but sent in a ...

Vince Neil Charged With Domestic Violence

4/5/2011 9:54pm EDT
Vince Neil
Rocker Vince Neil has been charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct, following an incident in Las Vegas last month.

The Motley Crue star is alleged to have stormed into comedian Hal Sparks' show at the Las Vegas Hilton, yelling obscenities aimed at his TV reporter ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs and one of her pals, who were in the audience.

Though Neil was not arrested, Jacobs filed a battery report, alleging the star jabbed her with his finger during the confrontation.

Neil has now been charged with two misdemeanors, which could land him back behind bars if the judge rules it ...

Miley Cyrus & Bret Michaels Duet To Be Released As A Single

3/20/2011 12:25pm EDT
Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels
Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels' version of Poison hit "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is finally to be released as a single.

Cyrus and Michaels teamed up rework his classic anthem but the song's release was stalled after infidelity rumours between Michaels and Cyrus' mom, Tish, hit the tabloids - and reportedly broke up her marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus.

Now the Cyruses have halted divorce proceedings and reconciled, the track is back on the slate for Miley and Bret.

The song was supposed to be the Disney star's second single released from her album "Cant' Be Tamed."

Michaels tells E!, "The rec...

Motley Crue to be Honored for Contribution to Sunset Strip Music Scene

3/7/2011 10:35pm EST
Motley Crue
Motley Crue are to be honored at the fourth annual Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles with the event's Elmer Valentine Award.

The accolade is handed to rockers and promoters who have had a major impact on the famous real estate.

Past recipients have been Ozzy Osbourne, Slash and Sunset Strip founders Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri and Elmer Valentine himself.

Motley Crue's members will be honored at the House of Blues in August. The gala will kick off this year's three-day celebration of music at venues along the iconic 1.6-mile stretch of Sunset Boulevard.

Crue drummer Tommy Lee tel...

Poison & Motley Crue To Tour Together

3/1/2011 8:43am EST
Bret Michaels has confirmed months of speculation suggesting legendary 1980s hair metal bands Poison and Motley Crue are to tour together.

Michaels announced plans for the massive U.S. trek in November, but fans were left disappointed when Motley Crue's Tommy Lee insisted the Poison frontman was wrong.

Now, the two bands have agreed to team up for a string of dates - and Michaels, who reveals iconic glam rockers The New York Dolls will support them on tour, is ecstatic about the collaborative gigs to mark their joint anniversaries.

He tells CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, "Huge, it's co...

Vince Neil Leaves Jail Early

2/26/2011 1:00pm EST
Vince Neil
Rocker Vince Neil has been released from jail after serving just 10 days of his 15-day sentence for a DUI charge.

The Motley Crue star began his punishment on February 15, just days after celebrating his 50th birthday, after pleading guilty to the count, which stemmed from a 2010 arrest, last month.

But he walked free from Clark County Detention Center in Nevada on Friday, reports

Neil will spend the next 15 days under house arrest as part of his sentence.

The singer recently hit out at the punishment, insisting the judge overseeing his case was "a little harsh" and wanted to "...

Iron Maiden & Ozzy Osbourne Lead Golden Gods Awards Nominations

2/25/2011 2:11pm EST
Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden will be the frontrunners at this year's third annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards after picking up multiple nominations on Thursday.

Ozzy will battle Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson for Best Vocalist, while the Prince of Darkness' guitarist and drummer will battle Maiden's men for the night's best player prizes.

Rob Zombie also picks up multiple nods - his touring guitarist is up for Best Guitarist and drummer Joey Jordison will compete with Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy Osbourne), Abe Cunningham (Deftones), Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour), Nico McBrain (Iron Maiden) and Avenge...

Vince Neil Thinks Jail Sentence For DUI Was 'A Little Harsh'

2/22/2011 8:43am EST
Vince Neil
Incarcerated rocker Vince Neil was surprised to receive a jail sentence for a 2010 DUI charge and is convinced the judge overseeing his case wanted to "make an example" out of him.

The Motley Crue star is currently serving 15 days behind bars at Clark County Detention Center in Nevada after pleading guilty to the offence last month.

Neil has now spoken out about the sentence and accepts his punishment "is what it is", although he insists it is "a little harsh."

He tells the Las Vegas Sun, "Obviously, it was something that happened, and it should not have happened. There are so many other...

The 'Top 10 Best Rock Bands Ever' Are...

2/21/2011 11:00am EST
Green Day
Motley Crue, The Cars and Green Day have made it onto a new magazine list of the Top 10 Best Rock Bands ever.

The three acts join the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Santana on the Parade magazine poll.

The Beatles topped the list, and along with Led Zeppelin are the only two that are no longer performing and recording together. The Cars recently reformed and are currently in the studio working on new material.

Green Day is releasing a brand-new live album, entitled "Awesome As F***," on March 22 on Reprise Records. It will include explosive performances captured during the band’...

Vince Neil Begins His Jail Term

2/15/2011 2:34pm EST
Vince Neil has surrendered to authorities in Nevada, where he'll serve 15 days behind bars on a DUI charge.

The Motley Crue star will serve his sentence at Clark County Detention Center.

Neil pleaded guilty to a 2010 DUI charge on January 26.

After serving time behind bars, Neil will be placed on house arrest for 15 days before heading out on tour in South America with Motley Crue.

Talking about his DUI shame, Neil recently told, "I made a mistake, and I have to finally learn my lesson and go do a little bit of time. I've already learned my lesson. I just have to move on and ...

Vince Neil Set For Motley Crue Dates After Prison Release

2/6/2011 4:00pm EST
Motley Crue
Rocker Vince Neil has a string of Motley Crue dates to look forward to when he's released from prison later this month - including one that will take him to Argentina.

The frontman has been ordered to surrender to officials in Las Vegas on February 15 and serve a 15-day sentence on a DUI charge - but he's already making travel plans for when he's a free man.

Motley Crue will perform at Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas in Buenos Aires on May 19 and 20.

The group will also be among the artists performing at the Bamboozle festival in New Jersey on April 29 - and they're heading to Mexic...

Vince Neil Says His Tax Troubles Are Solved

2/2/2011 8:35am EST
Vince Neil
Rocker Vince Neil has shot down reports he owes over $1 million in unpaid taxes, insisting his payments with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are "satisfied and settled."

The Motley Crue frontman, who is due to serve 15 days behind bars later this month, had reportedly fallen behind on his taxes and was being chased by federal authorities for debts amounting to $1,111,221.

Now Neil has brushed off the speculation, revealing he has had previous tax issues, due to accounting errors, but he's adamant he has now satisfied the IRS' requests after striking a deal with them.

He tells the Las ...

Vince Neil: 'I've Learned My Lesson'

1/31/2011 3:37pm EST
Vince Neil
Rocker Vince Neil is ready to serve his 15-day jail term for a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, insisting he's learned his lesson for his "mistake".

The Motley Crue frontman was handed the sentence last week in connection to his arrest for speeding and drunk driving in Las Vegas last June. As part of a deal with prosecutors, the singer - who faced up to six months behind bars if convicted - pleaded guilty in exchange for the more lenient sentence. He will also serve 15 days under house arrest following his release, attend alcohol awareness lessons and pay a $185 fine.


Vince Neil Owes $1 Million In Unpaid Taxes?

1/27/2011 8:32am EST
Vince Neil
Prison-bound rocker Vince Neil has found himself embroiled in more trouble - he allegedly owes over $1 million in unpaid taxes.

The Motley Crue frontman, who is due to serve 15 days behind bars next month, is being chased by U.S. federal authorities for debts amounting to $1,111,221, according to the Detroit News.

Neil and his wife Lia were hit with a $740,171 lien for delinquent federal taxes last April, while another $371,050 demand was filed against the couple for income taxes in December.

On Wednesday, Neil pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol, stemming from an ar...

Vince Neil Sentenced To 15 Days In Prison

1/26/2011 3:37pm EST
Vince Neil
Rocker Vince Neil will serve 15 days behind bars next month after pleading guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Motley Crue frontman initially pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor drunk driving and speeding charges stemming from an arrest in Las Vegas in June. He was accused of driving his luxury Lamborghini sports car 60 miles-per-hour in a 45 mile-per-hour zone near the Vegas Strip, while over the legal alcohol limit. He failed three field sobriety tests and his blood-alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit.

The rocker entered a guilty plea during a hearing ...

Motley Crue Sued Over Merchandise Image

1/19/2011 10:25am EST
Motley Crue
Rockers Motley Crue have been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit after the iconic snap from the band's Too Fast For Love album cover was used on merchandise.

The band and bosses at tour giant Live Nation are being sued by Ron Toma, who claims he owns the rights to the photograph, which was taken by Michael Pinter in 1981 and shows a close-up of a man wearing a belt and leather trousers.

The image features on sweatshirts sold on the band's website, and Toma has filed papers in Illinois Northern District Court accusing the two parties of using the image without permission, accordin...

Vince Neil To Spend Two Weeks In Jail For DUI

1/19/2011 8:26am EST
Vince Neil
Rocker Vince Neil has been sentenced to serve two weeks behind bars for driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to reports, the Motley Crue frontman will plead guilty to a DUI charge on January 26 and surrender to Las Vegas officials on February 15.

He will serve 15 days in the Clark County Detention Center, followed by another 15 days of house arrest.

A statement from the rock star reads, "I have recognised that you can't drink and drive at all. I take full responsibility for my actions and will learn from this experience."

Neil initially pleaded not guilty to misdemeanour dr...

Nikki Sixx & Denise Richards Break Up

1/10/2011 9:15am EST
Denise Richards
Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx's winter romance with Denise Richards is over, according to reports. reports the couple has decided they're better friends and neighbors in Los Angeles than lovers.

Sixx and the former Bond girl, who was married to Charlie Sheen and has romanced rocker Richie Sambora, went public with their romance just before Christmas when they were spotted hand-in-hand outside a movie theatre in California.

Click for more great Denise Richards pictures:

2010 Year In Entertainment Review: June

1/1/2011 7:00pm EST
Megan Fox
June was a bumper wedding month with Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green marrying on a beach in Hawaii, while Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart wed after seven years together. Gemma Arterton married Stefano Catelli, and Alanis Morissette married MC Souleye. British newsman Piers Morgan wed Celia Walden and Mena Suvari married music producer Simone Sestitos. Glee star Jane Lynch married Lara Embry in a civil partnership ceremony – and love was also in the air for Orlando Bloom, who announced his engagement to longterm girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

"Ugly Betty" star America Ferrera became engage...

Vince Neil 'Saved' By His Late Daughter

12/29/2010 11:05am EST
Vince Neil
Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is convinced he was saved from a downward spiral of depression and drugs following a ghostly visit from his late daughter.

The rocker was devastated when five-year-old Skylar passed away in 1995 after a battle with cancer, and Neil turned to booze and pills to block out the pain. He struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts for two years and endured numerous stints in rehab, until he was saved by a spooky experience.

Neil tells TV show Celebrity Ghost Stories, "After we buried (Skylar), I sedated myself on pills and alcohol. I couldn't take it. For m...

Denise Richards Confirms Nikki Sixx Romance

12/17/2010 11:24am EST
Denise Richards
Denise Richards has confirmed she's dating Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, but insists they're taking the new romance "very slowly".

Reports linking the actress to the rocker surfaced this week, and TV host Andy Cohen took the opportunity to quiz the star about the story during her appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens L!ve on Thursday night.

When asked whether she is dating Sixx, Richards coyly replied, "What's considered dating?" before admitting she has "gone on a couple (of) dates" with the musician.

She adds, "If anything's gonna develop, you want it to develop on its own. Tha...

Nikki Sixx Dating Denise Richards?

12/15/2010 2:46pm EST
Nikki Sixx
Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx has moved on from his failed romance with reality star Kat Von D - the bassist is reportedly dating actress Denise Richards.

Celebrity tattoo artist Von D called it quits with the musician back in January, ending their two-year romance. Sixx alluded to a someone special on his blog on Friday night, revealing he had "a midnight rendezvous planned with a beautiful maiden."

And reports the mysterious maiden is in fact Richards, after the pair was spotted getting cozy over breakfast at a Calabasas, California restaurant the following m...

Celebrity Birthdays - December 11, 2010

12/11/2010 3:00am EST
Nikki Sixx
Happy Birthday to:

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx (1958)

Rapper Mos Def (1973)

Singer Jermaine Jackson (1954)

TV/film actress Teri Garr (1949)

Country singer Brenda Lee (1944)

TV and film actress Donna Mills (1942)

Puerto Rican singer/dancer Rita Moreno (1931)

American blues singer Big Mama Thornton (1920; d. 1984)

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Sea World Calls Tommy Lee's Allegations 'Ludicrous'

12/9/2010 12:04am EST
Tommy Lee
Sea World bosses have hit back at rocker Tommy Lee, insisting allegations park keepers enforce a bizarre breeding program for killer whales are "beyond ludicrous."

The Motley Crue drummer fired off a rambling letter to Terry W. Prather, the president of the Orlando, Florida complex, on Tuesday, demanding the release of a whale in captivity to put a stop to claims the mammal was being used as a "sperm bank."

Lee, backed by officials from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), used the missive to condemn the odd way handlers reportedly masturbated orca whale Tilikum for bre...