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Lenny Kravitz: 'I Threw Up All Over The Television'

December 16th, 2011 4:20pm EST
Lenny Kravitz
Rocker Lenny Kravitz gave up alcohol at a very early age after accidentally getting drunk when he was seven.

The Jewish singer/songwriter reveals he guzzled a bottle of wine with a cousin at a holiday party and became so ill afterwards he spent the week in bed.

The Let Love Rule hit-maker explains, "I went to a Hanukkah party... and this cousin of mine got a bottle of Manischevitz (wine) and I didn't know what it was but it looked like grape juice and I was a big fan of grape juice, so we went behind this stairwell in the temple and there's about three of us... and we're drinking it and...

Lenny Kravitz Honored In France

December 1st, 2011 9:58am EST
Lenny Kravitz
Rocker Lenny Kravitz was presented with one of France's highest honors by the country's culture minister at a ceremony in Paris on Wednesday.

The Are You Gonna Go My Way hit-maker was handed the Legion of Honor medal from Minister of Culture and Communication Frederic Mitterrand, who hailed the star's achievements, telling him, "You freed yourself of the barriers between black and white sound."

The ceremony was extra special for Kravitz, who revealed he got his first big break at a music festival in the French city of Rennes in 1989.

Past recipients of the award include veteran actres...

Lenny Kravitz: 'I Was High All The Time'

September 1st, 2011 9:51am EDT
Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz has credited his actress daughter Zoe with helping him sober up after a lengthy period of heavy drug use.

The rocker admits he spent quite some time partying and staying high all the time at the height of his success, and then his 11-year-old daughter came to stay with him and he had to clean up his act.

The "Let Love Rule" singer tells Men's Journal magazine, "I had to surround myself with energy and chaos and excitement and conflict. For a bit I was high all the time, just medicating... I suppose that was so I didn't have to feel certain things."

But when his daughter cam...

Lenny Kravitz's Music Is Inspired By His Dreams

August 27th, 2011 1:00pm EDT
Lenny Kravitz
Rocker Lenny Kravitz dreams up his songs.

The "Let Love Rule" hitmaker admits he often wakes up with new tunes racing around his mind and he has to race to the studio to record them while they're fresh.

The "Are You Gonna Go My Way" singer says, "A lot of the music on my albums is dreamt. I wake up, go to the tape recorder, I put it down, I run to the studio and make it happen."

New Lenny Kravitz Song Inspired By President Obama Hatred

August 24th, 2011 2:21pm EDT
Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz's stirring new track Black White America was inspired by American racists who threatened to kill Barack Obama if he became U.S. President.

The Are You Gonna Go My Way singer was appalled by one TV documentary he saw shortly after Obama announced his intention to run for the White House - and it brought up all kinds of mixed emotions about his own mixed-race upbringing.

Appearing on late night talk show Tavis Smiley, he explains, "There was a group of people somewhere in Middle America saying that this was not America to them and that this was absolutely disgusting, and wha...

Check Out Four New Photos From 'The Hunger Games'

August 9th, 2011 5:00pm EDT
Hunger Games
Inspired by the best-selling young-adult novel by author Suzanne Collins, "The Hunger Games" tells the dark tale of a 16-year-old girl named Katniss Everdeen, who is selected to compete in a vicious televised tournament in which 24 teenagers from a post-apocalyptic society are selected to fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses.

The movie features an all-star cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Sutherland and Lenny Kravitz.

Gary Ross directs the film, which hits theaters March 23, 2012. Steven Sode...

Fresh Tracks: Music That Should Be In Your iPod

July 25th, 2011 4:24pm EDT
Ellie Goulding
2011 has already produced some of the biggest music, from acts such as Adele, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears, but here are some fresh tracks that should be in your Ipod. Let us know of others that we may have missed!

Ellie Goulding - “Lights”

British newcomer Ellie Goulding is making a name for herself in the States with Electro fresh track, “Lights,” taken off her Bright Lights studio recording.

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

Powered by

Kelly Rowland - “Motivation”

Singer Kelly Rowland’s new fresh track, “Motiva...

Check Out The Super-Cool 'Hunger Games' Teaser 'Motion Poster'

July 20th, 2011 9:41pm EDT
The Hunger Games
Lionsgate Film officially released the first teaser poster for 2012's highly anticipated The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins' bestselling novel, and you can check it out below.

The animated motion poster will be on display at this year's Comic-Con this week at the Lionsgate booth.

The Hunger Games features an all-star cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Sutherland and Lenny Kravitz. Gary Ross directs the film, which hits theaters March 23, 2012.

This coming weekend Lionsgate will be giving away collectible Hun...

Lenny Kravitz Hooked On 'Hunger Games' Books, Psyched About Role In Films

June 23rd, 2011 11:15pm EDT
Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz is thrilled to be part of The Hunger Games film franchise after becoming hooked on author Suzanne Collins' bestselling action books.

The rocker has been cast as stylist Cinna in the much-anticipated Gary Ross movie - and he reveals he hadn't read any of the books when he landed the pivotal role.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I didn't know what it was. I go out and get the book, read it - oh, wow.

"Now I'm really excited to be playing Cinna. Reading the book, I'm seeing everything - the Capitol, the arena, all this stuff. This world is going to be incredible."

And he's ...

Zoe Kravitz Wore Tight Clothes To Land 'X-Men' Role

June 3rd, 2011 8:41am EDT
Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz almost lost out on her role in "X-Men: First Class" after turning up to auditions in a dowdy outfit, convinced she was going to be rejected.

The daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet stars as flying go-go dancer Angel Salvadore in her first major movie role, but the 22 year old admits she never even expected a call back.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, "I auditioned in a hat and a T-shirt because I didn't think I even had a shot. They said, 'Can she come back and sex it up a bit?' So I returned in form-fitting clothes - and got it!"

And Kravitz was so flattere...

Donald Sutherland Cast As President Snow In 'The Hunger Games'

May 31st, 2011 11:21pm EDT
Donald Sutherland
Lionsgate and the filmmakers of The Hunger Games are pleased to announce that Donald Sutherland has been cast in the role of President Snow in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' worldwide smash hit novel.

Sutherland, star of such iconic films as M*A*S*H, Ordinary People , Klute and Kelly's Heroes, will next be seen in this summer's comedy, Horrible Bosses and recently starred in The Mechanic with Jason Statham and Ben Foster, The Eagle with Channing Tatum and the highly-successful long form adaptation of Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth.

About The Role

Lenny Kravitz's Daughter Zoe Is Sexy In A Slinky Silver Dress

May 28th, 2011 8:00am EDT
Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz attended the the "X-Men: First Class" New York Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater.

The daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, Zoe took her first major feature bow in the 2007 romanic comedy "No Reservations," followed soon after by a turn in the Jodie Foster revenge thriller "The Brave One."

She stars in the upcoming film "X-Men: First Class" and "Mad Max: Fury Road."

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• January Jones Is Emma Frost In 'Xmen Origins: First Class'

Lenny Kravitz Joins 'The Hunger Games'

May 24th, 2011 11:35am EDT
Lenny Kravitz
The star-studded cast of upcoming movie The Hunger Games has received a boost after rocker Lenny Kravitz was added to the line-up.

The musician, who was last seen onscreen in Oscar-winning movie Precious, will star opposite Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci, Wes Bentley, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks in the highly-anticipated new movie.

Kravitz will play fashion stylist Cinna in the big screen adaptation of the best-selling novel by Suzanne Collins.

The movie is scheduled for a March, 2012 release.

Latest Lenny Kravitz headlines:

• Celebrities Who Have B...

Celebrities Who Have Been Fired From Their TV Shows

March 15th, 2011 12:00pm EDT
Charlie Sheen
By now the whole world should know that "Two and a Half Men" will not feature Charlie Sheen next season. Last week, Warner Bros. terminated Sheen's contract after he publicly criticized the shows co-creator Chuck Lorre and confessed to drug use, wild partying, and a polyamorous relationship. Charlie Sheen isn't the first actor to be kicked off a successful television show. Here are some other notable celebrities who have been given the pink slip from their respective TV shows because of controversy or erratic behavior.

Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy)

Isaiah Washington ...

Happy 89th Birthday, Betty White!

January 17th, 2011 9:34am EST
Betty White
Veteran actress Betty White celebrates the beginning of her last year as an octogenarian today - the beloved funnywoman turns 89.

The Emmy award-winning star rose to fame hosting her own radio shows before moving into TV with hit programs including "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls."

Recently she's enjoyed a career revival, appearing in "The Proposal" alongside Sandra Bullock in 2009 and hosting comedy favorite "Saturday Night Live" last year after a Facebook campaign by fans.

To celebrate White's birthday and as a toast to her return to success, WENN has compiled 10 fas...
READ MORE Says Michael Jackson Album Release Is 'Disrespectful'

November 15th, 2010 3:30pm EST
Rapper has blasted record label executives masterminding the release of the first posthumous Michael Jackson album, insisting the forthcoming project is "disrespectful" to the King of Pop.

Bosses at Sony are preparing for the December release of Michael, which features previously unheard Jackson material, and have unveiled Akon collaboration Hold My Hand as its first single.

However, the Black Eyed Peas frontman, who hit the studio with Jackson months before his untimely death, is convinced the late superstar is turning in his grave at the news - because the singer was such a p...

Akon's Michael Jackson Duet To Be Released

November 12th, 2010 11:18am EST
Akon's duet with Michael Jackson is finally set to hit the airwaves - Hold My Hand has been chosen as the first single from the late star's upcoming posthumous album.

Bosses at the Sony record label are preparing to release Michael, an album of previously unheard material, which will hit stores in December. And Akon has announced a track he wrote with the late superstar in 2007 - which was leaked on the internet a year later - will act as the record's first official release.

In a statement he says, "The world was not ready to hear Hold My Hand when it leaked a couple years ago. We were...

Sandra Bullock Duped By BP And Other Big Oil Companies?

July 30th, 2010 10:19am EDT
Sandra Bullock and a host of other celebrities recently served in a campaign and appeared in a YouTube video for an organization to help restore the Gulf called In the video, Bullock and others calls for people to sign a petition for a plan to restore America’s Gulf, demanding restoration and protection for the future of the area.

It seems that Sandra and most likely all the other celebs involved with this video and campaign were duped. What Bullock didn't realize was that a group called America's Wetlands Foundation was behind the campaign, which is mainly funded by bi...

Lenny Kravitz Surprises Church Choir (Video)

June 28th, 2010 2:46pm EDT
Lenny Kravitz
High school students from the First Baptist Church "Voice of Praise" choir from Lewisville, Tex. got a nice surprise over the weekend while on a church mission trip in New Orleans.

While the choir was performing rock star Lenny Kravitz' hit song "Fly Away" it just so happened that Kravitz himself was right down the street "sitting up on [a] terrace having a drink" when he "heard some 'strange' music."

Kravitz left his drink and walked toward the source of the music, where he joined the elated students in performing his hit song. They had him join in on drums and then sing a few choruses a...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dating Devon Aoki?

June 24th, 2010 11:53am EDT
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
10 Things I Hate About You star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has sparked speculation of a new romance after he was spotted kissing model-turned-actress Devon Aoki on a recent night out.

The actor has been linked to the brunette beauty following several public displays of affection at a party at Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles on Tuesday, according to the New York Post.

A source tells the publication, "They were holding hands, kissing and telling everyone they were a couple."

The Sin City actress has previously dated rock star Lenny Kravitz.

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Justin Bieber And Friends Raise $1.3 Million For Oil Slick Clean-Up

June 22nd, 2010 8:28am EDT
Justin Bieber
A star-studded TV telethon featuring Cameron Diaz, Robert Redford, Justin Bieber and Sting has raised more than $1.3 million to boost clean-up efforts along America's Gulf Coast in the wake of the oil disaster.

A huge host of celebrities turned out to appear with veteran newsman Larry King for a special two-hour live broadcast on Monday night. The show saw stars including Jenny McCarthy and Ted Danson manning the phones to take donations in a bid to boost funds for those affected by the massive oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, which has been drifting ashore since a BP rig ruptured in Apri...

Hollywood Stars Rally For Oil Spill Telethon

June 19th, 2010 8:23am EDT
Ian Somerhalder
Cameron Diaz, Robert Redford, Sting and Lenny Kravitz are lending their support to a star-studded TV telethon to raise funds for the state of Louisiana following the devastating BP oil spill in April.

TV bosses at CNN have answered actor Ian Somerhalder's call for action to help boost donations to the areas in the Gulf of Mexico worst affected by the huge catastrophe, which has been ruled the worst environmental disaster in American history.

The Vampire Diaries star, who hails from Covington, near to the coastline where oil is washing up daily, issued the plea to his Hollywood pals earlie...

Which Celebrity Has The Sexiest Booty?

June 8th, 2010 12:16pm EDT
Which Celebrity Has The Sexiest Booty?
Let's face it, there's nothing hotter than a hot a$$!  The booty is worshipped after the breasts and lips in the entertainment world. Let's look at some famous bums, and let us know your pick for best.  Don't forget to let us know if we missed anyone on our list!

Nicole Scherzinger

Celebrity Nicole Scherzinger may now be a top dancing star, but she's also a winning booty star.

Beyonce Knowles

Celebrity Beyonce Knowles' booty is way too "bootylicious for you babe."


Celebrity Coco, rapper Ice T's better half, is one lady who is proud of her booty.

Kim Kardashian

Real or no...

Michael Jackson Estate Signs Mega-Deal With Sony

March 16th, 2010 6:30pm EDT
Michael Jackson-PRN-041046.jpg
Michael Jackson is set to be just as big dead as he was alive, thanks to a staggering new Sony deal with the late pop star's estate. Nine months after the King of Pop's death, the administrators of his estate have signed one of the biggest recording contracts in history - giving Sony bosses full access to Jackson's back catalogue and unreleased material.

The music executives plan to release 10 albums of Jackson material between now and 2017 - the length of the deal.

The first album in the deal was last year's This Is It; the second release will be available in November and will feature a ...

Celebrity Matchmaking List: Couples That Could Work

March 3rd, 2010 9:00am EST
There are so many eligible celebrities that we were able to come up with a few celebrity pairings that we think would work. In part 2 of celebrity dream couples, let's take another look at some possible celebrity matches. Let us know which match you think will work!


Should singer Rihanna ever want to date another industry peer, she and fellow musician Omarion maybe should give it a go. They would make the cutest pair.

Jennifer Aniston / Lenny Kravitz

Ever since actress Jennifer Aniston divorced actor Brad Pitt in 2005 all of her dating moves has consistently been under t...

Dumbest Celebrity Cheaters Ever

December 9th, 2009 10:49am EST
dumbest celebrity cheaters
In honor of Tiger Woods' unprecedented fall from grace, here are the all time dumbest celebrity cheaters. The "smartest" leads it off, then going down right through the bottom of the barrel.

Hugh Grant

Somehow, Hugh Grant ends up as the smartest man on this list. Yes, he cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute. Yes, he got arrested for cheating on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute. Yes, he decided the best time to cheat on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute was while he was touring to promote his upcoming film, Nine Months. So why is Hugh Grant the "smartest" man on this list? ...

Kate Beckinsale Is Sexiest, Live Nirvana, All-American Rejects, 'Saw VI' (Videos)

October 13th, 2009 4:13pm EDT
Kate Beckinsale Is Sexiest,
Watch some videos and clips of the latest time-wasting stuff that we gathered from around the web today. Kate Beckinsale strips down to her lingerie for her Esquire video shoot. Boxer Marvis Frazier talks about getting his butt whooped by Mike Tyson for "Fight Night Round 4"; Katy Perry interviews designer Karl Lagerfeld; and some freaky-deaky Saw VI stuff. Check 'em all out!

Esquire Magazine recently named Kate Beckinsale the "Sexiest Woman Alive". Check out this steamy hot video of Kate in little more than some hot lingerie...

"Sexiest Woman Alive"

EA returns to the ring ...

OneRepublic Unveil 'Waking Up'; Sophomore Release Due Nov. 17

September 21st, 2009 2:10pm EDT
OneRepublic Waking Up
OneRepublic have unveiled the cover to their highly anticipated sophomore album "Waking Up". The follow-up to their Dreaming Out Loud debut is due out on November 17th, and it features the powerful new single "All The Right Moves." OneRepublic broke records with their mega-hit "Apologize" which became the most legally downloaded song in US digital history.

In 2007, after seven years together as a band, OneRepublic took the world by storm with their debut release "Dreaming Out Loud". The album included the smash first single "Apologize" which shattered digital sales and airplay records ...

Lisa Bonet Baby's Unusual Name Explained

January 12th, 2009 9:09am EST
Lisa Bonet
Actress Lisa Bonet new baby's unusual name was inspired by the stormy weather the night the tot was born.

Bonet and her native Hawaiian husband Jason Momoa welcomed their second child, son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa, on December 15th. And the couple paid tribute to Momoa's heritage by giving their new baby a Hawaiian name.

Momoa's mother writes on her son's official website, "He was born on the stormiest (sic), rainy night. Nakoa (meaning warrior)… Mana (strength/spirit), Kaua (rain), po (dark)... The (first) name was always going to be Nakoa-Wolf." The name Namakaeha...

Nikka Costa Returns With 'Pebble To A Pearl'

October 15th, 2008 7:00pm EDT
Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa has always seemed to thrive on a certain sense of freedom. It's no wonder, that when Nikka set out to create a record on her own terms and as an independent artist finally free of major label confines, she has made her boldest and most passionate record yet. Over 14 days at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles, Nikka created Pebble to a Pearl- a quintessential collection of soul, blues, funk & pop infused tracks which marks Nikka's triumphant return onto the scene this Fall. On September 23, 2008 the legendary Stax Records will release the album in conjunction with Nikka's ow...