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Still Life with Commentator
Label: Savoy
Release Date: 2007-03-06
Duration: 65:42

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Song Title       Time
1Infogee Rhapsody    04:17
2Edward L. Bernays Flies The Hindenburg    02:34
3Been There Done That    07:59
4Cleaning Up The Mess    05:13
5Lake Aaron (Commentator Landscape #1: Aaron Brown)    03:02
6Jon Stewart On Crossfire    03:23
7Shep's Brook (Commentator Landscape #2: Shepard Smith)    03:06
8Riding On The Intro Graphics To Cable News    04:09
9Man Channel    04:11
10Fox 'N' Friends    00:30
11Holocaust Blog    05:33
12Cyber-Nut Bucolia    04:00
13Mount Rather (Commentator Landscape #3: Dan Rather)    04:29
14Latex Thumbs-up    03:24
15Redemption Chant    02:06
16Blog Mom's Anthem    02:53
17The Last Atrocity    04:52

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