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Tuesday Afternoon
Label: Big Round Records
Release Date: 2011-09-06
Duration: 37:13

Buy AlbumPrice: $8.99

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$0.99 Buy Song
1If Ever I More Riches DID Desire, Z. 544 (Arr. T. R. Clef): If Ever I More Riches DID Desire, Z. 544: Me, O Ye Gods (Arr. T. R. Clef) 03:07
$0.99 Buy Song
3Oklahoma! (Arr. T. R. Clef): Oklahoma!: Out Of My Dreams (Arr. T. R. Clef) 02:00
$0.99 Buy Song
5When I'm Sixty-Four (Arr. T. R. Clef) 02:44
$0.99 Buy Song
6A Felicidade (Arr. T. R. Clef) 03:39
$0.99 Buy Song
7Clube Da Esquina No. 2 (Arr. T. R. Clef) 03:53
$0.99 Buy Song
8Moon Time (Arr. T. R. Clef) 03:27
$0.99 Buy Song
10Sunny Afternoon (Arr. T. R. Clef) 03:20
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Album - Tuesday Afternoon $8.99 Buy Album

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