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Now Playing: Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfield Talk Twerking for 'Pitch Perfect 2' Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfield Talk Twerking for 'Pitch Perfect 2'
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2015-05-14 Is the Word 'Blood' Used More on 'True Blood' or 'The Vampire Diaries'?
2015-05-10 Best & Worst Dressed MET Gala 2015
2015-05-09 Will Lady Gaga Take Taylor Kinney's Last Name?!
2015-05-08 Lady Gaga Sticks Up for Justin Bieber Once and for All:
2015-05-06 Zooey Deschanel: I Want Healthy, Not Skinny
2015-05-06 Rita Ora Rocks A Corset Two Ways
2015-05-06 Madonna and Katy Perry Have Loads of Fun at the Met Gala
2015-05-06 Lady Gaga Says Justin Bieber Has a Real Sweetness
2015-05-06 Lady Gaga Says Justin Bieber Is the Boss
2015-05-06 Matt Bomer on Co-Starring With Lady Gaga in 'American Horror Story': We're 'Going to Have a Lot of Fun'
2015-05-05 Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian Break Selfie Ban at Met Gala
2015-05-05 Kendall Jenner Shares Epic Bathroom Selfie Despite Met Gala Rules
2015-05-05 Kim Kardashian And Beyoncé Wear Sheer Gowns For Met Gala
2015-05-05 Elden Henson & Naomi Grossman Dish on 'Zoolander 2' and New Upcoming Shows
2015-05-02 Is Lady Gaga Sporting a Baby Bump in Los Angeles?
2015-04-30 Bruce Jenner Reveals He's Transitioning: Lady Gaga, Andy Cohen and More Celebs Offer Words of Support
2015-04-25 Are Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Becoming Farmers?
2015-04-23 Lady Gaga Can't Charm a Cop ... She Got Wrote Up!!!
2015-04-20 Lady Gaga and Her Mom Live the Real Housewives Life During Dinner Date With Lisa Vanderpump
2015-04-19 The Police's Andy Summers Opens Up on His Rocky Relationship with Sting
2015-04-16 Lady Gaga, Sam Smith Booked at Montreux Jazz Festival
2015-04-16 Lady Gaga's Wedding Diet Revealed and More
2015-04-06 13 Best Celeb April Fools Pranks
2015-04-05 Celebrity Summer Wedding Watch: Who's Getting Hitched?
2015-03-28 Celebrities Latest Beauty Tricks: Shots and Surgery
2015-03-25 Lady Gaga Poses With a Juice Filled Syringe
2015-03-25 Lady Gaga Shot by Karl Lagerfeld for Hollywood Reporter Stylists Cover
2015-03-18 Serbian Pop Star Claims Kim Kardashian Copied Her Style
2015-03-16 Matt Bomer to Star in 'American Horror Story: Hotel,' but Jessica Lange Is Not Checking in
2015-03-16 Julie Andrews and Lady Gaga 'New Best Friends'
2015-03-13 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Julie Andrews
2015-03-12 Frank Kramer Takes the Polar Plunge
2015-03-11 Lady Gaga Asks Tony Bennett to Sing at Her Wedding!
2015-03-11 Lady Gaga's Wedding Singer Revealed
2015-03-11 Vin Diesel Is the Star with the Most Facebook Friends
2015-03-06 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Planning Their Nuptials?
2015-03-06 CR Fashion Book Releases 'Pretty Ugly' Issue
2015-03-06 Lady Gaga's ‘AHS' Role Was Actually Revealed Last Season
2015-03-05 Lady Gaga, R. Kelly to Perform After Obama's Speech at Selma
2015-03-04 2015 YouTube Video Music Award Winners & New Format Announced
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift: 'Your Prince Charming Will Come!'
2015-03-03 Taylor Swift Set to Become a Cat Lady
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift Profess Their Love For Each Other
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga Calls Out Taylor Swift's Love Life on Twitter
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga Gives Taylor Swift Love Advice
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga's Icy Charity Dip
2015-03-02 Lady Gaga and Fiancé Taylor Kinney Take the Icy Polar Bear Plunge
2015-03-02 Monday's Showbiz News Roundup: Kanye on His New Album and More
2015-03-02 Lady Gaga Turns New York Into A Film Set
2015-03-02 Nimoy, 'Focus,' Gaga: Showbiz Round Up
2015-03-02 Lady Gaga Takes the Polar Plunge with Vince Vaughn
2015-03-02 Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran Will Premiere New Videos at YouTube Music Awards
2015-03-02 How Taylor Kinney Unfortunately Butt-Dialed His Ex-Girlfriend
2015-03-02 Lady Gaga's Wig Froze
2015-03-02 9 Crazy Celeb Engagement Rings
2015-03-01 Entertainment Week: Oscas, Britts Awards Recap
2015-02-28 Celebrity Diet Tips and Trends
2015-02-27 Celebrities Weigh In on the Great Dress Debate of 2015
2015-02-27 Madonna Ranks Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & Kanye West
2015-02-26 Lady Gaga to Star in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel'
2015-02-26 Celebrity Trends to Look Tight and Fit
2015-02-26 Madonna Covers Rolling Stone and Rates Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kanye West
2015-02-26 Lady Gaga Posts Spooky Clip for American Horror Story
2015-02-26 Stacey Dash 'Appalled' by Patricia Arquette's Oscars Acceptance Speech
2015-02-25 Oscars 2015: News Anchor Apologizes for Racial Slur About Lady Gaga
2015-02-24 2015 Oscars Red Carpet Coverage with Diana Madison
2015-02-24 Lady Gaga Reveals Taylor Kinney's Proposal Prank: 'He First Gave Me a Ring Pop!'
2015-02-23 Lady Gaga Gives Details on Oscars Tribute Performance
2015-02-23 2015 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion: Jennifer Lopez Vs. Lady Gaga
2015-02-23 Lady Gaga's 50th Anniversary Oscars Tribute to 'The Sound of Music'
2015-02-23 Oscars 2015: Lady Gaga's 'Sound of Music' Medley
2015-02-23 Kylie on Gaga and Julie Andrews