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Now Playing: 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': A Female Serial Killer 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': A Female Serial Killer
2015-04-23 'Little Women NY': Christy's Warning
2015-04-23 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Who Has the Best Hair?
2015-04-22 'Dance Moms': Shooting Kendall's Music Video
2015-04-22 'Dance Moms': Aubrey O'Day Can't Stand Abby
2015-04-22 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Straighten Up
2015-04-22 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Platinum
2015-04-22 'Jump': How to Be a Good Coach and Jumper
2015-04-21 'Bama State Style': Meet Bama State
2015-04-21 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': Adele Wants to Run
2015-04-20 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': A Dead Man's Razor
2015-04-20 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': Lizzie Borden's Body Count: Episode 3
2015-04-20 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': Mr. Flowers Threatens Adele
2015-04-20 'Little Women Terra's Little Family': Epidural Worries
2015-04-19 'Little Women Terra's Little Family': Crib Challenges
2015-04-19 'Born In The Wild': The Bedtime Wrangler
2015-04-17 'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe': The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe Preview
2015-04-17 'Jump': Meet the Floyd Little Double Dutch Team
2015-04-16 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Selfie Showdown
2015-04-15 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: Abby Is Investing in Kendall
2015-04-15 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: The Rose Garden
2015-04-15 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Innocent
2015-04-15 'Little Women Terra's Little Family': Terra and Joe's Baby Journey
2015-04-13 'Little Women Terra's Little Family': Baby 101 Class
2015-04-12 'Little Women NY': Dawn Thinks Jordanna's Dance Is a Joke
2015-04-12 'Born In The Wild': Evan Gets Mucky
2015-04-10 'Cleveland Abduction': Behind the Scenes of Cleveland Abduction
2015-04-10 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': Lizzie Borden's Body Count: Episode 1
2015-04-09 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: Touring an LA Studio
2015-04-08 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Together We Stand
2015-04-08 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Waiting
2015-04-08 'Preachers' Daughters': Jayde's Birthday Strippers
2015-04-07 'Kosher Soul': O'Neal's Conversion Is Complete
2015-04-07 'Kosher Soul': Just a Little Prick
2015-04-07 'UnREAL': UnREAL Premieres June 1 Preview
2015-04-06 'Seeds of Yesterday': Jory's Onstage Accident
2015-04-06 'Seeds of Yesterday': Cindy Seduces Bart
2015-04-06 'Little Women NY': Housewarming Buzzkill
2015-04-05 'Little Women LA': The Men Owe Apologies
2015-04-05 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Poor Mackenzie
2015-04-04 'Preachers' Daughters': Cierra Charges at Lolly
2015-04-04 Lifetime's 'UnReal' Exposes the Real Drama of Reality TV
2015-04-03 'Dance Moms': Gearing Up for the Candy Apples
2015-04-03 'Dance Moms': Just Maddie's Little Sister
2015-04-03 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Fancy
2015-04-01 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Tell Me What You Want
2015-04-01 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Who Are You
2015-04-01 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: Two-Faced Kira
2015-04-01 'Preachers' Daughters': An Epic Three-Way Fight
2015-03-31 'Bring It': Bonus Scene: Tina Thinks Miss D Is Sabotaging Kayla
2015-03-31 'Bring It': Crystianna's Solo Dance
2015-03-31 'Bring It': Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls Vs. Divas of Olive Branch Medium Stand
2015-03-31 'Bring It': Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls Vs. Divas of Olive Branch Slow Stand
2015-03-31 'Little Women NY': Meet the NYC Cast
2015-03-29 'Little Women LA': Racing for Babies
2015-03-29 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Abby's Rejects
2015-03-28 'Dance Mums UK': The Mums Get Physical
2015-03-28 'Bring It': Captain Kayla Is Injured
2015-03-27 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': Lizzie Scares a Group of Children
2015-03-27 'Little Women NY': Jason Feels Like a Broken Toy
2015-03-27 'Born In The Wild': Levi Takes the Kids Shopping
2015-03-27 'Little Women LA': Christy, the Instigator
2015-03-26 Lifetime Brings Living Nightmare to the Screen in 'Cleveland Abduction'
2015-03-25 'Dance Mums UK': Group Dance: Lion King
2015-03-25 'Dance Moms': Extended Scene: Standoff with Melanie
2015-03-25 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Get a Clue
2015-03-25 'Dance Mums UK': Full Dance: Lay Me Down
2015-03-25 'Dance Mums UK': Group Dance: Wild Horses
2015-03-25 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Walking Through a Storm
2015-03-25 'Kosher Soul': A Visit from Cousin Lucy
2015-03-24 'Kosher Soul': Adventures with Chico
2015-03-24 'Preachers' Daughters': Kristiana's Diagnosis Won't Stop Her Drinking
2015-03-24 'Little Women LA': Briana Breaks Off Her Engagement
2015-03-22 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: The Pact
2015-03-21 'Life Flight Trauma Center Houston': X-Raying a Gunshot Victim