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Lambchop Biography

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Birth Place: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Years Active: 1986–present
Genres: Alt-country

Lambchop is an alternative country band from Nashville, Tennessee. Lambchop was originally known as Posterchild, and is focused around its creative center, frontman Kurt Wagner alongside a fluid collective of musicians.

After releasing a split 7-inch with Crop Circle Hoax in 1992 as Posterchild, the band made their debut as Lambchop with the 1994 issuing of the LP, “I Hope You’re Sitting Down (A.K.A. - Jack's Tulips)” on Merge Records.

Merge released their second album, “How I Quit Smoking,” in 1996. Their 1997 album, “Thriller,” featured cover versions of the East River Pipe songs “Hey Where's Your Girl,” “Crawl Away” and “Superstar in France.”

1998 saw the release of “What Another Man Spills” featuring covers of songs by Cutis Mayfield and James McNew of Yo La Tengo. Their album, “Nixon,” followed in 2000. Ushering in a combination of austere arrangements and minimalist instrumentation, their 2002 album, “Is a Woman,” marked a change from former albums' elaborate and lavish sound.

In 2004 two albums, “Aw Cmon” and “No You Cmon” were released as separate entities, that while not dramatically different in style, served as a sort of conceptual call and response to one another. These were followed by, “Damaged” in 2006 and “OH (Ohio)” in 2008.

2009 saw the release of their live album, “Live at XX Merge,” and in 2012 Merge issued their studio album, “Mr. M.”