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Genres: Jazz, Rock, Soul/R&B, Soundtracks

Marc Dorsey is an R&B singer who first appeared in the music industry with his single "People Make The World Go Round" in 1994. The track was the opening song to the film, ''Crooklyn'' by Spike Lee, and was a remake of the track by The Stylistics. The song reached #65 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart. Later, Dorsey appeared on the ''Clockers'' soundtrack with two songs; "People in Search of a Life" and "Changes".

Before releasing his first album, Marc Dorsey wrote several jingles for commercials. His work included spots for Coca-Cola, Oreos and The Army.

In 1999, Dorsey released a full length album entitled ''Crave''. The album, released on the Jive record label, featured the single "If You Really Want To Know" which reached #56 on the U.S. R&B chart, and #58 on the UK Singles Chart.

In 2002, he was featured on the LL Cool J hit Luv U Better, which reached #4 on the Billboard 100 chart.