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Now Playing: 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: The Moms Arrange Their Own Dance Class 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: The Moms Arrange Their Own Dance Class
2015-07-04 'Devious Maids': Taylor's Secret
2015-07-03 'UnREAL': Faith's Journey
2015-07-03 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Worst Injuries
2015-07-03 'Dance Moms': Abby Scolds Maddie for Losing
2015-07-03 'UnREAL': Pepper's "Everlasting" Exit Interview
2015-07-03 'Hoarders': Diana Is Tired of David's Excuses
2015-07-03 'UnREAL': Crystal's "Everlasting" Exit Interview
2015-07-03 'Dance Moms': Kira Calls in Tessandra Chavez
2015-07-03 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Who's the Most Boy Crazy?
2015-07-01 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: Kendall Tells Jill Not to Fight with Abby
2015-07-01 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Dance Bop
2015-07-01 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Loose Cannon
2015-07-01 'Smile': Sarah's Diary Cam
2015-06-29 'Hoarders': A Change in Roles
2015-06-29 'Smile': Nigel's Diary Cam
2015-06-29 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: One Last Dance
2015-06-27 'Devious Maids': Dania Ramirez and Grant Show on Ernesto's Return
2015-06-26 'UnREAL': Adam's Agenda
2015-06-26 'Hoarders': The Root of Ricky's Problem
2015-06-26 'Hoarders': Cynthia Lets Her Family Into Her House
2015-06-26 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Makeup Preferences
2015-06-26 'UnREAL': Being on a Reality Show
2015-06-26 'UnREAL': Athena's "Everlasting" Exit Interview
2015-06-26 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: All That Glitters
2015-06-24 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: JoJo's Backstage Visitor
2015-06-24 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Faith Is All I Need
2015-06-24 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Voices in My Head
2015-06-24 'UnREAL': Quinn-Tessentials, Vol. 2
2015-06-23 'Hoarders': Ruthann's Condition Is Severe
2015-06-22 'Smile': Crissy's Diary Cam
2015-06-22 'Little Women NY': Season 1's Most Dramatic Moments
2015-06-21 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Sink or Swim
2015-06-20 The Preachers Were Once America's Most Wanted?!
2015-06-20 'Devious Maids': Roselyn Sanchez and Gilles Marini on Sebastian's Appeal
2015-06-19 'UnREAL': Producing the Girls
2015-06-19 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: Our Favorite Things
2015-06-19 'Dance Moms': Slumber Party: So Many Secrets!
2015-06-17 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Beautiful Bizarre
2015-06-17 'Preach': Prophesying Through Dance
2015-06-16 'UnREAL': Who's Who on Set?
2015-06-16 Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig Get Serious in Lifetime Movie Parody
2015-06-16 'Smile': Brooke's Diary Cam
2015-06-15 'Hoarders': Michelle Attempts to Sort Through Toys
2015-06-15 'Dance Moms': Bonus Scene: Holly Won't Let It Go
2015-06-13 'Devious Maids': Tom Irwin and Rebecca Wisocky on the Powells' Bedroom Issues
2015-06-12 'UnREAL': Quinn and Rachel Make a Dynamic Duo
2015-06-12 'Devious Maids': Marisol Interviews a Male Maid
2015-06-12 'UnREAL': Quinn Needs Rachel to Follow Through
2015-06-12 'Devious Maids': Selling the Powell Murder House
2015-06-12 'Devious Maids': Zoila Chooses a Wedding Dress
2015-06-12 'UnREAL': Rachel Talks Meds with Her Mom
2015-06-12 'Perfect High': Cast Interview: Matreya Fedor
2015-06-11 'Perfect High': Cast Interview: Ross Butler
2015-06-11 'Perfect High': Director Interview: Vanessa Parise
2015-06-11 'Perfect High': Cast Interview: Jasmine Sky Sarin
2015-06-11 'Perfect High': Cast Interview: Israel Broussard
2015-06-11 'Perfect High': Cast Interview: Daniela Bobadilla
2015-06-11 'Perfect High': Cast Interview: Bella Thorne
2015-06-11 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Traitor
2015-06-10 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Unbeauty
2015-06-10 'Dance Moms': Kendall K: Wear 'Em Out (Official Music Video)
2015-06-10 'Preach': Hadassah Learns to Lay Hands
2015-06-09 'Smile': Melissa's Diary Cam
2015-06-08 'Hoarders': Joyce Wants Her Husband to Clean, Too
2015-06-08 'Little Women NY': Things to Know About Little People
2015-06-07 'Devious Maids': Judy Reyes on Zoila's Big News
2015-06-05 'UnREAL': Rachel Goldberg, Superproducer
2015-06-05 Did Abby Lee Miller Just Say She's Quitting 'Dance Moms'?
2015-06-05 'UnREAL': Quinn-Tessentials
2015-06-02 'Smile': Mark's Diary Cam
2015-06-01 'Little Women NY': Jordanna's Boyfriend Leaves for School
2015-05-31 'Dance Moms': Exclusive Full Dance: Don't Take Her Away (Unaired Australian Performance)
2015-05-30 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': Emma Abandons Lizzie
2015-05-28 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles': A Game of Russian Roulette