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Now Playing: Katy Perry Finally Ditches John Mayer After Final Straw 'Project Runway': A Sneak Peek of Episode 9
2014-09-17 'The Lottery': Alison Wants to Trust Kyle
2014-09-15 'The Lottery': Angela Panics
2014-09-15 'The Lottery': Darius' End Game
2014-09-15 'Deliverance Creek': Toby Apologizes to Belle
2014-09-14 'Deliverance Creek': Belle Threatens Jeb
2014-09-14 'Deliverance Creek': Nate Tries to Convince Belle to Leave Her Ranch
2014-09-14 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview 2: Episode 8
2014-09-12 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview 1: Episode 8
2014-09-12 'Project Runway': Exit Interview: Episode 8
2014-09-12 'Project Runway': Rewind: Episode 8
2014-09-12 'Project Runway': Two Designers Share the Win
2014-09-12 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Abby Is Confronted with Her Own Negativity
2014-09-10 'Dance Moms': Holly and Abby Face Off
2014-09-10 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Fool Me Once
2014-09-10 'Raising Asia': Put Your Hands Up Finale Performance
2014-09-10 'Raising Asia': I Wish 4 U Finale Performance
2014-09-10 'Dance Moms': The Moms Confide in Cathy
2014-09-10 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Love Letter
2014-09-10 'Raising Asia': Kristie's Emotional Pep Talk
2014-09-10 'Raising Asia': Asia Sings on BiteSizeTV
2014-09-10 'Raising Asia': Kristie Lashes Out
2014-09-10 'Raising Asia': The Family Enjoys a Day Off
2014-09-10 'Raising Asia': Shawn and Anthony Fight Over the Chariot
2014-09-10 'The Lottery': Gabrielle Meets with Perry
2014-09-08 'The Lottery': Kyle Colludes with MayTwo
2014-09-08 'The Lottery': Kyle and Alison's Relationship
2014-09-08 'Raising Asia': Asia's Go Back Finale Performance
2014-09-06 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview: Episode 7
2014-09-05 'Project Runway': Exit Interview: Episode 7
2014-09-05 'Project Runway': Rewind: Episode 7
2014-09-05 'Project Runway': Char's Second Chance
2014-09-05 'Girlfriend Intervention': Emily Records A Rap
2014-09-05 'Girlfriend Intervention': Tiffiny and Tanisha Shop for Emily's New Look
2014-09-05 'Girlfriend Intervention': The New Emily Is Revealed
2014-09-05 'Bring It': Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls Vs. Virtuous Divine Fast Stands
2014-09-05 'Bring It': The Parents Root for Sunjai
2014-09-05 'Bring It': Selena Is a "Dorothy"
2014-09-05 'Bring It': Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls Vs. Virtuous Divine Slow Stands
2014-09-05 'Bring It': Sunjai's Struggles to Make Stand Battle
2014-09-05 'Raising Asia': Shawn and Kristie Switch Roles
2014-09-04 'Dance Moms': The Moms Have a Pool Day
2014-09-03 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Abby Wins at Mackenzie's Expense
2014-09-03 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Out of My Mind
2014-09-03 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Tribal Council
2014-09-03 'Dance Moms': Jeanette Gets Ava Kicked Off the Team
2014-09-03 How Real Is 'The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story'?
2014-08-30 Mr. Belding -- I Won't Watch 'Saved by the Bell' Biopic ... It's Full of Lies
2014-08-30 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview: Episode 6
2014-08-29 'Project Runway': Exit Interview: Episode 6
2014-08-29 'Project Runway': Rewind: Episode 6
2014-08-29 'Project Runway': Amanda the Fake?
2014-08-29 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Happiness
2014-08-29 'Dance Moms': Mom's Take: Ava's Onstage Umbrella Disaster
2014-08-29 'Bring It': Stand Off: Baby Dancing Dolls Vs. Baby Prancing Tigerettes
2014-08-28 'Bring It': The Dolls Give Their Parents a Pep Talk
2014-08-28 'Bring It': DDP Field Show Practice
2014-08-28 'Bring It': The Baby Dancing Dolls Are Trained Like Their Big Sisters
2014-08-28 'Bring It': Stand Battle: Baby Dancing Dolls Vs. Baby Prancing Tigerettes
2014-08-28 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: America Gone
2014-08-27 'Dance Moms': The Moms Have Lunch to Clear the Air
2014-08-27 'Dance Moms': Christy Crashes the Competition
2014-08-27 Mr. Belding: I Won't Watch 'Saved by the Bell' Biopic
2014-08-26 'Project Runway': Exit Interview 2: Episode 5
2014-08-22 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview: Episode 5
2014-08-22 'Project Runway': Red Carpet Trouble
2014-08-22 'Project Runway': Designer Lounge: Episode 5
2014-08-22 'Project Runway': Rewind: Episode 5
2014-08-22 'Project Runway': Exit Interview 1: Episode 5
2014-08-22 'Raising Asia': Asia Has a Meltdown
2014-08-20 'Raising Asia': Kristie and Asia Get Ready for an Album Release Party
2014-08-20 'Raising Asia': Shawn Is Giving Billy One More Chance
2014-08-20 'Raising Asia': Asia's Las Vegas Rehearsal
2014-08-20 'Dance Moms': Abby Benches Mackenzie
2014-08-20 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: They Don't Want My Kind Around Here