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Now Playing: Feud Between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Started Before Cameras Started Rolling Best Moments from MTV's Movie Awards
2014-04-15 Nicki Minaj on the Red Carpet at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards
2014-04-14 Stars Let Loose on MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
2014-04-14 Best and Worst Dressed MTV Movie Awards 2014
2014-04-14 Nicki Minaj's New Song 'Chi-Raq' Ft. Lil Herb Gets Political!
2014-04-13 Nicki Minaj Never Remembered Leslie Mann's Name
2014-04-04 Nicki Minaj's Acting Debut in 'The Other Woman'
2014-03-23 'The Other Woman': He's Married Clip
2014-03-23 Nicki Minaj Invents the Butt Selfie
2014-03-20 Nicki Minaj Tattooed Chola Barbie in 'Senile' Music Video
2014-03-18 Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne Senile Music Video Sneak Peek Photos
2014-03-14 Arsenio Shares His No-Makeup Pic
2014-03-14 Nicki Minaj's Bikini Photo Shoot
2014-03-12 Nicki Minaj? More Like NAKED Minaj!
2014-03-06 Bring It! : Mama D Will Do Anything for the Dancing Dolls
2014-03-06 Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne Scrutinized For Hip-Hop's Disrespect of Black Icons
2014-03-05 Nicki Minaj Boyfriend Safaree Gets Her Face Tattooed on His Chest
2014-03-02 Nicki Minaj’s BF Covered In Tattoos Of Her
2014-02-27 Nicki Minaj Sings Spanish on Romeo Santos' New Song
2014-02-25 Mariah Carey Disses Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj
2014-02-16 Nicki Minaj Real Hair & More Nipple Pasties!
2014-02-09 Nicki Minaj Reveals Her Real Hair
2014-02-08 Forget the Selfie, 'Belfie' Is Latest Celebrity Trend
2014-02-07 Nicki Minaj Danny Glover Remix Raps Justin Timberlake Lyrics! Video
2014-01-30 Young Money's New Album - 'Rise of An Empire'
2014-01-26 Nicki Minaj Fires Back at ESPN Over Photoshopped Cover
2014-01-26 Nicki Minaj Is Not a Fan of Her ESPN Magazine Photoshopped Cover
2014-01-24 American Idol 2014 Premiere – Top 10 Moments
2014-01-17 Nicki Minaj Raps Spanish on Song Teaser & Loves Lorde!
2014-01-12 Showbiz Minute: Rodman, Ke$Ha, Palm Springs
2014-01-06 Mario: "I Want My Album to Be Legendary"
2013-12-29 Biggest Celebrity Grinches of 2013
2013-12-25 Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton in "The Other Woman" First Trailer
2013-12-21 Beyonce Beats Kim Kardashian As Bing's Most Searched Celebrity In 2013
2013-12-04 Mariah Carey Compares Nicki Minaj to Satan
2013-11-15 Mariah Carey Says She Hated Working On 'American Idol'
2013-11-14 Have Sexy Selfies Gone Too Far?
2013-11-12 Celebrity Selfies: Rihanna, Nick Jonas
2013-11-07 The Highest Paid Pop Star TV Judges
2013-11-07 Nicki Minaj Performs With Meek Mill at Powerhouse 2013
2013-11-05 Top 10 Hip-Hop Feuds and Rivalries
2013-10-31 Nicki Minaj Skated On A Traffic Ticket
2013-10-09 Nicki Minaj Clothing Line Photo Shoot Revealed
2013-10-09 Arsenio & Andre Braugher's Dramatic Reading of Nicki Minaj & Gucci Mane's Tweets
2013-10-08 Master Tweet Theatre: Andre Braugher & Arsenio Read Nicki Minaj & Gucci Mane's Tweets
2013-10-08 Nicki Minaj Addresses Zac Efron Hook-Up Rumors
2013-10-04 Nicki Minaj Responds to Zac Efron Hook Up Rumors
2013-10-04 Nicki Minaj's 'Minajesty' Fragrance Commercial
2013-10-02 Nicki Minaj Appears in Meek Mill's "I B On Dat" Music
2013-10-02 Nicki Minaj Talks About Miley Cyrus' Twerking
2013-10-01 Nicki Minaj Reveals Fairytale "Minajesty" Fragrance Commercial
2013-09-30 Drake and Nicki Minaj Friends Again After Secret Rift
2013-09-27 Nicki Minaj Talks Miley Cyrus Collaboration
2013-09-26 Nicki Minaj Ellen Show Sneak Peek: Underwear Gift and Bras
2013-09-26 Nicki Minaj Has a Wardrobe Malfunction at 'The Ellen Show'
2013-09-25 Katy Perry Vs Nicki Minaj & More: Best Costumed Diva!
2013-09-24 Nicki Minaj Kmart Clothing Line Revealed
2013-09-19 Nicki Minaj Flaunts Body to Promote Her Clothing Line
2013-09-18 Drake Raps About His Love for Nicki Minaj in "Tuscan Leather"
2013-09-18 Nicki Minaj Reveals Kmart Collection Clothing Line
2013-09-18 The One Sexy Item Nicki Minaj Has to Have
2013-09-15 Did Nicki Minaj Steal "Starships" Song?
2013-09-13 The Hair Makeovers of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus
2013-09-12 Nicki Minaj Ripped Off 'Starships'?
2013-09-12 Nicki Minaj Slams Gucci Mane After Sex Allegations
2013-09-10 Nicki Minaj Twerks in Wale's "Clappers" Music Video
2013-09-05 Nicki Minaj Wins 2013 BMI Awards
2013-08-23 Nicki Minaj Raps About Miguel Leg Drop on Sean Paul's Remix
2013-08-21 Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown Unveil "Love More" Music Video
2013-08-20 Nicki Minaj Best MTV VMA Performances and Moments
2013-08-20 Nicki Minaj Shoots "I Wanna Be With You" Music Video
2013-08-16 Nicki Minaj Reveals "Minajesty" Fragrance Ad
2013-08-14 Nicki Minaj & Miley Cyrus Hit Recording Studio Together- Song Coming?!
2013-08-09 Nicki Minaj's Most Revealing 'Selfie' Yet?
2013-08-08 Nicki Minaj Poses Topless on Instagram
2013-08-08 Nicki Minaj Posts New Topless Instagram Selfie
2013-08-08 Why Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Is Getting Lots Of Attention
2013-08-08 Nicki Minaj Posts Topless Photo On Instagram Again
2013-08-08 Nicki Minaj and Big Sean Have a New Song Coming
2013-08-07 Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown Shoot "Love More" Music Video
2013-08-05 Nicki Minaj BFF Proposal- DJ Khaled Spoof
2013-08-05 Nicki Minaj Twerks on a Throne in Nelly's New Video
2013-08-01 Nicki Minaj Reveals How She Maintains Her Figure
2013-07-31 Nicki Minaj Responds to DJ Khaled's Proposal With New Song
2013-07-30 Nicki Minaj Filed Restraining Order Against DJ Khaled
2013-07-29 Nicki Minaj and Busta Rhymes Drop "Twerk It" Music Video
2013-07-26 DJ Khaled Proposes to Nicki Minaj on MTV
2013-07-26 DJ Khaled Proposes To Nicki Minaj
2013-07-26 DJ Khaled Proposes to Nicki Minaj
2013-07-26 Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj New Song "Love More" Debuts
2013-07-24 Nicki Minaj Twerks in a Pool for Thong Thursday
2013-07-22 Nicki Minaj Joins #ThongThursdays With Provocative Pic
2013-07-19 Nicki Minaj Posts Sexy Instagram Photo
2013-07-19 Nicki Minaj Thinks Men Should Be Treated Like Dogs
2013-07-12 Nicki Minaj Shocks in Her First Week on Instagram
2013-07-12 Nicki Minaj Wants To Act Full Time
2013-07-11 Nicki Minaj Wants to Be a Mom
2013-07-10 Nicki Minaj: Men Want to Be 'Pet Like a Dog'
2013-07-09 Nicki Minaj "Loves" Miley Cyrus' Twerking
2013-07-08 Nicki Minaj Slams Cheating Kirk Frost

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