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Ice-T's Grandson Accidentally Shoots & Kills Roommate

June 28th, 2014 8:16am EDT
Ice-T's Grandson Accidentally Shoots & Kills Roommate
Ice-T's grandson was involved in an accidental shooting earlier this week and has been arrested for killing his roommate in Georgia.

On Tuesday, Elyjah Marrow, 19, was in his apartment with his friend Daryus Johnson. Marrow was handling a handgun when it accidentally fired.

According to, police took the teen into custody and charged him with involuntary manslaughter, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and reckless conduct.

In addition, Marrow was charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, and possession of a stolen firearm.


Ice-T Says New Body Count Video Isn't Racist, But What About The Gun Violence?

June 24th, 2014 3:53pm EDT
Ice-T's rap-metal group Body Count is set to release their fifth album later this year, and the video for the band's latest single, "Talk S**t, Get Shot," is causing controversy, much like the band's first single, "Cop Killer," did back in 1992.

Released late last month, the new video depicts several people getting shot after posting nasty messages about the band online, and the band has since been accused of racism because all of the victims in the short just happen to be white.

The first instance occurs when a man riding a skateboard and wearing a "Vegan" t-shirt while carrying a cup of...

Singing Stars: The 22 Best Actor-Musicians

June 2nd, 2014 7:00pm EDT
Singing Stars: The 22 Best Actor-Musicians
We recently gave you the 10 worst actors turned musicians, but it’s worth mentioning there are plenty of actors and actresses who were able to translate their talents to music as well - and vice versa for musicians breaking into the acting business. In no particular order, here are 22 of the Best Actor-Musicians.

Jennifer Hudson

Hudson was introduced to the public through American Idol, where she is still considers one of the best contestants to have ever auditioned. Despite that, the american public voted her off the show and she came in seventh place. Since then, she has won an Academ...

Heidi Klum Is Unrecognizable In Old Woman Costume - See More Celebs In Their Halloween Garb!

November 1st, 2013 12:00pm EDT
Heidi Klum elderly costume
Every year, fans wait eagerly to see what Heidi Klum cooks up for Halloween. The model loves the holiday so much, she goes all out in extravagant, oftentimes over-the-top costumes.

This year, the "Project Runway" host transformed herself into an old woman. From the cane to pearl necklace, she executed the look flawlessy. What makes the look even more authentic are the details. Look at the varicose veins on her legs!

Check out more stars on Halloween and see if you can guess who they are (answers underneath their photos)...

"Heat" co-stars and pals Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock ...

Ice-T's Wife Coco Apologizes For Racy Photos With Fan

December 10th, 2012 10:34am EST
Ice T & Coco
It appears that Coco Austin is regretting some pictures she took with a male fan last week. Photos of the reality star getting up close and personal with rapper AP.9 recently emerged, showing Coco hugging him, kissing him on the cheek and dancing closely.

On Friday Coco tweeted, "Woke up to people in a panic about some pics,please guys I'm happily married, sometimes fans & friends take silly pics.Its harmless RELAX."

Her husband Ice-T, however, wasn't very pleased with the photos. He posted: "Don't get it twisted, I'm not happy about this s**t. Most of (the pictures) are disrespectful and...

A Bikini-Clad Coco & Ice-T Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend In Vegas

May 28th, 2012 1:00pm EDT
Ice T & Coco
On Saturday, Ice-T and his wife Coco spent the day at Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The couple, accompanied by 10 friends, drank cocktails and munched on fish tacos, margherita flatbread, fruit plates and chicken caesar wraps.

Coco wore a black bikini with gold chains and splashed around the pool, waving to her fans. She also took time to pose for photographs with her admirers.

That night, the couple hit the LAX Nightclub red carpet just after 11 p.m. Coco wore a tight, velvet, hot orange dress with matching hot pink heels and Ice-T donned a sleek all black look.

See mo...

Kardashian Drama Dominates E! 2012 Upfront Event In New York City

May 1st, 2012 10:30am EDT
Kim & Kourtney Kardashian
There's always some kind of drama going on with the Kardashian clan - and that's what makes and keeps people watching them on television.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner attended the E! 2012 Upfront event in New York City yesterday.

The latest news centered on whether Khloe her husband Lamar Odom were cancelling "Khloe & Lamar" after just two seasons. Their rep clarified that the program is simply "on hold."

Kim's dating life has also been in the spotlight recently, but her boyfriend Kanye West was nowhere to be seen. And there's always the baby bump...

Coco Tried To Get Rid Of Her 'Fat' Butt

March 12th, 2012 9:07am EDT
Ice-T's model wife Nicole 'Coco' Austin has opened up about her battle with bulimia, revealing she struggled with an eating disorder after a photoshoot director called her "fat."

The 32-year-old busty blonde has embraced her curves in recent years, but the pin-up confesses she wasn't always proud of her figure and trademark derriere.

She tells Sister 2 Sister, "When I was 18, the J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez) butt was not in. To have a booty was not the thing. You were considered fat if you had a booty...I was being cast in stuff where you'll see all these really beanpole-looking white girls wit...

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over: Authenticity Of Coco's Butt Revealed On TV (Video)

February 22nd, 2012 3:39pm EST
We can finally put a pressing issue in America to bed! On daytime show The Drs., Ice-T's gal Coco was given an ultrasound and Doppler examination to determine if her butt was fake.

Using the technique, a medical professional was able to see the different tissues in the infamous derriere and conclude that yes, Coco's butt is 100% real. Take that, haters.

Now all we need is for Kim Kardashian to do the same.

Courtney Stodden recently had to prove that her assets were indeed real, having a breast exam on television to prove that her chest was 100% all natural. The doctor believed that she...

2012 Grammy Awards Fashion: Some Wore Colors While Most Wore Black On A Bittersweet Evening

February 13th, 2012 12:54pm EST
2012 Grammy Awards
The 2012 Grammy Awards will forever be remembered for one reason: the event took place the night after the music industry lost one of their biggest stars in an untimely fashion: Whitney Houston.

Despite the somber undertones of host LL Cool J's opening prayer for the late singer and a rousing performance of her hit song "I Will Always Love You" by Jennifer Hudson; the night was about the music and the attitude that the show must go on.

As always with award shows, the night is also about the fashion. While many stars wore black - perhaps in honor of the late Houston - many stars let the c...

Ice-T's Rap Documentary Picked Up At Sundance Film Festival

January 30th, 2012 10:17pm EST
Rapper Ice-T's new music documentary has been given a big boost - it was picked up by a distributor at the Sundance Film Festival for a worldwide release.

The hip-hop star premiered Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap at the festival earlier this month and movie bosses at Indomina liked the project so much, they purchased the rights to the film and plan to release it this summer.

And Ice-T is thrilled that his hard work will finally get to see the light of day.

He tells, "It was important to us to get with a company that has as much passion about Something from Nothing: T...

Ice-T Slams Artists For Bragging About Riches During Struggling Economy

January 23rd, 2012 10:22pm EST
Ice-T is urging modern rappers to write songs that better reflect the times because they're creating a "generation of jaded youth" by rhyming about their riches.

The hip-hop icon has taken aim at today's artists for bragging about their fancy cars and extravagant lifestyles during a time when so many fans are struggling to make ends meet.

He tells the New York Post, "We've created a generation of jaded youth. Music as a whole is delusional. If you listen to pop records right now, you'll believe everybody's rollin', poppin' bottles, life is perfect.

"Life is f***ed up right now. But every...

'The Help' Leads 2012 NAACP Image Awards Nominations

January 19th, 2012 2:40pm EST
The Help
Critically-acclaimed drama The Help looks set to dominate the 2012 NAACP Image Awards after landing eight nominations.

The movie adaptation of Kathryn Stockett's bestselling book of the same name will compete for Outstanding Motion Picture against seven-time nominee Pariah, comedy Tower Heist, Jumping The Broom and The First Grader, while stars Viola Davis and Emma Stone will go head-to-head for the title of Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.

The Help co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia Spencer and Cicely Tyson are also nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress field, alon...

Ice-T & Coco Dress Up As Hannibal Lecter & The Devil For Las Vegas 'Player's Ball'

October 31st, 2011 9:00am EDT
Saturday night, celebrity couple Ice-T and Coco, from E! Network's hit reality show Ice Loves Coco, hosted the ultimate Halloween "Player's Ball" at LAX Nightclub inside Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Upon the couple's entrance, Coco captivated the eyes of hundreds and stole the show as she dazzled on the red carpet in a seductive devil costume revealing hersexy assets. While her husband opted for a more frightful ensemble and camedressed up as Hannibal Lecter. After posing for photos and greeting fans, thefamed duo made their way into LAX where they were welcomed by hundreds of cheering admirers...

Ice-T Gets Out Of Jury Duty Because He's Ice-T

October 11th, 2011 9:45pm EDT
Rapper/actor Ice-T's celebrity status has been deemed a disruption in court - and scored him a jury duty pass.

The "Cop Killer" hitmaker received a summons to serve as a juror in an upcoming Los Angeles legal proceeding but he was dismissed before trial because fans couldn't concentrate when he was in court.

Ice-T says, "I don't like court, period. I'm on a court show, cop show, but in real life, no cops, no courts for Ice... So I went in there because once the courts send you a summons, you don't play with that.

"So I showed up and I did jury duty, well I kinda did jury duty. I went in ...

Ice-T Slams Modern Hip-Hop Music

September 19th, 2011 1:27pm EDT
Veteran rapper Ice-T is disappointed by the quality of modern hip-hop music and fears younger charts stars are just writing songs about "jewelry and cars."

The rapper/actor, who began his music career in the 1980s, is adamant the next generation of hip-hop wannabes should go back to their roots and rap about issues that matter, rather than focusing on trivia in their lyrics.

He tells Vibe magazine, "I want to see some little motherf**kers get together like a Public Enemy and give these fools a wake up call like, "F**k this jewelry and cars bulls**t,' and bring it back to Armageddon! Do...

Coco Bares Her Bikini Body In Miami

July 19th, 2011 4:04pm EDT
Nicole "Coco" Austin, rapper Ice T's model-wife, flaunted her curvy figure in a thong bikini while vacationing in Miami Beach with a friend today.

Coco had a friend spritz her behind with tanning spray while she enjoyed the sunshine.

The reality star was spotted shopping earlier in the day with her dog Spartacus. She currently stars in the E! series "Ice Loves Coco."

Ice-T And Coco Renew Their Wedding Vows (See Pics!)

June 5th, 2011 7:21pm EDT
Ice T and Coco
Rapper/actor Ice-T and his wife Nicole 'Coco' Austin celebrated their wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at a star-studded ceremony.

Tila Tequila and Hip-hop stars Snoop Dogg and Don 'Magic' Juan were on hand to watch Ice-T and Coco, who originally married in 2005, pledge their devotion to one another on Friday at the W Hollywood Hotel.

The couple dressed in all white for the romantic event, which was filmed for upcoming reality show Ice Loves Coco. The show debuts in the U.S. later this month.

Archbishop Don 'Magic' Juan

Tila Tequila

Snoop Dogg

Coco's Mom, Tina ...

Ice-T & Wife Coco Land Their Own Reality Show, 'Ice Loves Coco'

April 25th, 2011 11:33am EDT
Ice T And Coco Austin
Rapper/actor Ice-T has signed up to star in a new reality TV show with his wife Nicole 'Coco' Austin.

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star and his partner will be the focus of Ice Loves Coco, which will follow their life together as a "very traditional couple, wrapped in a very non-traditional package," as well as Coco's new endeavors in her modeling/acting career.

A representative for Ice-T tells, "He feels it is time for his buxom and bootylicious bride, Coco, to take her career to the next level and he is there to support her every step of the way."

Ice Loves Co...

Ice-T's Son Arrested

January 25th, 2011 9:00am EST
Rapper/actor Ice-T's teenage son has been arrested on suspicion of public indecency.

Ice Marrow, Jr., the 19-year-old son of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star, was detained by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in California in the early hours of Monday morning.

He was booked into a police station in Van Nuys and later released on $5,000 bail.

Further details were unavailable as WENN went to press.

Marrow, Jr. is set to appear in a new reality TV show called The Real Teens Of Hollywood.

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Ice-T Cleared Over Driving Arrest

August 17th, 2010 1:30pm EDT
Ice t
Rapper/actor Ice-T has triumphed in his legal battle with New York authorities - he's been cleared over allegations he was caught driving without insurance last month.

The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star's car was pulled over by cops on July 20th when he and his wife Coco were spotted travelling without wearing a seat belt.

A subsequent search of police records suggested Ice-T, real name Tracy Marrow, had previously had his license suspended while records from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) claimed he had been without car insurance since 2008. He was briefly taken into cu...

Jennifer Lopez Has The World's Most Famous Butt

August 9th, 2010 11:14pm EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez has beaten off competition from the curviest stars in showbiz to land the title for the most famous bottom in the world.

Visitors to were grilled on their favorite celebrity derriere and a resounding 37 per cent opted for the superstar, who admits she's fiercely proud of her best asset.

J.Lo once said, "I do special squats and work with loads of weights in the gym to achieve my butt. And in a way I'm kind of flattered when people compliment me for having a big a**."

"Bootylicious" beauty Beyonce came in second in the online poll and Kim Kardashian and Shakira tied...

Ice-T Wants To Sue The DMV

August 3rd, 2010 2:45pm EDT
Rapper/actor Ice-T is still fuming over his arrest for allegedly driving on a suspended license last month and he's determined to win compensation by suing the officials responsible for what he insists was a false accusation.

A car driven by the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star was pulled over by cops in New York after they spotted he and his wife Coco were not wearing seat belts. A subsequent search of police records suggested Ice-T had been temporarily banned from the road and he was booked and released for the minor motoring offence.

The rapper, real name Tracy Marrow, has per...

Ice-T: 'I Got Respect For Cops When They Get Respect For Me'

July 27th, 2010 10:00am EDT
Rapper/actor Ice-T has fuelled his war of words with police officials following allegations he was caught driving on a suspended license - he's blasted the cop union bosses who branded him "disrespectful" in a new online video rant.

Last week, officers stopped a car driven by the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star and his wife Coco when the couple was spotted not wearing seatbelts. A subsequent search of police records suggested Ice-T had been temporarily banned from the road and he was booked and released for the minor motoring offence.

However the rapper, real name Tracy Marrow, s...

Ice-T Insists He Has A Valid Driver's License; Calls Police Liars

July 21st, 2010 8:48am EDT
Ice T
Rapper/actor Ice-T has blasted police allegations he was driving on a suspended license when he was pulled over in New York on Tuesday, dismissing the charge as a "lie."

Cops stopped the "Law & Order: SVU" star and his wife Coco when the couple was spotted not wearing seatbelts.

A subsequent search of police records suggested Ice-T had been temporarily banned from driving and he was booked and released for the charge.

But Ice-T is adamant he has not broken any rules and is convinced authorities have it all wrong - because his license from his native New Jersey is clean.

In a post on Twi...

Ice-T Arrested For Alleged Traffic Violations

July 20th, 2010 4:30pm EDT
Rapper/actor Ice-T has been arrested in New York for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

The star's car was pulled over by cops on Tuesday morning after he and his wife Coco were spotted traveling without wearing their seat belts. Ice-T, real name Tracy Marrow, was taken into custody and booked at a police station in Chelsea, Manhattan and was released shortly afterwards, reports

The incident has left Ice-T fuming and he's taken to his blog to blast the arresting officer. He writes, "Some punk b**ch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bulls**...

Holy Coco!

June 18th, 2010 10:31am EDT
Ice T's wife Nicole "Coco" Austin left Voyeur nightclub in Los Angeles last night wearing a revealing Ed Hardy t-shirt dress. How does such a voluptuous woman fit into a such a teeny dress? She's defying gravity.

The couple just returned from a trip to Paris, where Coco was dressed down a bit, but still showed off the cleave'.

The best thing about these pics, though, is that her cleavage takes our focus off the Ed Hardy t-shirt.

Fun facts about Coco:
 -Her parents met on the set of "Bonanza."
 -Her brother used to mispronounce her name, so she became "Coco."
 -She won her first modelin...

Ice-T & Wife Nicole 'Coco' Austin Stroll The Streets Of Paree

June 15th, 2010 7:27pm EDT
Ice-T and Coco
Ice-T and his wife Coco were spotted shopping in Paris on Monday. The "Law and Order SVU" star and his curvaceous wife gathered a bit of attention as they strolled the streets.

It appears the couple has been traveling the world. They were photographed holding hands in Monte Carlo just last week. Must be nice to be a celebrity and take long vacations.

Last month Coco made headlines for an image she posted on Twitter. In the photo her niece is shown perched on her chest grabbing one of her breasts.

More: Celeb Photo Features | Fashion Photo Features

Click for more grea...

Coco Overdressed For 'Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?' Premiere

March 23rd, 2010 2:50pm EDT
Ice-T and Coco
Coco, known for her revealing derriere and bosom photos on twitter, showed up to the "Why Did I Get Married Too?" New York City premiere yesterday looking rather modest. Despite being covered up in an electric blue dress, her curves pop out all over the place.

Coco has been married to actor/rapper Ice-T since 2005. She has done various swimsuit competitions, calendars, videos, and catalogs. She is also a licensed massage therapist.

She says on her official website, "My BOOTY is now the most questioned part of my body. It's ALL NATURAL. NO IMPLANTS! I've always had a bubble butt and I used...

Vacationing Celebrities Beat The Winter Blues

January 22nd, 2010 9:27am EST
Miranda Kerr
Celebrities, of course, have the life. Vacationing at a moment's whim and being privy to some the world's hottest destination spots are what dreams are made of. Here are some current favorite celebrity hot spots. Share with us your dream winter blues destination!


The blazing sun of Mexico, Cabo San Lucas in particular, is the number-one preferred celebrity hotspot. Many stars flock south of the border to combat winter holiday blues. Vacationers include Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, Rihanna and Matt Kemp, George Cloo...