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Now Playing: Mariah Carey, Drake, Lil Wayne&more Honored at the BMI Urban Awards Tyga, Nicki Minaj, & Lil Wayne Release Video For "Senile"
2014-04-19 Check Out Who's Standing In For Kim Kardashian In Kanye West's New Music Video!
2014-04-19 Nicki Minaj, Tyga and Lil Wayne's 'Senile' Music Video
2014-04-17 Celebrity Tax Problems - Happy Tax Day!
2014-04-15 Justin Bieber Pulls Another All Night Recording Sesh! And It Looked Like A Cozy One!
2014-04-11 Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone Are Going To Cause Several Teenage Heart Attacks
2014-04-02 Kendrick, Pitbull vs Weezy, Trinidad James- The Truth With Elliott Wilson
2014-03-29 Lil Wayne, XXL Freshman Cover, Tyler The Creator- The Truth with Elliott Wilson Live #4
2014-03-29 What's Eating Lil Wayne?- The Truth With Elliot Wilson
2014-03-29 Kanye West -- Muffled And Cool With NYC Photog
2014-03-18 Mileys Got Back (Sort Of)
2014-03-18 Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne Senile Music Video Sneak Peek Photos
2014-03-14 Freddie Gibbs Sends Shots At Jeezy On"Real"Diss Record
2014-03-12 Top 4 Music Stories of the Day
2014-03-12 Top 10 Musicians with Alter Egos
2014-03-09 Rick Ross Will Not Respond To 50 Cent
2014-03-04 Lil Wayne Reportedly Owes IRS Over $12 Million In Taxes
2014-03-03 Lil Za Arrives Arrives at Court to Face Drug Charges
2014-02-05 Robin Thicke feat. Lil Wayne - Pretty Lil Heart - ISHpicks 33
2014-02-04 Rico Love's "They Don't Know" Packed With Guest Stars
2014-02-01 Grammys 2014 Top 3 No Show Celebrities
2014-01-28 Young Money's New Album - 'Rise of An Empire'
2014-01-26 Lil Kim Sued By Zombie Girl
2014-01-22 The Most Important Rapper for Every Major City
2014-01-13 French Montana Hints At Upcoming Collaborations With Kanye West, Rick Ross And Macklemore
2014-01-09 Kris Humphries Robin Thicke Lil Wayne Comments - Open Mic
2014-01-09 50 Cent Has Second Thoughts About Posting Photos Of Baby Boy
2014-01-07 Most Disappointing Albums Of 2013
2014-01-02 Justin Bieber Releases His Journals!
2013-12-23 Rappers With The Most Baby Mamas
2013-12-23 Lil Wayne is Alive&Well
2013-12-18 Justin Bieber Reveals Details To Next Album 'Journals'
2013-12-09 Beyoncé Carries Sleeping Blue Ivy Off of a Private Jet
2013-12-02 Paris Hilton on DJing and Maintaining Her Brand Empire
2013-11-07 High School Seniors Vs. Senior Citizens
2013-11-05 Exclusive: Austin Mahone To Collaborate With Justin Bieber?
2013-10-24 Justin Bieber's With Tyga In Wait For A Minute!
2013-10-22 Kanye West And Jimmy Kimmel Bury The Hatchet
2013-10-10 Paris Hilton Returns With 'Good Time' Music Video Featuring Lil Wayne
2013-10-08 Paris Hilton Drops Full Single"Good Time"
2013-10-07 Paris Hilton Talks New Electro-Pop Album & Signing to Rap Label Cash Money
2013-10-07 DJ Khaled Reveals Tracklist For"Suffering From Success"
2013-10-06 Paris Hilton's racy teaser for new single 'Good Times'
2013-10-02 Rihanna's"Pour It Up"
2013-10-02 Paris Hilton's Racy Teaser for New Single 'Good Times'
2013-10-02 Today's Top 4 Entertainment Stories
2013-10-01 Paris Hilton spins into a new career
2013-09-25 Paris Hilton Has Lil Wayne on Her New Track?
2013-09-06 Lil Wayne Injures Himself Again
2013-07-31 Swizz Beatz On His New Single 'Hands Up'
2013-07-02 Lil Wayne Apologizes for Dancing All Over Old Glory
2013-06-19 Lil Wayne Stomps on American Flag
2013-06-19 Lil Wayne Says He Will Remove Flag Trampling From Music Video
2013-06-19 Lil Wayne Walks on American Flag in New Music Video
2013-06-18 Lil Wayne Stomps On American Flag During Video Shoot
2013-06-18 Lil Wayne Claims Flag Trample Was An Accident
2013-06-18 Was Lil Wayne's American Flag Incident Just An Accident?
2013-06-18 BMI Lawsuit Causes 19 Nervous Breakdowns
2013-06-05 Paris Hilton to Release Album With Cash Money Records
2013-05-23 Lil Wayne Signs Paris Hilton To Cash Money
2013-05-23 Lauren London's VIBE Vixen Cover Shoot
2013-05-22 Mountain Dew Drops Lil Wayne Due to Offensive Lyrics
2013-05-04 Lil Wayne Reveals He's Engaged
2013-05-03 Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Another Seizure
2013-05-01 Rappers Before They Were Famous
2013-04-09 Nicki Minaj Gets Intimate With Lil Wayne In New Music Video
2013-04-02 Talib Kweli On Hip Hop, Feminism, and Beyonce
2013-04-01 Women Respond To Rick Ross And Rape
2013-04-01 Lil Wayne Almost Dies as Result of 3 Epileptic Seizures
2013-03-29 Lil Wayne Reveals His Neurological Disorder
2013-03-29 New Music: Lil Wayne Still Not a Human Being?
2013-03-27 The Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums of 2013
2013-03-25 Tiny Says Lil Wayne Is "OK", Recalls Breaking The News To Toya
2013-03-22 Lil Wayne's First Video Since Hospitalization: "I'm More Than Good"
2013-03-22 Lil Wayne Remains Hospitalized but Not on Deathbed
2013-03-19 Lil Wayne Leaves Hospital After 'Critical' Reports
2013-03-19 Rapper Lil' Wayne Released From Hospital
2013-03-19 Lil Wayne Released From Hospital
2013-03-19 How Lil Wayne Plans To Recover Following Hospital Release
2013-03-19 Lil Wayne Leaves Hospital, Timberlake Launches New Album
2013-03-19 Lil Wayne: I'm Good
2013-03-18 Lil Wayne in Intensive Care For Nearly One Week
2013-03-18 Lil Wayne Hospitalized: Conflicting Reports Emerge About Rapper's Condition
2013-03-16 Lil Wayne Hospitalized for Seizures, But Reportedly Stable
2013-03-16 Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again
2013-03-15 Lil Wayne Suffers Multiple Seizures
2013-03-15 Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Seizures
2013-03-15 Lil Wayne Thanks Kanye West For Ultimate Compliment
2013-03-07 Lil Wayne Responds to Pitbull's Diss Song
2013-02-28 Adrienne Bosh Responds To Lil Wayne's Claims
2013-02-20 Lil Wayne Claims He's Been Intimate With Chris Bosh's Wife
2013-02-18 Lil Wayne In Hot Water For Offensive Lyrics
2013-02-15 'Hurtful' Lil Wayne Lyric Prompts Label to Apologize For Him
2013-02-15 New Lil Wayne Remix Pulled Over Emmett Till Reference
2013-02-15 Was Lil Wayne Kicked Out of Heat Vs Lakers Game?
2013-02-12 Lil Wayne Kicked Out Of Heat-Lakers Game
2013-02-11 Why Nicki Minaj Doesn't Want Lil Wayne to Watch Her on 'Idol'
2013-02-05 Celebrity Yearbook Photos: Sean Penn
2013-01-31 Lil Wayne Gets Permanently “Baked” With New Face Tattoo
2013-01-07 Lil Wayne's Outrageous New Face Tattoo

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