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''O.G. Original Gangster'' is the fourth album by Ice-T. Released in 1991, the album has been praised by many as the artist's best album. The album introduces the band Body Count, whose heavy metal sound is in sharp contrast to the rest of the album's material.

O.g. Original Gangster
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Release Date: 2010-09-30
Duration: 73:00

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Song Title       Time
1Home Of The Bodybag    02:13
2First Impression    00:46
3Ziplock    01:20
4Mic Contract    04:24
5Mind Over Matter    04:12
6New Jack Hustler [Nino's Theme]    04:44
7Ed    01:11
8Bitches 2    05:25
9Straight Up Nigga    03:44
10O.g. Original Gangster    04:44
11The House    00:58
12Evil E - What About Sex?    00:46
13Fly By    03:29
14Midnight    05:49
15Fried Chicken    01:01
16M.v.p.s    04:20
17Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous    03:52
18Body Count    06:08
19Prepared To Die    00:39
20Escape From The Killing Fields    02:36
21Street Killer    00:42
22Pulse Of The Rhyme    04:17
23The Tower    03:58
24Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year    01:42