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Drew Barrymore Praises Ricky Martin For 'Coming Out'

4/19/2010 8:24am EDT
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore has praised gay singer Ricky Martin for opening up about his sexuality - insisting his admission will help other celebrities 'come out'.

The Livin' La Vida Loca hit-maker ended years of speculation about his love life last month by revealing he's a "proud homosexual". And the Charlie's Angels actress has applauded Martin for his honesty, as she believes his story will help other gay stars feel accepted.

She tells Access Hollywood, "My lofty goal in this world is that we can live in a world that doesn't judge each other, I just want people to be able to live their lives th...

'American Idol' Recap: Katie & Andrew Eliminated, Adam Lambert Looks Like An Elvis Christmas Decoration

4/15/2010 9:28am EDT
Katie & Andrew Eliminated, Adam Lambert Looks Like Elvis Chr
I think I’ve figured out the reason American Idol is so bad this season: The lack of depth has completely sucked out the drama.

Think about it. Every single results show since the great talent purge of top 16 week (that saw Katelyn, Alex, and, so tragically, Lilly hit the bricks) has been wildly predictable. While we weren’t sure exactly who was going home, we always knew who wasn’t going home. Big Mike save aside, it seems like every week we’ve been marking time waiting until Lee, Mike, Crystal, Siobahn and Casey square off at the end of the competition.

Until then? It’s just been lo...

Ellen DeGeneres Tops Gay Poll

4/15/2010 8:58am EDT
Ellen Degeneres
Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been named the most inspiring gay icon by a leading magazine. The star, who is married to actress Portia de Rossi, claimed the top spot in Out's annual Power 50 rundown.

Singer Adam Lambert and How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris featured in the top ten, claiming fifth and seventh place respectively.

Fashion designers Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford were also high in the rundown - at 11 and 13.

Moviemaker Lee Daniels was at 25, while comedienne Wanda Sykes featured at 36. Jodie Foster was placed 41st and Milk director Gus Van Sant came in at 43.

'American Idol' Recap: Adam Lambert Is Back For Elvis Night

4/14/2010 9:40am EDT
Adam Lambert Is Back For Elvis Night
If you can’t do better, just do it all over again.

Last night smacked of desperation in the land of “Idol” as the producers reached all the way back to last year for their mentor, choosing Adam Lambert to mentor the hopefuls on. . .how to finish second?

Yes, Adam Lambert may not have won, but he was certainly the most memorable contestant from last year so it’s no surprise the producers would attempt to recapture some of the glory of last season by bringing him back almost immediately to mentor the contestants. When a season falls flat, I guess it’s best simply to pretend last year never...

Adam Lambert Slams Susan Boyle

2/23/2010 10:07am EST
Adam Lambert Slams Susan Boyle
Adam Lambert has slammed Susan Boyle's debut single, insisting her cover of The Rolling Stones' hit Wild Horses made him "cry with laughter."

The Scottish sensation's album I Dreamed A Dream kept the American Idol runner-up off the top of the U.S. charts after he released For Your Entertainment in November.

Lambert sold an impressive 200,000 copies in his first week - but he couldn't believe he was toppled by Boyle's "terrible" album.

He tells Britain's Gay Times, "If only it weren't for Susan Boyle! I'm happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one t...

Ke$ha Makes Out With Adam Lambert

2/21/2010 4:00pm EST
Ke$ha stunned revellers at a New York City club - after indulging in a steamy make-out session with openly gay singer Adam Lambert.

The pop stars were partying at gay nightclub Providence in the Big Apple when they decided to get a little more intimate - by sharing a number of passionate kisses.

He says, "She tasted like Goldschlager and maple syrup... It's an energy thing. She's really pretty, we were laughing and we just started kissing. She's a great (kisser)."

And the TiK ToK hitmaker enjoyed their smooch too, adding: "He tasted like blueberries and champagne!"

Ke$ha Phot...

Adam Lambert Is 'Curious' About Sex With Women

2/4/2010 8:42am EST
Katy Perry & Adam Lambert
"I like making out with girls from time to time. I have this curiosity at the back of my mind. I've never had sex with a woman and I'm a little bit curious about it." Gay American Idol star Adam Lambert is keen to experiment with his sexuality.

Meanwhile, the "Idol" runner up is rumored to be back with his ex boyfriend - just three months after the pair split up. The couple called off their romance in November, with reports speculating Lambert wanted to focus on getting his recording career off the ground.

The outlandish gay rocker told the world of his sexuality in an interview with ...

Can 'American Idol' Survive Without Simon Cowell?

2/3/2010 11:00am EST
Can Idol Survive Without Simon Cowell
When the news started to break last month at the TCA's that Simon Cowell would be leaving American Idol at the end of this season to focus on his sister project, The X Factor, it felt like just a bad joke. But when he pulled out a pen and signed a contract in front of reporters, the showrunners, and the network, things suddenly weren't so funny at all. With Idol's recent casting shakeups (Paula Abdul heading out and Ellen Degeneres coming in but not until Hollywood week), the show's once-stellar ratings seemed less-than secure as it was. Now add this piece of news on top of it, and reality ...

2010 Grammy Awards Fashion (Photos)

2/1/2010 12:10pm EST
2010 Grammy Awards Fashion
Gold and beige were hot colors at last night's Grammy Awards. Beyonce looked fantastic in a form-fitting Stephanie Rolland gown, while Katy Perry wore the same shade in a dress by Zac Posen, complete with gold flowers. Sexy "Tik Tok" pop star Ke$ha wore a flirty gold fringed dress. Carrie Underwood took the stage in a strapless gold gown but wore a white dress with an asymmetrical neckline on the red carpet.

Fergie stood out in her electric blue and gold dress, which had a hint of Egyptian flare. Taylor Swift was one of our top picks of the night in a blue sparkly floor-length Kaufman F...

'American Idol' Los Angeles Auditions: Avril's Stupid Devil Hoodie, Hitting On The Judges & More

1/27/2010 9:19am EST
American Idol Los Angeles
Last night was a vintage "American Idol" auditions show. It was a perfect mix of bad and good with the appropriate judges comments to match.

The good was really good, and the bad was YouTube-level awful. Several "Pants on the Ground" moments last night to match Susan Boyle-level brilliance. This was the show you always hope for when the commercials start airing for the upcoming season.

The guest judges matched the theme of the evening with one being absolutely awful (Avril Lavigne) and the other being completely spot on (Katy Perry). They're also both spokespeople for Proactiv, wh...

Where Would Lady Gaga, Lil' Wayne & Others Be If They Started Via 'American Idol'

1/12/2010 12:34pm EST
Lady Gaga
It has been said that the American Idol process is much more grueling than other, more traditional ways of making it in the music industry. But then again, so many of those other ways include years of singing back-up or bussing tables to make one's own demo, and even still connections and marketability mean more than talent.

With American Idol, marketability is also very important, but what once might have been years of performing, rejection, rehearsing, revamping an image, rinsing and repeating is condensed into a thirteen week boot camp, if you will. In honor of the show's ninth seaso...

'Idol' All-Stars Take Over - Tonight At 8 On Fuse

1/11/2010 2:30pm EST
American Idol, bikini girl, Katrina Darrell, Kara Dioguardi
Get ready for the new season of American Idol with some behind-the-scenes info on some of your favorite idols from the past. Fuse is featuring a TV marathon of some of "American Idol's" biggest success stories tonight at 8PM/7C, including an exclusive interview with last season's runner-up, Adam Lambert.

"American Idol" will return tomorrow night on Fox with a two-night, four-hour premiere featuring auditions in Boston and Atlanta. Auditions for the ninth season of the popular singing competition will also be held in Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Los Angeles and Denver.

The show is featur...

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & Now Ke$ha: Female Pop Stars Are Coy About Their 'Bisexuality'

1/5/2010 1:53pm EST
Up and comer Ke$ha just set a download record for her single "Tik Tok," which sold 610,000 copies last week. It was the biggest selling single week of a song ever by a female artist. The previous record holder for a female artist was Lady Gaga's hit "Just Dance," which sold 419,000 in one week. What a coincidence that both have talked about or alluded to being bisexual.

Ke$ha recently told, "I like people. I wouldn't say I'm gay or straight - I don't like labeling things anyway. I just like people." So why not come out and say it? Is she afraid to be labeled a lesbian? Nah. ...

37 Hottest Male Stars of 2009

12/30/2009 8:35am EST
37 sexiest men of 2009
There were many hot male stars of 2009 who tickled our fancy (and fantasies). Click through our photo slideshow for the men who topped the box office and the music charts and made our list of the sexiest men in showbiz this year!


Mr. Obvious sexy man of 2009: Twilight star Robert Pattinson, who has to constantly fend off his fans in droves. Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and Hangover actor Bradly Cooper also make our hearts swoon.

See more photos of Robert Pattinson here!

See more photos of Chace Crawford here!

Bradley Coop...

2009: The Year Of Celebrity Tweeters

12/29/2009 1:20pm EST
Celebrity Twitters
Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, could not have possibly imagined the impact that the free social-networking site would come to have in the world of social celebrity media. The internet application has become the accepted popularized means by which celebs can quickly connect and communicate with their fans, via daily forwarded sms messages known as tweets on the site, making 2009 the year of Twitter. Check out our list of celebrity tweeters of 09'.

Ashton Kutcher

Actor Ashton Kutcher sure knows how to pull in a crowd. His celebrity pull has him as the #1 followed user on Twitter wi...

Breakout Stars Of 2009

12/28/2009 9:30am EST
Breakout Stars Of 2009
Like any normal year there were breakout stars in entertainment in 2009 and we here at Starpulse tried to compile a comprehensive list of those who broke out.

Although some might have pimples, we do not mean break out in that sense but those who we knew little about last year and know a lot about this year.

There were two actors from the same movie, and we bet you can guess which movie that was, two Taylors (one male and one female), and two actresses from the same television show.

There are new hunks and new babes for both genders to enjoy and it is up to these new stars to kee...

Russell Ferguson Wins 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 6

12/17/2009 9:31am EST
We're here. The end. The end of SYTYCD Season 6. Of course, every dancer was "amazing" and this was "the best cast yet." They say that each season, but usually in the finale they show you why.

The opener was a techno-bondage jazz routine that utilized every dancer's strengths. Of course Legacy begins by breaking in the center of the stage. The bottom 14 used red chairs to add some unique combinations. Ooh, super jazzy. The top 6 appeared in the back halfway through the routine, trying to stand out to show that they are the reason we're all turning in to watch. The large group numbers are...

What Will Be Under This Celeb's Tree?

12/16/2009 10:36am EST
Adam Lambert
It's hard to give a gift to a celebrity who has it all, right? Although, there may be some presents that they may not know they need. Here's what we'd like put under the following celebrity's trees.

Lindsay Lohan - Just like they do on A&E's hit show Intervention, we'd love to give her an all expenses paid for ticket to rehab. Please say you'll go Lindsay!

- Click pic for next page -

More Lindsay Lohan Pictures

Perez Hilton - After his recent Twitter attack on Ashlee Simpson and her son Bronx Mowgli and the backlash he received from Jessica Simpson, we're sure h...

Top 5 To Watch, December 7-12, 2009

12/8/2009 1:49pm EST
Prep and Landing
It's all about the holiday spirit this week with less than 20 days to go before Santa takes his famous flight, and FOX and ABC continuing to spread holiday cheer with two all new specials this week - "Carrie Underwood: An All-Star Holiday Special" aired Monday night and "Prep and Landing" is tonight.

"Prep and Landing" - Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009 - ABC

I cannot wait for "Prep and Landing." We've been seeing the commercial for so long, and those elves just look so adorable! The show is about a veteran elf and his new rookie partner who get caught in a horrible snow storm on Christmas Eve. ...

Adam Lambert To Perform On ABC's 'The View'

12/6/2009 12:09pm EST
Adam Lambert
NEW YORK (AP) — ABC says glam-rocker Adam Lambert will appear and perform on its daytime talk show "The View" on Thursday.

The announcement comes almost two weeks after Lambert's racy performance on ABC's broadcast of "The American Music Awards." That led to Lambert getting axed from an appearance on the network's "Good Morning America."

Since then, Lambert, who is openly gay, complained of being dropped from two other upcoming ABC shows.

In the meantime, he has been scheduled for NBC's "The Jay Leno Show" on Dec. 21.

And his taped appearance on "The View" will air a day after h...

Susan Boyle Hotter Than Rihanna & Lady Gaga? Pussycat Dolls Set To Split, More

12/1/2009 10:44am EST
Susan Boyle Hotter Than Rihanna & Lady Gaga
Weekly Music News: Thanksgiving has passed and now it is time to make room for Christmas. While we get ready to bid farewell to yet another year, rapper Lil Wayne is saying hello to another child, congrats. Chris Brown's 20/20 interview, Mariah Carey's new album and Susan Boyle's triumph over Rihanna and Lady Gaga round's out this week's music news.

Chris Brown will appear on 20/20 December 11

Chris Brown is set to appear in yet another interview to discuss his physical altercation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Here's why it's interesting, Chris Brown made a promise that he would not be...

Adam Lambert Angers TV Viewers, Lady Gaga Before 'The Fame,' More

11/24/2009 12:57pm EST
Adam Lambert Angers TV Viewers
Weekly Music News: The 2009 American Music Awards ended up being better than expected. Between the falls, dirty dancing, and spectacular performances Sunday was the best day of the week. Here's wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and for the shopaholics a Happy Black Friday. Adam angers TV viewers, Beyonce's new album, and Janet Jackson's new music video round's out this week's music news.

Adam Lambert's AMA performance draws in 1,500 complaints

Without a doubt, this year's American Music Awards was must see TV as well as too hot for TV. One of the performances that deserved an XXX ratin...

Hot Photos From The 2009 American Music Awards

11/23/2009 9:57am EST
Rihanna AMAs
Rihanna looked hot in a skintight, bandage-like ensemble when she performed at last night's American Music Awards. Check out tons more sexy photos after the jump!

Pop sensation Taylor Swift stole the show last night, scooping up five awards. Swift won the coveted Artist of the Year award and was also named Favorite Pop/Rock Female, Favorite Country Female and Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist. Her album Fearless was also named Favorite Country Music Album.

Adam Lambert has defended his same-sex kiss onstage after angry viewers complained about his risqué performance. The openly gay ...

Watch The American Music Awards Red Carpet LIVE, Right Now!

11/22/2009 5:00pm EST
Adam Lambert
You may have to wait until 8pm to find out who took the most prizes home from the 2009 American Music Awards on ABC, but you can watch all of the stars arrive LIVE at the red carpet!

The video will begin at 6pm!

Taylor Swift leads the nominations race this year with six total nominations, Michael Jackson follows with five nominations. Eminem follows with four nominations and Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon and T.I. collected three nominations respectively. Lady Gaga, Eminem, Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift make up the highly talented roster of 20...

Adam Lambert's Debut Album, 'For Your Entertainment', Out Monday, Nov. 23

11/17/2009 5:00pm EST
Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment
With his out-of-this-world vocal range and unique musical style, Adam Lambert is the ultra-glam, rock superstar that has America hooked. On Monday, Nov 23, Adam will unleash one of the most highly anticipated debut albums, "For Your Entertainment," on 19 Recordings/RCA. The record garnered contributions from such innovative artists as Lady Gaga, P!nk, Muse, Justin Hawkins formerly of The Darkness and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

Millions of fans watched Lambert's stunning performances on the eighth season of "American Idol" and now those millions of fans are waiting for the release of the al...

Tokio Hotel Talks New Album, L.A., Adam Lambert & More

11/3/2009 8:16pm EST
Tokio Hotel pictures
Starpulse recently had the chance to chat with Tokio Hotel band members Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing, and Gustav Schafer. The German pop quartet emerged on the American music radar when they pulled out an upset win over Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Jordin Sparks for "Best New Artist" at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

The guys were great to chat with and Bill, the eccentric lead singer (who did most of the talking), let us in on one of his styling secrets, what band he's been listening to recently, Adam Lambert, and the making of their recent album, "Humanoid....

OneRepublic Unveil 'Waking Up'; Sophomore Release Due Nov. 17

9/21/2009 2:10pm EDT
OneRepublic Waking Up
OneRepublic have unveiled the cover to their highly anticipated sophomore album "Waking Up". The follow-up to their Dreaming Out Loud debut is due out on November 17th, and it features the powerful new single "All The Right Moves." OneRepublic broke records with their mega-hit "Apologize" which became the most legally downloaded song in US digital history.

In 2007, after seven years together as a band, OneRepublic took the world by storm with their debut release "Dreaming Out Loud". The album included the smash first single "Apologize" which shattered digital sales and airplay records ...

Adam Lambert's Fans Throw Sex Toys Onstage

8/5/2009 10:54am EDT
Adam Lambert
According to, Fans have been throwing sex toys onstage at Adam Lambert during the American Idol summer tour.

"It's going further, and somebody threw onstage a red-leather tasseled whip," he tells the website. "Yeah, and then the next night, I got one that was made out of, like, purple fur. It's getting really S&M."

The American Idol runner-up continues, "It interesting," he says. "I got some glow-in-the-dark handcuffs. It's really getting creative. It's exciting. I think they really want me to play with these toys during the number."

The singer adds, "I always try to b...

Lambert, Blige, Hudson: Standout Voices That Don't Need The Help Of Autotune

7/24/2009 10:52am EDT
Adam Lambert
With the now widespread use of autotune, it is very difficult these days to find people in entertainment that can actually sing well. (I'm looking at you, Kanye West) Here are a few people from the last 30 years whose music you can still listen to-whose voices don't have to be altered.

Christina Aguilera

It is amazing to think that such a big voice can come out of such an itty-bitty body. Her very first hit, Genie in a Bottle did not fully show off her vocal range, but with singles like Reflection, later hits like Ain't No Other Man, and her rendition of James Brown's This is a Man'...

Adam Lambert And Kris Allen To Duet?

6/30/2009 1:09pm EDT
Adam Lambert And Kris Allen To Duet
According to, American Idol finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are planning to collaborate on a song writing project.

The two are going to be spending a lot of time together as they travel around the country on the American Idol tour. Adam tells the website, "It could happen, Maybe we'll write a song on the road." And Kris adds, "We have to figure it out, but yeah, we should do it."

The two were also questioned about they're budding friendship and both were amused when Kris was asked if Adam is his "closest gay" friend. He replied, "As much time as we spend tighter, I...