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Now Playing: La Toya Jackson -- I Believe That's Michael Jackson in the Clouds!!! La Toya Jackson -- I Believe That's Michael Jackson in the Clouds!!!
2015-06-29 How Survival Led To La Toya's Present Joy
2014-10-02 Kris Jenner and Sharon Stone Prove 50's Are Fabulous
2014-09-15 Does This Mean the Engagement Is Off?
2014-08-10 La Toya and Jeffre Take a Break
2014-08-10 The Guests Are Dying to Know What The Party Is For
2014-08-10 Is La Toya Avoiding The Engagement?
2014-08-10 La Toya's Uncertain About the Engagement
2014-08-06 'Life with La Toya' Season 2 Clip: La Toya Breaks Down
2014-08-06 Mr. And Mrs. Jackson Tease Their Daughter
2014-08-03 Jeffre's Quirky Mom Meets the Jacksons
2014-08-03 Will the New Couple's Parents Hit It Off?
2014-07-29 La Toya's Live Performance Disaster
2014-07-27 La Toya Doubts Her Dancing Ability
2014-07-27 La Toya's Hot New Music Video: Feels Like Love
2014-07-26 La Toya Wants a Wedding Dress to Impress
2014-07-20 La Toya Is Ready to Marry Again
2014-07-20 Katherine Jackson's Thoughts on the Marriage
2014-07-20 Can the New Couple Handle Living Together?
2014-07-15 La Toya Stalls the Wedding
2014-07-13 Jeffre Seeks Relationship Advice
2014-07-13 La Toya Loves a Good Prank
2014-07-06 Is La Toya Rethinking the Engagement?
2014-07-06 Tension at the Bridal Shop
2014-07-01 La Toya Brings the House Down
2014-06-29 Jeffre Gives La Toya a Pep Talk
2014-06-29 Does La Toya's Oprah Impression Need Work?
2014-06-26 La Toya Forgets Her Lines
2014-06-25 What La Toya Jackson Wishes the World Knew About Her Brother Michael
2014-06-23 The Moment La Toya and Jeffre's Friendship Changed
2014-06-23 La Toya Jackson Talks About Her Engagement
2014-06-22 Brenda Is Stunned by Jeffre's Plan
2014-06-22 La Toya Is Marrying Her Best Friend
2014-06-22 La Toya Jackson Explains Michael's Controversial Parenting Practice
2014-06-20 The Jackson Family Dynamics
2014-06-19 Making Music La Toya Style
2014-06-18 Jeffre's Game-Changing Proposal
2014-06-17 Jeffre Can't Wait to Pop the Question
2014-06-15 How Many Carats Is That Ring?
2014-06-15 Jeffre Asks Joe Jackson for La Toya's Hand
2014-06-08 La Toya Gets Singled Out
2014-06-08 La Toya Jackson Engaged To Jeffré Phillips, Gets A 17.5-Carat Diamond Ring!
2014-06-05 Prince of Pumps: Ralph Lauren
2014-05-31 First Look: Life with La Toya Is Back!
2014-05-20 The Village Has a Reason to Celebrate
2014-03-09 Kym and Detroit Mike Have "The Talk"
2014-03-09 Web Exclusive: Village Volleyball
2014-03-05 Web Exclusive: Joshua's First Time Bowling
2014-03-05 Joshua Impresses La Toya Jackson
2014-03-02 Kym Cooks Something Edible
2014-03-02 Joshua's Preschool Meet 'N' Greet
2014-03-02 Web Exclusive: Kym Tries Out the Kitchen
2014-02-26 Web Exclusive: When Should Kym Tell Joshua He Was Adopted?
2014-02-26 Web Exclusive: Kym Gets Into Character
2014-02-19 Web Exclusive: Kym Gets Help from Hollywood
2014-02-19 Web Exclusive: Kym Pays It Forward
2014-02-12 Web Exclusive: Joshua Makes His Musical Debut
2014-02-12 Web Exclusive: What's Wrong with Mr. Right?
2014-02-05 Web Exclusive: Shopping for a Big Boy Bed
2014-02-05 Preview: Wendell's Big Birthday Surprise
2014-02-04 Web Exclusive: Joshua Rebels Against Bedtime
2014-01-29 Web Exclusive: Memories Come Flooding Back for Kym
2014-01-29 Rodney Crashes the Camping Trip
2014-01-26 Kym Has to Let Joshua Go
2014-01-26 Kym Is Stronger Than a Sedative
2014-01-26 Web Exclusive: Kym Saves Joshua from Some Lint
2014-01-22 Web Exclusive: Kym Flirts with Her Eye Doctor
2014-01-22 Is Val "Shoplifting" from Kym?
2014-01-19 Joshua's Pool of Tears
2014-01-19 Wendell's Wild Wardrobe
2014-01-19 Web Exclusive: Kym and Val Fight Like Sisters
2014-01-15 Web Exclusive: Kym Finally Gets Rid of Something
2014-01-15 Sneak Peek: Mike from Detroit Stays with Kym
2014-01-12 Joshua's Dedication Ceremony
2014-01-12 Kym Gets a Knee-Buckling Kiss from Actor Shemar Moore