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Music Is Meant To Be Heard Live

7/28/2008 9:03am EDT
Wu-Tang Clang
At last summer's Rock the Bells, less that two minutes after Wu-Tang Clang busted into their first song, which is to say five minutes after the yo-yo-yos concluded, my dad plopped himself down on the grassy knoll. "These guys suck," he muttered into the tattooed shins of the toking Latino in front of him.

It's not that my pop is the typical old guy who views rap as an example of all that is wrong with the world; he had just nodded along to Cypress Hill several sets before, even mouthing a few choice lyrics to "Insane in the Membrane." No, my dad is just not a fan of live music he can'...

Counting Crows Take the Field This Summer With 'The Rock 'N Roll Triple Play Ballpark Tour'

5/18/2007 11:58am EDT
Counting Crows
Hey, it's Adam, I just wanted to let all our fans know that Counting Crows will hit the road this summer on a tour of America's baseball parks. We're starting on July 22 in Wilmington, DE at Daniel S. Frawley Stadium, the Home of the Blue Rocks. We're gonna hit 23 different ballyards all across the country (they're all listed below), mostly in smaller towns.

One of the reasons I'm so excited about this little jaunt we've decided to call "The Rock 'n' Roll Triple Play Ballpark Tour" is that we got really lucky and talked both Live and Collective Soul into coming along for the summer. We...

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Documentary "Ten Days Out (Blues From The Backroads)" Released

1/23/2007 5:24pm EST
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Renowned blues and rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd--along with a film crew, a portable recording studio and producer Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads)- embarked on a ten-day journey into the heart of the American South, documenting and recording an impressive lineup of blues veterans. Warner Bros./Reprise Records released the resulting documentary and accompanying live CD Ten Days Out (Blues From The Backroads) on January 23, 2007.

Directed by Noble Jones, Ten Days Out captures the stories and music of some of America's best-known blues artists including B.B. King, Clarence "Gatemouth...

2006: Year In Music (Pt. 2)

12/31/2006 1:00pm EST
Billy Corgan
...In April, Billy Corgan announced that Smashing Pumpkins will reunite and begin recording a new album... Rihanna released her sophomore disc, Unfaithful, featuring the single S.O.S., which includes a sample of Soft Cell's Tainted Love... and Cee-Lo and DangerMouse's collaboration, Gnarls Barkley took the U.S. by storm, as their hit single Crazy stormed the charts and took off as one of 2006's most popular tunes.

Bands that released new albums include: The Flaming Lips, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Blue October, Lacuna Coil, Lamb Of God, Pink, Queensryche, The Vines, Eagles Of Death Metal, Qu...

Check Out Live's "Songs From Black Mountain," Out Today

6/6/2006 11:00am EDT
Songs From Black Mountain
The latest disc from rock quartet Live, "Songs from Black Mountain," hits stores today. The album marks a bit of a return to the more catchier, melodic material they became known for prior to their two previous, somewhat lackluster, albums.

But if you're looking for the "old" Live (singer Ed Kowalczyk, guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer and drummer Chad Gracey) a la "Mental Jewelry," "Throwing Copper" and "Secret Samadhi" you won't find it here. The band has all but dropped it's angry, political ranting in favor of sunnier lyrics. That's not to say it isn't bad. The ba...

Live’s "Songs From Black Mountain" hits stores June 6

5/28/2006 9:00am EDT
After making music together for more than half of their lives, touring their way around the world and selling more than 20 million records, the four members of Live - singer, Ed Kowalczyk; guitarist, Chad Taylor; bassist, Patrick Dahlheimer and drummer, Chad Gracey - say Songs from Black Mountain marks a new beginning for the band.

Before recording the new album, the members of Live - all of whom are still only in their early 30s - put together a music and video retrospective spanning the quartet's six studio albums. Since forming in middle school in York, Pennsylvania in 1988, the ban...

Live Returns With First New Album In Nearly 3 Years

1/31/2006 2:15pm EST
Live (the band)
Epic Records is excited to announce the release of the new studio album from multi-platinum rock quartet Live titled Songs From Black Mountain on April 11th. Earlier this month - almost 15 years and 20 million records after singer Ed Kowalczyk, guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer and drummer Chad Gracey emerged from York, Pennsylvania-the band released "The River," the first single from Songs From Black Mountain, via the Internet. With its contagious melody, "The River" will hit radio on January 31.

Live's signature mix of anthemic rockers, dynamic arrangements and spirit...