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Now Playing: Who Said What?: New Yorkers Put to The Test With Crazy Celebrity Quotes Quiz Who Said What?: New Yorkers Put to The Test With Crazy Celebrity Quotes Quiz
2015-10-09 Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga's CREEPY Halloween Confessions
2015-10-09 Lady Gaga And Cate Blanchet This Week On the Red Carpet
2015-10-09 How Did Taylor Kinney React to Lady Gaga's Joining 'American Horror Story'?
2015-10-07 Lady Gaga Likes Watching Her Own Sex Scenes
2015-10-07 Lady Gaga Takes Her Mum Out For New York Dinner Date
2015-10-07 Lady Gaga Hits the Town For a Night Out With Her Mom
2015-10-07 Lady Gaga Has A Near Miss With Paparazzi
2015-10-06 Lady Gaga Gets Deeply Personal About the "Isolation" of Fame
2015-10-06 Lady Gaga Debuts on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel' Tomorrow!
2015-10-06 Lady Gaga Talks Wedding Planning, Packs on PDA with Taylor Kinney
2015-10-05 Lady Gaga Gets Upstaged At American Horror Story Premiere
2015-10-05 Only Lady Gaga Can Turn a Fashion Week Show Into a Massive Runway Party
2015-10-02 Jim Carrey 'Shocked' by Death of Ex-Girlfriend and More
2015-09-30 Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year 2015
2015-09-30 Billboard Names Lady Gaga Woman of the Year
2015-09-30 Carrey, Clooney, Gaga: Showbiz Round Up
2015-09-30 Billboard Names Lady Gaga Woman of the Year
2015-09-30 Victoria Beckham Talks Family's Philanthropy
2015-09-29 The Most Outrageous Grammy Outfits in History
2015-09-24 Best and Worst Fashion of the 2015 Emmys
2015-09-22 2015 Emmys Red Carpet
2015-09-21 Amy Poehler, Lady Gaga, Taraji P. Henson Wear Black Gowns at the Emmys
2015-09-21 Lady Gaga Turns Shy Around This Starstruck Emmy Winner
2015-09-21 Lady Gaga Slays First Ever Emmys Appearance! Emmys 2015
2015-09-21 From Taylor Swift To Kendall Jenner This Summers Best Instagrams
2015-09-21 Glamorous Lady Gaga Presents at Emmys
2015-09-21 Lana Del Rey's Pre-Famous Video
2015-09-19 Lady Gaga Leaves Restaurant in a Hurry
2015-09-16 Lady Gaga on American Horror Story
2015-08-21 Lady Gaga Wants to Be the 'Next Iron Maiden'
2015-08-21 Lady Gaga Models Bridal Looks Ahead of Taylor Kinney Wedding
2015-08-21 Lady Gaga Throws House Party for American Horror Story: Hotel Cast With a ''Bloody Pool''!
2015-08-18 Katy Perry and Lady Gaga Also Had Twitter Beef With Calvin Harris!
2015-08-18 8 Celebrity Animals You Need to See
2015-08-13 Lady Gaga Takes A Tumble After Late Night Dinner
2015-08-13 Lady Gaga Has Died and Gone to Heaven
2015-08-13 Lady Gaga Falls In Front Of Cameras
2015-08-13 Celebrities Who Go Above & Beyond For Their Fans
2015-08-13 Lady Gaga Suffers Embarrassing Fall While Leaving Restaurant
2015-08-13 Lady Gaga Starts Filming on American Horror Story and Reveals It's Her 'Personal Heaven'
2015-08-13 Lady Gaga To Play Bisexual on American Horror Story: Hotel - Get The Details!
2015-08-08 Celebrities Cut Their Hair Short for the Summer
2015-08-06 The Real Mick Rock Legendary Photographer on the Record
2015-08-02 Ariana Grande's Dog Becomes a Fashion Model
2015-07-29 Lady Gaga And Her Dog to Star in Shiseido TV Ad
2015-07-28 Lady Gaga Makes Surprise Appearance With U2 at MSG
2015-07-27 Lady Gaga Casts Love Spell on Taylor Swift
2015-07-20 Joss Stone, Lady Gaga & Other Celebrities With Pint Sized Pets
2015-07-16 Lady Gaga Does Role Playing in See-Through Outfit
2015-07-14 Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Perform at Montreux Jazz Fest
2015-07-07 Lady Gaga Found Her Way to the Real Chicago Pride
2015-07-01 Did You Know These Celebrities Were Once Strippers?
2015-07-01 Did Lady Gaga Celebrate Pride at the Wrong Parade?
2015-06-30 Lady Gaga Mistakes Chicago Mariachi Festival for Pride Parade
2015-06-30 The Top 5 Quirky Red Carpet Moments Of The Week
2015-06-26 Coach Is Going To The Dogs--Lady Gaga's Dog, That Is!
2015-06-25 Lady Gaga Assures Fans She Is 'Not That Skinny'
2015-06-25 Lady No-Bra? Lady Gaga Steps Out Without a Bra … For Pizza
2015-06-25 Lady Gaga Flashes Underboob In New York
2015-06-24 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Matt Bomer Lady Gaga
2015-06-23 Lady Gaga Perfectly Covers 4 Non Blondes' 'What's Up'
2015-06-20 What Happens If You Took Your Favorite Song Lyrics Literally?
2015-06-20 Lady Gaga VS. Jessy J in the Tiny Two Piece Splash Off
2015-06-19 Scantily Clad Lady Gaga Awarded Songwriters Hall Of Fame Ceremony
2015-06-19 Lady Gaga Walks Red Carpet in Her Underwear at Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony
2015-06-19 Lady Gaga Flaunts Beach Body in Tiny Green Thong
2015-06-18 Lady Gaga Perform Operatic 'Imagine' at European Games
2015-06-17 Mum Is the Word for 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Cast
2015-06-15 Lady Gaga Flaunts More Pasties and Skin
2015-06-10 One Direction Reaches Out to Badly Injured Fan and More
2015-06-10 Lady Gaga Reveals Quite a Bit of Skin in Fishnet Outfit
2015-06-10 Lady Gaga Is A Lady In The Day And Grunge Goddess At Night
2015-06-10 Lady Meets the Prince
2015-06-09 Lady Gaga Wears Diamond Eyebrows to Meet Prince Harry