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Now Playing: Oz The Great and Powerful: Unedited Comic Con Press Conference 'Bachelor in Paradise': JJ Confronts Joe
2015-08-18 'Bachelor in Paradise': Joe and Samantha Get Their Stories Straight
2015-08-18 'Bachelor in Paradise': Juelia Grills Joe About Samantha
2015-08-17 'Bachelor in Paradise': Joe Talks to Juelia
2015-08-17 'Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise': Jonathan Has a Message For Joe
2015-08-12 'Bachelor in Paradise': Joe Insults Clare and Sets Her Off
2015-08-10 'Bachelor in Paradise': Joe's True Intentions with Juelia
2015-08-10 'The View': Hot Topic: Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Sentenced
2015-08-08 'The View': Joe Biden Considering 2016 Presidential Run
2015-08-04 'The Bachelorette': Kaitlyn Bristowe Sends Joe Home
2015-07-07 'The Bachelorette': Shawn Calls the Show "A Nightmare"
2015-06-30 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Magic Mike XXL Cast Shares Their Porn Names
2015-06-15 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Magic Mike XXL Cast on Using Real Extras For Stripping Scenes
2015-06-15 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Magic Mike XXL Cast on Body Waxing
2015-06-15 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Magic Mike XXL Cast on Their Families Seeing Them Strip
2015-06-15 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Magic Mike XXL Cast on Seeing Each Other Naked
2015-06-15 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Sink It or Swim with Channing Tatum
2015-06-15 'The Bachelorette': Joe's Fart Upsets the Guys
2015-06-02 'Shark Tank': All Sharks Out, Still Gets a Deal
2015-05-16 'Scandal': Olivia Brings Down Papa Pope
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Rowan Is Happy When Liv Takes Down Command
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Rowan Is Happy When Liv Takes Down Command
2015-05-15 'Scandal': Olivia Brings Down Papa Pope
2015-05-15 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Hailee Steinfeld Explains Her Pregnancy Prank with Joe Jonas
2015-05-08 'Scandal': Foxtail Revealed on Scandal!
2015-05-08 'Modern Family': Mitch and Cam Love Babysitting Joe
2015-04-30 'Modern Family': Baby Joe Destroys Mitch and Cam's Home
2015-04-30 'Scandal': An Epic Scandal Takedown
2015-04-17 'Scandal': The Return of Rowan
2015-04-03 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Jimmy Kimmel Does Julia Louis-Dreyfus Squats For Joe Biden
2015-03-18 'Scandal': It's a New Liv at Dinner with Dad
2015-02-16 'Scandal': Scandal Season 3 in 3 Minutes
2015-02-16 'Modern Family': Gloria Demands Jay Get Rid of Stella
2015-02-05 'Modern Family': Who's to Blame for Joe's Rash? Gloria!
2015-02-05 'Modern Family': Jay Potty Trains Joe
2015-01-15 An Upgrade to Your Usual Coffee That Only Costs $1.05
2015-01-14 'The Great Christmas Light Fight': Lights On: Joe and Tyler
2014-12-09 'Scandal': Olivia Shoots Her Father
2014-11-21 'Scandal': Liv's Last Supper with Her Dad
2014-11-14 'Scandal': Liv Gives Up on Jake and Fitz
2014-11-14 'Scandal': Command Warns Olivia About Interfering
2014-11-07 'Scandal': Rowan Keeps His Promises, Jake
2014-10-31 'Scandal': Rowan Manipulates Fitz
2014-10-31 'Scandal': Olivia Thwarts Rowan
2014-10-31 'Scandal': Rowan Tells Olivia Why Jake Did It
2014-10-24 'Scandal': Sneak Peek: Liv Asks Rowan About Jake
2014-10-17 'Scandal': Rowan Draws a Confession from Tom
2014-10-17 Joe - DVD Clip No. 1
2014-06-13 Would Nic Cage Rather Fight A Horse-Sized Duck or 1000 Duck-Sized Horses?
2014-03-13 VP Joe Biden Is Straight Mackin'
2013-04-23 Tide's Joe Montana Super Bowl Ad