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Did Nick Lachey Cheat On Vanessa With A Transgender Model?

8/26/2015 4:19pm EDT
Nick Lachey Drama: Picture With Transgender Model Surfaces, But
Nick Lachey is the latest celebrity to have his name pasted all over the tabloids after an apparent photo of him in a hot tub with a transgender model has popped up on the internet. According to Radar Online, the photo was actually posted years ago by model Shauna Brooks, but was just dug up (likely by someone who had little time on his or her hands).

Fortunately, this drama doesn't appear to be much of anything. Brooks spoke to Radar Online about the photo, and said that it was simply a couple of people "hanging out," and actually didn't even mention Lachey's name at all.

"I have zero co...

Welcome Back 'Punk'd' - Its Most Memorable Moments

4/27/2015 8:08pm EDT
10 Best 'Punk'd' Moments And Pranks
Fans of temporary celebrity misery, rejoice! ‘Punk’d,’ the holy grail of superstar pranks, is finally coming back to television after a three year hiatus.

The show’s initial run lasted from 2003 until 2007, where it briefly returned for a season in 2012. Now, it’s being revived on BET, and while no real information is known about it yet, it’s said to reveal a better behind-the-scenes look into the pranks at hand.

Regardless of who will be pranked or if previous host Ashton Kutcher is even going to be involved, the return of ‘Punk’d’ is bound to drive celebrities insane, just like it has s...

What Did Nick & Vanessa Lachey Name Their Daughter?

1/6/2015 6:33pm EST
Nick & Vanessa Lachey Welcome Baby Girl
Singer-turned-TV personality Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa welcomed their second child on Monday. Daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey joins brother Camden John, 2.

Vanessa released a statement confirming the baby news, reading: "I have been dreaming of this moment for as long as I can remember, the day I was going to meet my little girl. A friend recently told me how magical today was going to be because it's the day I would meet my best friend.

"I can't even begin to tell you how it felt to hold her in my arms for the very first time. Mommy, Daddy and big brother Cam love you so much...

The Top 10 Teen Pop Stars from the 90s

12/14/2014 5:30pm EST
The Top 10 Teen Pop Stars from the 90s: Where Are They Now?
The lead single off of NSYNC's third and final album Celebrity back in 2001 was called "Pop". From the start, it seemed like even the boy band's biggest star knew the era that had made NSYNC one of the biggest powerhouses in music was coming to an end.

"Sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about," sang lead singer Justin Timberlake, "What's the deal with this pop life and when's it gonna fade out?"

While the song itself used some wishful thinking in its response to that question, the real answer was: in about a year.

NSYNC went on a "temporary hiatus" in 2002 and never returne...

Music And Television Superstars That Came From Boy Bands

11/22/2014 7:00pm EST
9 Music And Television Superstars That Came From Boy Bands
Most boy bands follow a distinct formula. They are brought together by a rich music producer of sorts and taught to sing, dance synchronically and of course, use a multitude of hair products. After progressively releasing three popular albums, they need to "take a break" and soon, their break becomes a longstanding hiatus. Eventually they reunite for a big comeback show, but their fans have moved on and they disappear into the sunset again.

Very few music superstars are able to break out of the boy band mold and make it big in the world of music. A select few become music legends. These 9 ...

9 Classic Memorable Reality TV Moments: From Innocent To Cruel

8/20/2014 7:00pm EDT
9 Classic Memorable Reality TV Moments: From Innocent To Cruel
The one thing about reality television is that for the most part, it is completely unscripted (or so the networks would like us to believe.) What happens on camera is usually a reaction to something another cast member did and therefore, causes lots of juicy ammunition for others to keep the perpetual fires lit. Reality has become a hotbed of catcalls, catfights, bad behavior and image-wrecking scenarios. Still, there are some bright lights in the genre. Some of the best reality show moments have made us cry, held back our disbelief and ran us straight to social media to talk about it with ...

Nick Lachey Reveals Wife Vanessa Is Pregnant With Baby Number Two

7/15/2014 4:07pm EDT
Nick and Vanessa Lachey
Nick Lachey decided to celebrate his third anniversary with wife Vanessa by revealing to his fans that the couple is expecting their second child.

Lachey wrote on Twitter, "Can't think of a better way to celebrate 3 years of marriage to my beautiful @VanessaLachey than this! #family." Attached to the message is a photo of "It's a girl" drawn into the sand inside a heart and son Camden running nearby.

Can't think of a better way to celebrate 3 years of marriage to my beautiful @VanessaLachey than this! #family

— Nick Lachey (@NickLachey) July 15, 2014

Nick pr...

Pop Topper Of The Week: 98 Degrees - 'Microphone'

5/11/2013 10:00am EDT
98 Degrees
What do Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, and Mariah Carey have in common? They all are artists who took a longer-than-expected hiatus from the music industry to pursue other careers (or raise children). From these long breaks, these musicians have been able to pop back into the music scene and are doing surprisingly well.

So it seems like legendary pop acts are in, right? But of course! As pop fanatics, we never miss an old icon coming back into the scene (I mean, look at Madonna), and that is why we’ve named “Microphone” by 98° as the Pop Topper of the Week!

In the time that has pas...

Nick Lachey Makes Gay Joke About Ex-Wife Jessica Simpson's Dad

5/9/2013 9:35am EDT
Nick Lachey
On a talk show earlier this week, Nick Lachey joked about his ex-wife Jessica Simpson's father and poked fun at rumors that his former father-in-law is gay.

He was quizzed about his relationship with the Simpson family while appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" on Tuesday with his bandmate and brother, Drew.

Lachey, who is now married to Vanessa Minnillo, divorced Simpson in 2005 and admitted he hasn't had contact with the singer/actress for a long time, saying, "It's been years. Years. Honestly, probably six years. It was like another lifetime ago."

Host Andy Cohen quizzed Lachey abou...

Nick Lachey Claims Kim Kardashian Tipped Off The Paparazzi About Their Movie Date

4/18/2013 5:00pm EDT
Nick Lachey & Kim Kardashian
After divorcing Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey briefly dated Kim Kardashian back in 2006. In a new interview with Details magazine, the singer opens up about how the reality star basically used him to get famous.

At the time, Kardashian was barely a blip on the radar. She was a celebrity stylist and known for being friends with socialite Paris Hilton.

Lachey, 39, told Details: "Let's just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside."

So that means Kardashian called the paparazzi to alert them of he...

'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Other Celebs Who Abstained From Sex Before Marriage

3/18/2013 3:00pm EDT
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon
The latest "Bachelor," Sean Lowe, has been making headlines for his vow to abstain from sex until he marries his bride Catherine Giudici.

Lowe, 29, told People magazine: "I lived life kind of selfishly for a long time, and I reached a point where I was tired of being selfish. I wanted to live my life the way I know it to be right. It's a personal choice for me."

He told television show "ET," "I'm going to turn it over to God. I'm going to do it his way for once. I'm glad I made that decision." Lowe also said his fiancee is "100 percent supportive" of the decision.

He isn't the only high-...

You Must See These Terrible Album Covers!

3/5/2013 6:59pm EST
Are These The Worst Album Covers Of All Time?
Some singers and musicians just don't have much talent when it comes to having an eye for artwork.

Most of the time an album cover has a lot to do with sales, so imagery that's interesting, sexy, mysterious, etc., is always a good thing.

Take Miley Cyrus's 2013 release, "Bangerz", for example. The peach-to-purple color mix with two photographs of houseplants with a superimposed miley staring blankly at the camera looks more like something out of "Miami Vice" circa 1984 than a modern pop record. Throw in the neon "Bangerz" sign and it now looks like a newspaper promo for a south Florida st...

2013 LA Grammy Party Roundup With Stuart Brazell

2/14/2013 6:08am EST
photo by Harmony Gerber
If you follow me at all on social media, then you know I live for awards show season!  During this time of year, there is always a lull between the SAG Awards and the Oscars.  And to be quite honest, I’m sick of discussing movies!  Luckily, the Grammy Awards swooped in and music took over tinsle town for a week long celebration. I was blessed to attend three amazing Grammy events, so here is my 2013 LA Grammy Party Roundup:

photo by Harmony Gerber

Whole Planet Pre-Grammy Benefit

I was absolutely honored to attend the inagural Whole Planet Pre-Grammy Benefit on Wednesday February 6th. W...

Celebrities That Turn 40 In 2013

1/2/2013 1:37pm EST
Kate Beckinsale
What were you doing 40 years ago in 1973? Our guess is that many of you reading weren't even born yet? Taking a look back at history, here were a few things going on in the world that year.

The biggest story was then President Richard Nixon told the world he was "not a crook," as the Watergate hearings began. Also that year George Steinbrenner purchased the New York Yankees for a mere $12 million from CBS. Popular films included The Exorcist, The Sting, Live and Let Die and Bobby squealed like a pig in Deliverance. Top TV shows in 73' included The Odd Couple, The Partridge Family, Columbo,...

Man Claims Nick Lachey Attacked Him At Chargers Game

12/4/2012 12:07pm EST
Nick Lachey
Yesterday it was reported that Nick Lachey was escorted out of the Bengals-Chargers NFL game over the weekend due to a shouting match between Nick and a Chargers fan. Now, the Chargers fan claims Nick choked him and pushed him to the ground.

The man was wearing the jersey of a player who had not been on the Chargers since 2008. Lachey, a Bengals fan, reportedly berated the man over the fact throughout the game. Finally, the man's replied with "Well, he lasted longer than your boy band."

According to TMZ, that's why Lachey called the woman a "f*cking bitch" and "a host of other profanities...

Nick Lachey Kicked Out Of Football Stadium For Trash-Talking

12/3/2012 2:32pm EST
Nick Lachey
98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey was kicked out of a football game on Sunday after allegedly trash-talking the opposing team.

The I Do (Cherish You) hit-maker was sitting in the stands at California's Qualcomm Stadium watching his beloved Cincinnati Bengals triumph over the San Diego Chargers when he became a little too rowdy and had to be escorted out of the venue.

However, it appears the new dad didn't mind being booted from the match - taking to to recount his evening and boast about the big win in a series of posts, he wrote, "Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and...

Nick Lachey To Host TV Talent Show 'The Winner Is'

12/2/2012 7:09pm EST
Nick Lachey
Singer Nick Lachey is heading back to the small screen to host a new TV talent show.

The 98 Degrees star, who previously presented a cappella singing show The Sing-Off, is set to front a new competition called The Winner Is.

The series for NBC follows in the footsteps of predecessors such as American Idol, The Voice and The X Factor and will feature contestants singing in front of as-yet unnamed celebrity judges for a $1 million cash prize.

NBC spokesman Paul Telegdy says, "Nick is a versatile, seasoned host, and we are thrilled to be working him. With Nick at the helm on air and an o...

Nick Lachey Named His Son After Los Angeles Street

10/11/2012 12:15pm EDT
Nick Lachey
Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa named their baby son Camden after the road in Los Angeles where their doctor's office was based.

The couple welcomed Camden John Lachey on September 12th, and the singer has now revealed the reasoning behind the tot's unusual moniker - he is named after a street in Beverly Hills.

Lachey admits the couple initially wanted to call the baby Colin, but Vanessa went off the idea, so they found inspiration after visiting her obstetrician's office on Camden Drive.

The singer tells, "It's kind of a funny story. I've always liked the name Colin. We t...

A Very Pregnant Vanessa Minnillo Shares A Photo Of Her Huge Baby Bump

7/26/2012 9:39pm EDT
Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey
Vanessa Minnillo is ready to give birth any day now. The former MTV VJ posted a picture of herself and husband Nick Lachey both holding her ginormous belly to her Twitter page Wednesday night with the message, "My Happiness... My Family! Ahhh, My Boys! (Wookie included) ;-) " (we assume Wookie is one of their pets).

Believe it or not, but Vanessa isn't due until September; and it doesn't sound like being pregnant during the dog days of summer are bothering her one bit.

"I love everything about being pregnant! It's empowering as a woman to be able to go through this process and create a hu...

Vanessa Minnillo Tweets Pregnant Bikini Photo & Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

6/21/2012 3:27pm EDT
Vanessa Minnillo
A very pregnant Vanessa Lachey tweeted a photo taken by husband Nick Lachey showing off her growing baby-bump in front of a gorgeous sunset in St. Lucia.

The couple traveled to the island paradise for their "babymoon" - that one last vacation taken by expecting parents before the chaos of parenting officially begins.

Vanessa and Nick also made a big announcement this week - it's a boy.

The former MTV VJ announced the news on her website Wednesday, saying, "It's a BOY. Nick and I are incredibly excited to share the news that we are expecting a baby boy. We can't wait to meet him soon!!!"

Jessica Simpson's Ex Hubby Nick Lachey Sends Her A Baby Gift

5/2/2012 11:35am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Yesterday, Jessica Simpson welcomed a little baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson, into the world. And since the news broke everyone has been chatting about the Fashion Star, sending gifts and offering well wishes.

Even Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa, who most people would least expect since he is her ex, jumped on the wagon by sending the singer a basket of cute treats. According to Hollywood Life, "A large basket of pink and white cookies were delivered to Jessica's hospital room at Cedars-Sinai earlier from Nick and Vanessa," said a source.

How cute is that? I’m sure Jessica and Eric will d...

Nick Lachey Slams Rumors Of A 98 Degrees Reunion Tour

4/12/2012 4:20pm EDT
Nick Lachey
Singer Nick Lachey has shot down reports of a 98 Degrees reunion tour, insisting he plans on spending the summer with his expectant wife Vanessa Minnillo.

The pop group, comprised of Nick, his brother Drew, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, gained a massive fan base when they formed in the mid-1990s, and went on to sell more than 10 million records worldwide before they parted ways in 2002.

Last month rumors surfaced indicating the four-piece was to kick off a 15-date U.S. tour in July, and now dad-to-be Lachey has crushed fan hopes, revealing he has no plans to revisit their boy band day...

Vanessa Minnillo Isn't Barefoot, But She's Pregnant & Posing With A Washing Machine

4/11/2012 12:00pm EDT
Vanessa Minnilo
Vanessa Minnillo launched Procter & Gamble's "Take a Load Off" campaign for Earth Day in Los Angeles yesterday. The pregnant star wore a printed flowing dress paired with a bright blue blazer.

The campaign urges consumers to switch to cold water laundry to save energy and cut down on utility costs. Heating water can account for up to 80 percent of the energy used per wash load.

Vanessa and her husband Nick Lachey married in secret last summer. Fun facts: Nick's ex-wife Jessica Simpson is also expecting a baby any minute. And Jessica's ex Tony Romo just welcomed his first child - a son nam...

Celebrity Baby Bump Watch: Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Simpson, Uma Thurman & More

3/28/2012 2:00pm EDT
Vanessa Minnillo baby bump
It's a baby boom in Hollywood! So many celebrities are pregnant this season and eager to welcome their little bundles of joy into the world.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are expecting their first child less than a year after they wed. Meanwhile, Nick's ex-wife Jessica Simpson is also expecting her first child. Do you think they'll be exchanging baby gifts?

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki surprised fans with her pregnancy news, and so did Tori Spelling who announced she's having her fourth child just months after giving birth to her third.

Check out photos of the various baby bumps in Tins...

Sam Worthington Named 2012 Fun Fearless Male Of The Year

3/6/2012 8:18am EST
Sam Worthington
Avatar star Sam Worthington has been crowned the Fun Fearless Male of the Year by editors at Cosmopolitan magazine.

The Australian hunk was named the winner of the annual accolade at a star-studded bash in New York City on Monday.

Explaining their choice, Cosmo bosses state, "Just as Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt are getting a little too old to fulfill our hottie-action-hero fantasies, along comes 35-year-old Sam Worthington. Our crush kicked in when the Aussie actor played a soldier with a heart of gold in Avatar and gained momentum as he showed off more skin and grit in Clash of the Tit...

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: 'We're Having A Baby!'

3/5/2012 10:20am EST
Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo
Nick Lachey and his new bride Vanessa Minnillo are expecting their first child less than a year after they wed.

The ex-98 Degrees star and his TV presenter wife got married in a secret ceremony in July last year and they announced on TV on Monday that Minnillo is pregnant.

Lachey tells "Live! With Kelly," "She was in New York and I was in the Bahamas. She went to the store and got a pregnancy test and it came back positive. We're having a baby!... This is the one thing that more than any other I've looked forward to, and it's overwhelming."

Lachey said the couple has already discussed a ...

Justin Bieber Named America's Most-Searched Person Of 2011

12/15/2011 3:41pm EST
Justin Bieber
Pop star Justin Bieber has been named America's Most-Searched Person of 2011.

Bosses at web engine Google have compiled a list of the most popular people, and this year the Baby hit-maker has been crowned the king of cyberspace.

Kim Kardashian has come in second and Born This Way singer Lady Gaga is third.

Nicki Minaj and Florida mother Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of killing her baby daughter Caylee earlier this year, round out the top five.

Kardashian also claimed the title of having the most-searched wedding after tying the knot with basketball star Kris Humphries in August.

'The Sing-Off': From The Live Finale!

11/29/2011 3:23am EST
The Sing-Off
Season 3 of NBC's The Sing-Off drew to a close Monday night - and after the confetti, I talked with host Nick Lachey, judges Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman, and the top two acts! Here's what happened...

Congratulations to Pentatonix for being named season 3 champions! The Arlington, TX quintet (and favorite of Sonos) beat out the Dartmouth Aires and Urban Method to claim the title.

But there was a lot going on before the results...

The top three acts volunteered their time with charities close to their hearts. Pentatonix visited The Trevor Project, Urban Method helped out the Sickle Cell...

'The Sing-Off': Afro-Blue After Their Exit!

11/28/2011 11:10am EST
The Sing-Off
It's down to the wire on NBC's The Sing-Off. Before tonight's live finale, I chatted with Danielle Withers from the much beloved Afro-Blue.

The jazz ensemble from Howard University tackled a mash-up of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" combined with "Fly" by Nicki Minaj with Rihanna, and then the judges handed them the Sam Cooke classic "A Change Is Gonna Come." They battled it out with the Dartmouth Aires for the final spot in tonight's finale, but ultimately came up short.

That didn't stop them from leaving an impression on the audience or even their fellow contestants - you'll recall ...

'The Sing-Off': Vocal Point After Their Exit!

11/21/2011 10:30am EST
The Sing-Off
NBC's The Sing-Off said goodbye to Vocal Point this week - and I caught up with group members McKay Crockett, Jake Hunsaker and Tyler Sterling to get the post-show lowdown!

This is a big experience for any group - so what did you take away from The Sing-Off personally?

McKay: I think for me personally, one of the biggest things I took from the show is if you put your mind to something, you can achieve really great things. We have a really specific purpose, and it was just another example of if you have a purpose, amazing things can happen. Great things have happened and will continu...