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Marianne Faithfull: 'I hated sex during Swinging Sixties'

September 9th, 2013 3:10am EDT
Marianne Faithfull
Marianne Faithfull has shattered her 1960s sex kitten reputation, insisting she was disgusted by men when she was younger.

The singer/songwriter was linked to rockers including Sir Mick Jagger and David Bowie in the '60s, but admits she needed drugs or alcohol before she could be physically intimate with a partner.

Speaking on BBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are?, Faithfull explains, "I think my mother and her unconscious and unspoken loathing of men had a huge effect on me. It was a big problem for me in the Sixties, especially as I had to pretend that everything was so wonderful, wil...

The Rolling Stones Rock Nostalgic London Gig

July 7th, 2013 12:46pm EDT
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones turned up the nostalgia on Saturday as they played to a packed crowd in London's Hyde Park, 44 years after their last performance at the open-air venue.

The rockers were joined on the tree-lined stage by blues star Gary Clark, Jr. and former member Mick Jones, who played his first gig with the band during their last performance at the central London park in 1969, two days after the death of guitarist Brian Jones.

Speaking before the landmark show, guitarist Keith Richards told Andy Bush of Britain's Absolute Radio, "Well, I'm not emotional but I feel very excited about ...

The 'Forever 27 Club' - Music's Growing List Of Stars Who Died At 27 Years Old

July 24th, 2011 4:35pm EDT
Amy Winehouse
The 'Forever 27 Club' has become more than a legend since the dawn of music recording. As it turns out, some of music's most influential artists who were taken from us much too soon all parted with the living at age 27. Is it a coincidence or a curse?

The latest 27-year-old to "join" this exclusive club is Amy Winehouse, who died Saturday at her London home. No one knows why or how yet, but initial speculation - most likely based on her past - is that drugs and/or alcohol were somehow involved.

Well, they played a big part in the deaths of these other stars who preceded her "in the club."...

Amy Winehouse Fears Joining The '27 Club'

December 28th, 2008 5:00pm EST
Amy Winehouse
Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is terrified she will join the "27 Club" - the tragic group of rock stars who died in their prime.

The Rehab hitmaker has fought a public battle against drink and drug addictions and last month spent time in hospital after suffering an adverse reaction to medication.

Now a former aide to the 25-year-old has lifted the lid on her fears - insisting the singer is obsessed with her own mortality.

Alex Haines, Winehouse's former personal assistant, also estimates the star spent up to $5,000 a week feeding her drug habit.

He tells Britain's News o...

Brian Jones' Guitar Found In Dentist's Office

December 6th, 2007 11:22am EST
Brian Jones
Music legend Brian Jones' first ever electric guitar has been discovered more than 40 years since it went missing - at a dentist's office in London, England.

Jones, who died aged 27 in 1969, used the Harmony Stratotone on the first Rolling Stones hit, Come On, and is said to have taught Keith Richards to play on it.

The guitar vanished in the early 1960s, and the family of Basil "Tug" Wilson, a dentist, has come forward to reveal he was given the guitar to cover a bill.

Bought for $60 in 1959 by the original Stones manager, Dick Hattrell, the guitar is now thought to be worth...

Roger Daltrey: 'Pete Doherty Has A Death Wish'

September 6th, 2007 2:14pm EDT
Roger Daltrey
The Who legend Roger Daltrey is convinced troubled British rocker Pete Doherty will die young.

Daltrey has lost two of his bandmates to alcohol and drug problems - drummer Keith Moon died in 1978 of an overdose on Clomethiazole, which he had been taking in a bid to wean himself off alcohol, while bassist John Entwistle died of a heart attack induced by cocaine in 2002.

Babyshambles frontman Doherty checked into rehab last month in a bid to kick his drug addiction, after several unsuccessful attempts over the last few years.

Despite Doherty's rehab stay, Daltrey remains pessim...

Johnny Marr Was Oasis's Inspiration

June 29th, 2007 2:47pm EDT
Johnny Marr
British rocker Noel Gallagher was inspired to form Oasis with his brother Liam after watching a performance by The Smiths as a youngster. The Wonderwall hit maker says he was so impressed by The Smiths front man Johnny Marr's performance on British music chart program Top Of The Pops he formed his own band in 1991.

He says, "I remember seeing The Smiths on Top Of The Pops, and I don't mean this in a sycophantic way, but I wanted to be Johnny Marr. He had the Brian Jones haircut, the turtleneck, and the big red semi-acoustic guitar and he was cool as f**k."

-Check out The Smiths' ...

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