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The Kronos Quartet Albums

Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector
Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector: One…
Derek Charke: Tundra Songs
Kronos Explorer Series
A Thousand Thoughts
Go To Hell!
Game Over
Victim Of Society Ep
Bryce Dessner: Aheym
Hoover Hell Do You Think You Are
Do You Know Hoov I Am?
Count To 10
Them Flavours
Bass Addiction
The Devil Tricked The World
In Formation
Music Of Vladimir Martynov
Music By Sculthorpe, Sallinen, Glass, Nancarr…
Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass
Music Of Central Asia Vol. 8: Rainbow
Kronos Quartet: Music Of Bill Evans
Alfred Schnittke
Nortec Collective 'El Sinaloense' Remixes
Night Prayers
HOLMGREEN: Kronos Plays Holmgreen SACD
Plays Sigur Rós (2-Track Single)
The Cusp Of Magic
Kronos Caravan
String Quartet No.3, Op.67 'Songs Are Sung'
String Quartet No.1, 'Already It Is Dusk'/Str…
Music Of Dane Rudhyar
The Fountain: Music From The Motion Picture
Mishima: Original Soundtrack
Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint
Lou Harrison: Chamber & Gamelan Works
John's Book Of Alleged Dances/Gnarly Buttons
Five Tango Sensations
Released 1985-1995
Hunting: Gathering
Black Angels
You've Stolen My Heart: Songs From R.D. Burma…
At The Grave Of Richard Wagner
U.S. Highball
Pieces Of Africa
Howl, U.S.A.
Early Music (Lachrymae Antiquae)
Salome Dances For Peace
Golijov: The Dreams And Prayers Of Isaac The …
Lyric Suite
String Quartet No.4
Requiem For Adam
Requiem For A Dream: Original Soundtrack
White Man Sleeps
Tan Dun: Ghost Opera
Winter Was Hard
Short Stories
Magica Europa
The Man Who Cried - Original Motion Picture S…
Górecki: Already It Is Dusk, "Lerchenmusik"