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Home > Music > L > Lifetime > Videos 'BAPs': Riccarda's Welcome Home Party
2014-07-24 'BAPs': Anisha Expresses Her Conflict With Kristen
2014-07-24 'BAPs': Gina Attends An Event With Her Mother
2014-07-24 'Bring It': Who Are the Dancing Dolls?
2014-07-24 'Bring It': Try Out Camp Rehearsal
2014-07-24 'Bring It': Rittany Coaches Crystianna for Captain Try Outs
2014-07-24 'The Lottery': Alison Finds Out James Is Staying at the Lab
2014-07-21 'Witches of East End': Ingrid Helps Dash Understand Who He Is
2014-07-21 'Witches of East End': Dash Cannot Control His Powers
2014-07-21 'The Lottery': Alison's Discovery Sets the Lottery in Motion
2014-07-21 'Witches of East End': Freya Meets Eva
2014-07-21 'The Lottery': Kyle Is Visited by the Department of Humanity
2014-07-21 'The Lottery': The Lottery Sundays at 10 Preview
2014-07-20 'Expecting Amish': Josh Drives to Amish Country
2014-07-20 'Expecting Amish': Samuel Offers To Be The Father
2014-07-20 'Expecting Amish': Hannah Meets Josh
2014-07-20 'Devious Maids': Rosie's Nervous About Marrying Spence
2014-07-14 'Devious Maids': The Cast on Their Favorite Moments from Season 2
2014-07-14 'Devious Maids': Evelyn Doubts Adrian
2014-07-14 Heidi Klum UNDRESSED to Kill in New 'Project Runway' Promo Pic
2014-07-11 'Little Women LA': Episode7: Reflections
2014-07-09 'Little Women LA': Things Get Heated Between Trevor and Terra
2014-07-09 'Little Women LA': Something So Sweet Becomes So Bitter
2014-07-09 'Devious Maids': Carmen Gets a Taste of Motherhood
2014-07-07 'Devious Maids': Is There an Alternate Love Interest for Your Character?
2014-07-07 'Devious Maids': Is It the End for Marisol and Nick?
2014-07-07 'Abby's Studio Rescue': West Coast Dance Theater Banging Dance Performance
2014-07-02 'Abby's Studio Rescue': Norine Needs to Update Her Choreography
2014-07-02 'Abby's Studio Rescue': Norine Is Stuck in the Past
2014-07-02 'Devious Maids': Who's the Most Devious Character on the Show?
2014-07-01 'Devious Maids': Rosie Confronts Reggie About His Actions
2014-07-01 'Devious Maids': Adrian Pays Tony to Leave
2014-07-01 'Little Women: LA' Cast Talks Big Game
2014-06-30 'Abby's Studio Rescue': New and Improved Mini Elite Showcase
2014-06-25 'Abby's Studio Rescue': Marlaina Needs to Stop Hiding
2014-06-25 'Abby's Studio Rescue': No Marlaina Might Mean No Abby
2014-06-25 'Project Runway': Alexander Knox's Closet Tour
2014-06-23 'Drop Dead Diva': Kim Tries To Buy Off Ian
2014-06-16 'Drop Dead Diva': Kim Wins With The Threat Of Tears
2014-06-16 Tori Spelling Reveals More Intimate Details Of Her Sex Life
2014-06-11 'Little Women LA': A Wedding Dress Is Chosen
2014-06-11 'Little Women LA': Episode 3: Reflections
2014-06-11 'Little Women LA': Coffee Talk
2014-06-11 'Drop Dead Diva': Owen And Stacy Attend Couples Therapy
2014-06-09 'Drop Dead Diva': Jane Meets The New Grayson
2014-06-09 'Devious Maids': Marisol Learns Opal and Dahlia Had an Affair
2014-05-26 'Devious Maids': Marisol Visits Opal at the Hospital
2014-05-26 'Devious Maids': Zoila Meets a Mysterious Man at the Market
2014-05-26 'Drop Dead Diva': Grayson Plans To Propose To Jane
2014-05-19 'Drop Dead Diva': Kim Meets Her New Stepmother
2014-05-19 'Bring It': Dancing Doll 4 Life
2014-05-15 'Bring It': Selena's Motivation
2014-05-15 'Bring It': Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls Vs. Prancing Stepperettes
2014-05-15 'Bring It': Stand Battle: Baby Dancing Dolls Vs. Diva Time Premiere Steppers
2014-05-15 'Dance Moms': Christi Is Out of Control
2014-05-14 'Dance Moms': The Pressure on Chloe Is Intense
2014-05-14 'Devious Maids': Marisol Wants to Know Why Ethan Is in Nicholas' Will
2014-05-12 'Devious Maids': Carmen Interviews for a Job with Spence
2014-05-12 'Devious Maids': Evelyn Is Angry With Adrian and Begins an Affair with Tony
2014-05-12 'Drop Dead Diva': Jane Faces A Hostile Lawyer
2014-05-12 'Drop Dead Diva': Stacy Vents To Jane About Owen
2014-05-12 'Bring It': Being A Bring It! Mom
2014-05-10 'Dance Moms': Mother's Day: Mama Cheerleader
2014-05-10 'Preachers' Daughters': Moms Are Always There and Always Aware
2014-05-09 'Preachers' Daughters': Megan and Family Seek Therapy
2014-05-08 'Preachers' Daughters': Megan Is Caught
2014-05-08 'Preachers' Daughters': Teryn and Chad Renew Their Vows
2014-05-08 'Bring It': The Moms Show Off Their Dance Moves
2014-05-08 'Bring It': Miss D and Divas of Olive Branch Coach Confront Each Other
2014-05-08 'Bring It': The Dancing Dolls Are a Big Family
2014-05-08 'Bring It': Selena and JJ Dance Battle
2014-05-08 'Devious Maids': Evelyn Is Angry That Adrian Has a Gun
2014-05-05 'Devious Maids': Carmen Wants to Be a Star
2014-05-05 'Devious Maids': Marisol Wonders Who Ethan's Father Is
2014-05-05 'Relative Insanity': The Schneider Family

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