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Now Playing: 'Dance Moms': Mikey Calls Nia 'Dance Moms': Mikey Calls Nia
2015-07-30 'Hoarders': Laura Is in Denial
2015-07-30 'Dance Moms': All About the Bridesmaids
2015-07-30 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Movie Roles
2015-07-29 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Always A Bridesmaid
2015-07-29 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Bat Crazy
2015-07-29 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: The Woods
2015-07-29 'Living with the Enemy': Gay Marriage Vs. Traditional Values
2015-07-27 'Living with the Enemy': Shirley Meets Patrik, Pol', and Snow White
2015-07-26 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Kira and Kalani Come Back
2015-07-25 'Devious Maids': The Maids Don't Buy Blanca's Suicide
2015-07-24 'UnREAL': How the Contestants Are Manipulated
2015-07-24 On the Set of Lifetime's 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Movie: Lots of Kissing
2015-07-24 'UnREAL': Quinn Asks to Partner with Rachel
2015-07-24 'UnREAL': Faith Wants to Win
2015-07-24 'UnREAL': Adam and Rachel Have Something Real
2015-07-24 'UnREAL': Quinn Advises Madison
2015-07-24 'Living with the Enemy': Bonus Scene: The Definition of Marriage
2015-07-24 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: For the Fans
2015-07-22 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: Kalani Bows Out of the Group Dance
2015-07-22 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Don't Fence Me In
2015-07-22 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Immortals
2015-07-22 'UnREAL': Shamiqua's "Everlasting" Exit Interview
2015-07-21 'Living with the Enemy': Helicopter Parenting Vs. Hands-Off Parenting
2015-07-20 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: Nia on the Rise
2015-07-18 'UnREAL': Anna's Tantric Flirtation
2015-07-18 'UnREAL': Quinn and Chet's Ratings Win
2015-07-18 'UnREAL': Grace Freaks Out
2015-07-18 'Devious Maids': Ana Ortiz and Nathan Owens on Marisol and Jesse's Relationship
2015-07-17 'UnREAL': Shiri Appleby and Ashley Scott Tell Mary's Story
2015-07-17 'Living with the Enemy': Bonus Scene: Bible Study
2015-07-17 'Dance Moms': Kira Meets with Alexa
2015-07-16 'Dance Moms': Choreographing "Panic Room"
2015-07-16 'Hoarders': Chasing a Mouse
2015-07-16 'Hoarders': Mary Battles a Rat Infestation
2015-07-16 'UnREAL' Actress Johanna Braddy Dishes On The Upcoming Season
2015-07-16 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: All About Buns
2015-07-15 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Panic Room
2015-07-15 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: The Investment
2015-07-15 'Living with the Enemy': The Stripper Pole
2015-07-15 'Living with the Enemy': Openly Discussing Sex
2015-07-15 'Living with the Enemy': Nash Is Smothered by His Mother
2015-07-15 'Hoarders': Cockroach Hunting in Coral's Pantry
2015-07-14 'Living with the Enemy': Bonus Scene: Snack Problems
2015-07-13 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Solo Week
2015-07-11 'Hoarders': A Severe Hoarding Situation
2015-07-11 'UnREAL': Adam Blames Rachel
2015-07-11 'Devious Maids': Jesse Wants to Be Marisol's Date
2015-07-11 'Devious Maids': Rosie and Katy Play a Game
2015-07-11 'Devious Maids': Roselyn Sanchez and Tom Irwin on Electro S&M
2015-07-10 'UnREAL': Constance Zimmer Talks Quinn and Chet's Relationship
2015-07-10 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Stress Relief
2015-07-10 'Living with the Enemy': Fat Vs. Thin
2015-07-10 'Project Runway': Edmond Newton's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Swapnil Shinde's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Lindsey Creel's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Hanmiao Yang's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Jake Wall's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Edmond Newton's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Amanda Perna's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Amanda Perna's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Swapnil Shinde's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Kelly Dempsey's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Joseph Charles Poli's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Duncan Chambers-Watson's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Gabrielle Arruda's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Hanmiao Yang's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Merline Labissiere's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Merline Labissiere's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Candice Cuoco's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Kelly Dempsey's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Candice Cuoco's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Jake Wall's Closet Tour
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Laurie Underwood's Home Visit
2015-07-07 'Project Runway': Gabrielle Arruda's Closet Tour