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Now Playing: 'Lachey's Bar': Sibling Rivalry 'Lachey's Bar': Sibling Rivalry
2015-10-05 'Lachey's Bar': Nick Shows Vanessa Their Daughter's Nursery
2015-08-13 'Lachey's Bar': The Lacheys Take Oktoberfest
2015-08-09 'Lachey's Bar': Bartending 101
2015-08-06 #TBT Famous Former Couples You Forgot About
2015-08-06 'Lachey's Bar': Drew Is a Proud Handyman
2015-08-02 'Lachey's Bar': Drew Practices Fly Fishing
2015-07-23 The Lachey Family Hits the Beach!
2015-06-16 Jessica Simpson Wants Her Own TV Show
2015-03-17 Nick Lachey's Son Camden Is "Very Protective" of Baby Brooklyn
2015-03-13 That Time Chris Pratt Rescued Jeremy Sisto's Kids
2015-03-05 Nick Lachey: Having a Girl Would 'Scare the Heck Out of Me'
2015-01-03 Nick Lachey Says Son Camden Is Readying to Be a Big Brother
2014-12-20 10 Guys Who Kim Kardashian Has 'Dated'
2014-12-07 Nick Lachey Gets Candid About Ex-Wife Jessica Simpson
2014-11-13 Nick Lachey Does a Thanksgiving Taste-Test ... Blindfolded!
2014-11-12 Did Nick Lachey's Son Inherit His Singing Voice?
2014-11-12 Jill Duggar, Jessica Simpson And More Celebrity Virgins Who Waited To Have Sex
2014-09-26 Nick and Vanessa Lachey Celebrate Camden's Second Birthday
2014-09-19 Vanessa Lachey Shows Off Baby Bump At The Beach Before Son Camden's 2nd Birthday
2014-09-11 Zoe Saldana Is Reportedly Pregnant, Will Announce It When She's Ready
2014-07-23 Jessica Simpson Shares "Honeymoon" Photos, Informs Husband She Wants No More Babies
2014-07-21 Nick and Vanessa Lachey Expecting Baby Number 2!
2014-07-16 Jessica Simpson Flubbed Her Marital Vows--New Details From The Singer And Eric Johnson's Wedding!
2014-07-07 David Arquette And 4 Other 'One-Upping' Celeb Exes
2014-07-03 Nick Lachey Bonds With Son Over New York City and Breakfast
2014-06-10 Nick and Drew Lachey Serve Up New Reality Show
2014-06-05 Nick and Vanessa Lachey Say Their Son Will Cure Cancer
2014-05-03 Nick Lachey Opens Up About Family and His New Career
2014-04-22 Sexiest Fashions At The MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
2014-04-19 Kristin Cavallari Gives Awkward Interview to Ex Nick Lachey
2014-03-21 Nick Lachey’s Best Dance Moves?
2014-03-02 Jessica Simpson Says Fiancé Eric Johnson Looks Great Naked
2014-01-07 Nick Lachey Shows Off Buff Beach Body
2014-01-03 Nick Lachey's Family Is Happy & Growing
2013-12-13 You Can Thank Nick Lachey For Kim Kardashians' Fame
2013-12-13 Stevie Wonder Broke Nick Lachey
2013-12-13 On This Day: November 9
2013-11-09 Vanessa Lachey Wants More Babies
2013-08-02 HuffPost Fun Reel: Kris Jenner, Nick Cannon
2013-07-13 Nick Lachey Finds Work Shilling for Wendy's
2013-07-11 Nick Lachey's Well-Wishes to Jessica Simpson
2013-07-10 Nick Lachey Sends Jessica Simpson A Message For Her New Baby
2013-07-09 Steven Tyler, Kelly Ripa, Laurence Fishburne, And Harry Connick Jr In Celebrity Sightings
2013-06-19 Vanessa Lachey: Baby's Sleep Schedule Is Secret To Work-Life Balance
2013-06-19 Vanessa Lachey Compares Husband Nick To A MILF
2013-06-19 Vanessa Lachey: Living In The Midwest Is What It's All About
2013-06-19 Vanessa Lachey On Why She Took Her Husband's Name
2013-06-19 Vanessa Lachey: 'I Want To Kill Him, But That's Why I Love Him'
2013-06-19 Nick Lachey's First Father's Day Plans
2013-06-14 Vanessa Lachey: "What I Wish I'd Known Before Having a Baby..."
2013-06-07 Joe Simpson Responds to Nick Lachey's 'Grab Ass' Comment
2013-06-03 Oprah Gives Inspiring Commencement Speech to Harvard
2013-06-01 Teen Heartthrobs: Hotter Then or Now?
2013-05-21 98 Degrees: Back on Tour!
2013-05-16 Jessica Simpson Worried Nick Lachey Will Spill Her Secrets
2013-05-16 Jessica Simpson Is Furious at Nick Lachey's Comment About Joe
2013-05-13 Jessica Simpson Reacts To Nick Lachey's 'Gay' Comments About Her Dad
2013-05-13 Top WTF Moments: Miley Cyrus, Snoop Lion, Amanda Bynes
2013-05-10 Nick Lachey Reveals Best Part of Divorcing Jessica Simpson
2013-05-08 Nick Lachey Lashes Out About Joe Simpson Memories
2013-05-08 Nick Lachey Slams Joe Simpson, Implies He's Gay
2013-05-08 Nick Lachey Ready To Start Trying For A Daughter
2013-04-29 Nick & Vanessa Lachey Leaving Hollywood, Moving To Ohio
2013-04-22 Nick Lachey Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Calling Photographers to Get Media Attention
2013-04-18 Nick Lachey Claims Kim Kardashian Secretly Called Paparazzi To Their Date
2013-04-18 Nick Lachey Talks Lullabies Album and Being a New Dad
2013-04-17 Nick Lachey Warns Boys Not to Date Taylor Swift
2013-04-11 Celebs Share First Snaps of Their Newborns on Twitter
2013-03-12 Nick Lachey Shows Off His Son on New Album Cover
2013-02-26 Did Nick Lachey Flirt With Another Woman
2013-02-20 Vanessa Lachey Holds Onto An Embarrassing Blackmail Video Of Nick
2013-01-25 '90s Boy Bands Are Back! NKOTB, Boyz II Men, and 98 Degrees Go on Tour!
2013-01-24 New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men Announce Summer Tour
2013-01-23 Singer Nick Lachey Tossed From NFL Game