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Now Playing: Barbara Mori RETURNS to Bollywood! 'Forever': Henry's Disappearing Act
2015-05-06 'Forever': Henry Tells Jo His Secret
2015-05-06 Eva Mendes Won't Be Celebrating Mother's Day This Year
2015-05-06 Teachers Get Engaged with Surprise Classroom Proposal
2015-05-06 Bondage and Toys - Erotic Fair German Style
2015-05-05 Unique Flipbook Features a Long Distance Love Story
2015-05-04 'Revenge': Victoria Grayson Is Alive!
2015-05-04 'Revenge': Amanda & Jack Together at Last
2015-05-04 Miley Cyrus Shares A Sultry Stoner Snap on Instagram
2015-05-01 Sam Faiers Dishes The Dirt At Her Book Launch Party
2015-05-01 Robert Downey Jr. On Getting Closure With Ex Sarah Jessica Parker
2015-04-29 'American Crime': Ruth Tells Aubry to Leave Carter
2015-04-29 Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Celebrate Their Fourth Wedding Anniversary
2015-04-29 Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Let Loose At Stagecoach Music Festival
2015-04-28 'Revenge': Why Is Jack Back?
2015-04-27 'Revenge': "She Chose You"
2015-04-27 Tyga Tattoos His Love for Kylie Jenner
2015-04-27 Love Life Lowdown: Michael Douglas
2015-04-27 Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Got Married!
2015-04-27 Brazilians Try American Snacks
2015-04-25 8 Things Men Are Trained Not To Say
2015-04-25 Chris Brown Reveals Himself As A Doting Dad
2015-04-23 'Forever': How Did Abigail Die?
2015-04-22 'Forever': Henry's English Rose
2015-04-22 Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Are Officially Finished
2015-04-22 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Fly Off For Power Woman Luncheon
2015-04-21 Ariana Grande And Big Sean Split Up
2015-04-21 'Revenge': Can Amanda Stop Jack?
2015-04-20 'Revenge': Nolan's New Man
2015-04-20 'Revenge': Radio Silence
2015-04-20 'Dancing With the Stars': Nastia's Frozen Jazz Routine
2015-04-14 Nick Cannon Left Door Open For Mariah Carey Reconciliation
2015-04-14 Kate Winslet Falls in Love in 17th Century France
2015-04-14 'Revenge': Jack's True Love
2015-04-13 'Revenge': The Destruction of Amanda's Lies
2015-04-13 Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Welcome A Baby Boy
2015-04-13 The 25 Most Romantic Movies of All Time
2015-04-12 Are Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner In A Relationship?
2015-04-10 'The Goldbergs': The Origin of "Love Ninja"
2015-04-09 'Forever': Will Jo Reveal Her Feelings for Henry?
2015-04-08 Love Life Lowdown: Jamie Foxx
2015-04-07 'American Crime': The First Time Aubry and Carter Met
2015-04-03 Taylor Swift Hand In Hand After Date With Calvin Harris
2015-04-03 'Nashville': Rayna and Deacon Get Back Together
2015-04-02 'Nashville': Rayna Asks Deacon to Fight for Them
2015-04-02 Is Robert Pattinson Officially Off the Market?
2015-04-02 'Forever': Isaac & Jo Grow Closer
2015-04-01 Sam Faiers Prepares To Set The Record Straight With New Autobiography
2015-04-01 'Secrets and Lies': Ben and Jess Are Caught in the Act
2015-03-30 'Revenge': Courtney Love Arrives in the Hamptons
2015-03-30 Cupid Sweeps Over Hollywood
2015-03-30 Mariah Carey in St. Barts with Rumoured Boyfriend Brett Ratner
2015-03-30 'Nashville': "I Know How to Love You Now" Live Performance
2015-03-26 'Nashville': "We Got a Love" Live Performance
2015-03-26 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Jimmy and Willie Nelson Sing "To Austin, I Can't Love You More"
2015-03-21 'Suite Francaise' Explores Stockholm Syndrome and Love
2015-03-19 Suite Francaise Examines the Nature of Love
2015-03-17 'Secrets and Lies': Ben Lectures Natalie
2015-03-16 Hot Couple Gigi Hadid And Cody Simpson Reunite On The Beach
2015-03-16 'General Hospital': Sneak Peek: "I Loved You Once"
2015-03-13 'The Goldbergs': The Jenkintown Posse Falls in Love with Erica
2015-03-13 'General Hospital': Spinelli Kisses Maxie
2015-03-13 'Modern Family': Jay's Commercial from the '80s
2015-03-13 'Modern Family': Haley Admits She's in Love with Andy
2015-03-13 'General Hospital': Sneak Peek: Spinelli Runs to Maxie
2015-03-13 'Revenge': "It's Always Been You"
2015-03-13 'General Hospital': Sneak Peek: Lucas's Special Patient
2015-03-13 'The Bachelor': Chris's Mom Grills Becca
2015-03-13 'The Bachelor': Whitney Knows She's In Love
2015-03-13 'General Hospital': Maxie Is Drawn Towards Spinelli
2015-03-13 Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Showing Signs of Love, Marriage Talk
2015-03-13 'General Hospital': GH Now! Clip: Worst Breakups
2015-03-10 'General Hospital': GH Now! Clip: Jimmy Loves Alexis
2015-03-10 'The Bachelor': Chris's Mom Grills Becca
2015-03-10 'The Bachelor': Whitney Knows She's In Love