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20 Songs To Hunger For

6/6/2015 3:40pm EDT
20 Food Songs That Aren’t About Eating
Everybody likes to eat – any disagreement with that nutritional statement? Because everyone enjoys filling their bellies, it’s not surprising that musician reference food in their songs as well as specifically in their song titles. A musician’s job is to connect with his or her audience, so what better way to do so than food? Here’s the deal though. On this list, none of the songs, which all reference ‘food’ in their title, are actually about eating. No, food is used metaphorically as a representation of something else. Sometimes ‘food’ gets a bigger meaning in the hands of these music...

10 Celebrities Who've Been Caught In Racist Scandals

6/4/2014 8:00pm EDT
10 Celebrities Who've Been Caught In Racist Scandals
Justin Bieber recently made headlines after a video surfaced of the star making a racist joke when he was 15 years old. The pop star apologized profusely, telling fans: "I'm very sorry. I take my friendships with people of all cultures very seriously and I apologize for offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake. I was a kid then and I am a man now who knows my responsibility to the world and to not make that mistake again."

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. Additional footage from the video was leaked showing Bieber joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan...

Kreayshawn's Tour Bus Catches On Fire

12/3/2012 4:20pm EST
Rapper Kreayshawn escaped unscathed after a tour bus blaze on Friday.

The fire broke out at the back of the vehicle during a stop in Bloomington, Illinois, when a generator overheated.

The Gucci Gucci hit-maker posted a photo of firefighters putting out the flames to, alongside the caption, "WE ALIVE BUT HOW IS OUR BUS IS ON FIRE ????!!!!"

She revealed the incident had claimed all of her clothes, but the 23 year old refused to cancel her Group Hug tour stop in the city that night and was forced to pull together a makeshift outfit to perform in, telling fans, "Don't hate on...

2012 MTV VMAs Fashion - Rihanna's New 'Do, Miley's Plunging Neckline & More (Pics)

9/7/2012 12:48pm EDT
Rihanna, Miley and Demi
Rihanna showed off a new pixie haircut on the red carpet at Thursday night's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and Miley Cyrus took the plunge in another cleavage-baring gown.

Nicki Minaj looked like an arachnid, with a very black widow-like black and red dress; Katy Perry dazzled in a see-through black gown with a blue and red floral print.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and fiancee Amber Rose announced their pregnancy by showing off her big belly; Alicia Keys opted for the Angelina Jolie Oscars look, showing off one leg through the slit in her dress; and Hollywood made its presence with stars Emma Wats...

Kreayshawn Reveals That She's Bisexual

3/6/2012 9:12pm EST
Rap phenomenon Kreayshawn has announced she's bisexual.

The 22-year-old "Gucci Gucci" hitmaker has opened up about her sexual preferences, revealing she has dated both men and women - and doesn't discriminate when it comes to love.

She tells GQ magazine, "I'm, like, a person who likes love. And I can find love in any type of person. I've dated girls and I've liked girls. But they're usually straight girls, so it never works out. I mean, I'm not that gay, so I don't have the energy to convince someone else to be gay, you know?"

And that isn't Kreayshawn's only sexual revelation in the exp...

Kreayshawn Says Naked Photo Leak Made Her More Cautious

11/2/2011 9:09am EDT
Rap newcomer Kreayshawn has learned she was a victim of the same guy who faces prison time for hacking into Scarlett Johansson's private pictures.

Johansson called in agents from the FBI in September after a series of naked shots she had taken on her cell phone were illegally obtained and released online.

Christopher Chaney, 35, was arrested at his home in Jacksonville, Florida last month and charged with 25 counts of identity theft amid accusations he hacked into a number of private email accounts, including ones belonging to actress Mila Kunis and Kreayshawn.

The "Gucci Gucci" hitmaker...