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2014-08-20 'Raising Asia': Kristie and Asia Get Ready for an Album Release Party
2014-08-20 'Raising Asia': Shawn Is Giving Billy One More Chance
2014-08-20 'Raising Asia': Asia's Las Vegas Rehearsal
2014-08-20 'Dance Moms': Abby Benches Mackenzie
2014-08-20 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: They Don't Want My Kind Around Here
2014-08-20 'Dance Moms': Christy Crashes Loree's Lunch with the Moms
2014-08-20 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Abby's Attitude Causes the Girls to Lose
2014-08-20 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
2014-08-20 'The Lottery': Gabrielle and Alison Give a Press Conference
2014-08-18 'The Lottery': Vanessa Is Suspicious of Darius
2014-08-18 'The Lottery': Vanessa and Alison Need Each Other
2014-08-18 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview: Episode 4
2014-08-15 'Project Runway': Exit Interview: Episode 4
2014-08-15 'Project Runway': Rewind: Episode 4
2014-08-15 'Project Runway': Sandhya Picks
2014-08-15 'BAPs': Tea Party War
2014-08-14 'BAPs': Anisha Gets The Last Laugh
2014-08-14 'BAPs': Gina and Rai Rai Talk Over Tennis
2014-08-14 'Raising Asia': Asia's Dance Highlights
2014-08-13 'Raising Asia': Bella Feeling Left Out
2014-08-13 'Raising Asia': Bella Is Queen Bee for the Day
2014-08-13 'Raising Asia': Asia Takes Some Acting Classes
2014-08-13 'Raising Asia': Shawn Kicks Kristie Out of Rehearsal
2014-08-13 'Dance Moms': The Moms See a Fortune Teller
2014-08-13 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Not Just Another Pretty Face
2014-08-13 'Dance Moms': Christy Holds Sarah Back
2014-08-13 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Christy Gets Sarah Kicked Off the Team Again
2014-08-13 'Dance Moms': Group Dance: Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
2014-08-13 'The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell': The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story Sneak Peek
2014-08-13 'The Lottery': Alison Finds a Connection Between Kyle and Brooke
2014-08-12 'The Lottery': Alison and James Try to Solve the Fertility Mystery
2014-08-12 'The Lottery': Vanessa Visits Elvis
2014-08-12 'Witches of East End': Freya Gets Down to Disco
2014-08-11 'Witches of East End': Freya and Dash's Past
2014-08-11 'Witches of East End': Dash's Resurrection Spell
2014-08-11 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview: Episode 3
2014-08-08 'Project Runway': Exit Interview: Episode 3
2014-08-08 'Project Runway': The Winning Look Everyone Hated
2014-08-08 'Project Runway': Rewind: Episode 3
2014-08-08 'Raising Asia': Kristie’s Mother Has Her Say
2014-08-07 'Raising Asia': Asia Needs to Stay on Top
2014-08-07 'Raising Asia': Kristie and Her Sister Have Drinks
2014-08-07 'BAPs': Gina and Anisha Square Off
2014-08-07 'BAPs': Gina Goes on a Blind Date
2014-08-07 'BAPs': Anisha Asks Brandon For Advice on Kendrick
2014-08-07 'The Lottery': Vanessa Has An Idea to Free the Hostages
2014-08-04 'The Lottery': Alison Needs a Sample from Kyle
2014-08-04 'The Lottery': Darius Thwarts Vanessa's Lottery
2014-08-04 ‘Project Runway’: One Designer Gets Bullied, Breaks Down
2014-08-01 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview: Episode 2
2014-08-01 'Project Runway': Exit Interview: Episode 2
2014-08-01 'Project Runway': Rewind: Episode 2
2014-08-01 'Project Runway': Team Hot Mess
2014-08-01 'Bring It': Camryn Coaches the Crabs
2014-08-01 'Bring It': The Memphis Crowd Tries to Distract the Dancing Dolls
2014-08-01 'Bring It': The Crabs Have to Prove Themselves
2014-08-01 'BAPs': Kristen Needs To Forgive
2014-07-31 'BAPs': Refining Rai Rai
2014-07-31 'BAPs': Anisha Argues With Jason About The "Black Brand"
2014-07-31 'Dance Moms': Christy Stirs Up Trouble Between the New Moms and the Originals
2014-07-30 'Dance Moms': Moms' Take: Christy's Back and Starting Fights
2014-07-30 'Dance Moms': Sore Losers
2014-07-30 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: The Rapture
2014-07-30 'Dance Moms': Full Dance: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
2014-07-30 'Dance Moms': The New Moms Rehash the Fight
2014-07-30 'Raising Asia': Asia Works With Backup Dancers
2014-07-30 'Raising Asia': Raising the Next Superstar
2014-07-30 'Raising Asia': Asia Performs at World of Dance
2014-07-30 'Witches of East End': Killian and Dash Tell Each Other Their Secrets
2014-07-29 'The Lottery': Kyle Will Protect Elvis At All Costs
2014-07-29 'The Lottery': Kyle Reconnects with Camille
2014-07-29 'The Lottery': Vanessa Threatens Alison
2014-07-29 'Witches of East End': Dash and Killian Reconnect
2014-07-29 'Project Runway': Challenge Winner Interview: Episode 1