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Slideshow: Celebrity Butterfaces

1/1/2014 6:06pm EST
Slideshow: Celebrity Butterfaces
The Urban Dictionary describes "Butterface" as "A girl with an exceptionally hot body but an exceptionally ugly face. Everything but-her-face is attractive."

Here are 14 stars who have rockin' bods, but aren't exactly easy on the eyes...

Bethenny Frankel - She's got a super-banging bikini bod at 43, but her face reminds us of the Joker

See lots more Bethenny Frankel photos here!

Brooke Hogan - Hulk Hogan with ****

See lots more Brooke Hogan photos here!

Ellie Goulding - she reminds us of Humpty Dumpty

See lots more Ellie Goulding photos here!

Miley Cyrus - chipmunk...

Cowboys Center Phil Costa Engaged To Brooke Hogan - See A Photo Of The Proposal

6/30/2013 4:30pm EDT
Brooke Hogan Phil Costa Instagram
Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke is getting married.

Professional football player Phil Costa, who plays center for the Dallas Cowboys, was photographed on one knee in front of a surprised Brooke. 

Brooke later shared the photo on Instagram, writing, "Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend."

"I wouldn't choose anyone else. I am so lucky and so grateful. I look scary but this is the face of total SHOCK."

The fake Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel is in the background, so the proposal must have occurred at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

We wish the couple the best of luck!

You Must See These Terrible Album Covers!

3/5/2013 6:59pm EST
Are These The Worst Album Covers Of All Time?
Some singers and musicians just don't have much talent when it comes to having an eye for artwork.

Most of the time an album cover has a lot to do with sales, so imagery that's interesting, sexy, mysterious, etc., is always a good thing.

Take Miley Cyrus's 2013 release, "Bangerz", for example. The peach-to-purple color mix with two photographs of houseplants with a superimposed miley staring blankly at the camera looks more like something out of "Miami Vice" circa 1984 than a modern pop record. Throw in the neon "Bangerz" sign and it now looks like a newspaper promo for a south Florida st...

Brooke Hogan Defends Hulk's Leggy Picture

1/30/2013 5:07pm EST
Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan has defended her father Hulk Hogan after he shared a photo of his daughter's legs (see it at on Twitter. The professional wrestler uploaded the pic above with the quote "Brooke's legs."

"A dad can't even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it's not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. #ignorant," Brooke Hogan snapped after critics took to social media to call her father a pervert.

Still, this isn't the first time Hulk has been questioned over his... hands-on relationship with his daughter. Back in 2008, a firestorm erupted when photos of Hul...

Hulk Hogan's Ex-Wife Busted For DUI

10/5/2012 4:28pm EDT
Linda Bollea
Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Bollea was arrested on Thursday morning on suspicion of DUI.

The reality TV star, 53, was pulled over by police in Malibu, California for speeding, but was subsequently booked for driving under the influence and driving on a suspended licence.

She was later released on $5,000 bail.

Her representative has confirmed the arrest to, but has played down the incident, claiming Bollea was on her way home from an event in Los Angeles, where she had had a glass of champagne on an empty stomach.

News of Bollea's arrest emerged hours after footage from a sex tape...

Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman & More Ladies Sizzle At Guys Choice Awards

6/4/2012 12:00pm EDT
Malin Akerman & Julianne Hough
Spike TV's 6th Annual "Guys Choice" Awards was held on Saturday in Culver City, Calif,, and some of Hollywood's hottest young stars attended.

It was double trouble as beautiful blondes Malin Akerman and Juilanne Hough wore black dresses and posed together on the red carpet. We can't decide which one looks better!

In a fan boy's fantasy, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis also got chummy for photographers. Others in attendance included Kendra Wilkinson, Brooke Hogan, Ray Liotta, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Check out more photos from the event...

Kristen & Mila




Hulk Hogan Addresses 'Insane' Gay Rumors

12/12/2011 8:12am EST
Hulk Hogan
Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has spoken out to address his ex-wife's allegations he cheated on her with a male wrestler, branding the rumors "insane".

Hogan filed a defamation lawsuit against Linda Bollea last week after she accused him of being violent and engaging in homosexual encounters. The star admits he was baffled by her claims, which were published in her book, Wrestling the Hulk - My Life Against the Ropes.

He tells Us Weekly, "After the four-year crazy divorce I thought I'd heard everything I could hear in the courtroom. Then, all of a sudden she says I abused her, that I was vi...

Hulk Hogan Claims He Lost 'Hundreds Of Millions'

9/29/2011 3:54pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
Wrestler Hulk Hogan is fighting his way back from the brink of bankruptcy after losing "hundreds of millions" of dollars.

The fighter has been struggling with financial problems for some time after maintaining a lavish lifestyle with his now ex-wife Linda Bollea and their two children, Brooke and Nick, for years.

In a pre-taped interview on Good Morning America, which aired on Thursday, he said, "(I lost) hundreds of millions. There were houses being bought, cars being bought, vacations for family members... There were eight, nine, 10, 11 of them moving into our house."

He has since o...

Brooke Hogan Unveils Her 'Women In Cages' Photo In Miami With Dad Hulk Hogan's Awkward Support (Pics)

8/14/2011 8:00pm EDT
Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan was in Miami's Wynwood Art District Thursday night to promote photographer Jordan Michael Zuniga's "Women In Cages" exhibition at Cafeina Lounge.

Brooke - who appears nude and in a small animal cage in one of Zuniga's photos - even had her dad, legendary WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan, with her for the somewhat awkward unveiling.

The exhibit is will benefit PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), as 80 percent of all proceeds will go to the animal-friendly organization.

The 23-year-old blonde bombshell tells NBC, "[Zuniga] had such a great a concept: Let's throw women i...

Hulk Hogan's Son Confused By Mother's Engagement

8/2/2010 11:45pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan's son has no idea who to believe over reports his mother Linda is engaged to marry her toyboy lover - because he "knows nothing" about it.

Wrestler-turned-reality TV star Hogan split from his wife Linda in 2007 and entered divorce proceedings, putting an end to their 24-year marriage.

The wrestler, real name Terry Bollea, went on to propose to his 36-year-old girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel shortly after the proceedings were finalized last year.

Last week, tabloid reports suggested Linda was also set to walk down the aisle and marry her boyfriend of two years, 21-year-old Charlie...

Music Producers Sue Brooke Hogan For $200,000

8/2/2010 8:34am EDT
Brooke Hogan
Hulk Hogan's singer daughter Brooke is facing legal action from her former producers over allegations she failed to properly credit them for work completed for her 2009 album "The Redemption."

Pop star and reality TV regular Brooke Hogan is being sued by bosses at Jamaican production company J 2 over the instrumental for the track "Trust Me," which featured on the album.

The 22 year old is accused of failing to give due credit in the liner notes of the record, which instead named one of Hogan's associates as the producer of the song.

J 2 executives filed suit in Manhattan federal court i...

Hulk Hogan's Ex Wife Engaged To Toyboy

7/26/2010 11:04pm EDT
Linda Hogan
The former wife of wrestler-turned actor and reality TV star Hulk Hogan is to wed her toyboy, according to tabloid reports.

Hogan and his wife Linda began divorce proceedings in 2007, putting an end to their 24-year marriage and 56-year-old Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, went on to propose to his 36-year-old girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel.

And now sources close to his ex-wife Linda, 50, have revealed she plans to wed her boyfriend of two years, 21-year-old Charlie Hill.

According to The National Enquirer, the couple will wed next summer.

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Too Much Sun Exposure Will Probably Kill These Celebrities

7/2/2010 10:31am EDT
Ridiculous Tans
It’s summer again and no self-respecting celebrity would be caught dead in a bathing suit without a nice, bronze tan. Tanned skin is sexy; we see the appeal, but there is a fine line between sexy and scary. What celebrities have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the line?

Here are ten celebrities with ridiculous tans. If you're hitting the beach this 4th of July weekend, let this be a reminder... Don't forget your sunblock!

Adam Shankman – Shankman is one of the judges of Fox’s summer hit, “So You Think You Can Dance” and the man is passionate. You would think with how frequently he is...

Hulk Hogan Has Back Surgery

5/30/2010 11:00am EDT
Celebrity wrestler Hulk Hogan is recovering after undergoing back surgery this week.

The reality TV star underwent a four-hour operation on Wednesday to remove bone growths that had come loose from his spine, causing severe pain.

The surgery was successful and Hogan was released from hospital later that night, reports

The sportsman previously underwent laser surgery on his spine last summer after collapsing during an episode of his daughter Brooke's U.S. reality TV show, Brooke Knows Best.

Hulk Hogan Pictures

Hulk Hogan's 'My Life Outside The Ring' Out Oct. 27

10/25/2009 9:00am EDT
Hulk Hogan book
Hulk Hogan, born Terry Bollea, will reveal for the first time the private person behind the very public persona, opening up about his childhood, his thirty-year career, and more recently, his personal heartbreak in "My Life Outside The Ring".

The deal for world rights was negotiated by executive editor Kathryn Huck of St. Martin's Press with Joel Kneedler of Alive Communications in conjunction with Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. St. Martin's is planning an October 2009 publication.

From humble beginnings, this giant of a man escaped a pre-ordained l...

Reality Stars We Love To Hate In Honor Of 'Project Runway's' New Season

8/20/2009 9:59am EDT
Heidi Montag
Reality stars. Can't live with 'em, can't live...heck, yeah we can live without them! But many are here to stay. And let's admit it, they're entertaining. Whether they bring bad press upon themselves or are the victims of media attacks, one thing is for sure: they make TV more interesting.

We love to talk about them and their stupid antics (especially the mess that was Speidi and "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" earlier this summer). We love to mock their new adventures (Omarosa becoming a minister...what?!). "Project Runway" returns tonight and to welcome the new season on Lifet...

Brooke Hogan Is Overproduced, Romo Bans Simpson, Kardashian Loses Bush & More

7/28/2009 8:00pm EDT
Brooke Hogan Is Overproduced, Romo Bans Simpson, Kardashian Lose
What happened in the wide, wonderful world of celebrity news & gossip today? Here's a quick recap of the top stories in Starpulse News for Tuesday, July 28, 2009:

Music Review: Overproduction Foils Brooke Hogan - Any CD review that includes the terms "Nintendo-esque tones" and "synthesizer stabs" makes us worry*.

Rihanna & Chris Brown Check In Same Hotel But Are Not Reconciling - The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Tony Romo Bans Jessica Simpson From His Home - Hell hath no fury like a Dallas Cowboys quarterback scorned...

For Sale: Erotic Messages By Madonna - Whoops, rea...

Celebrities We'd Like To See In A Sex Tape

7/17/2009 9:38am EDT
Celebrity Sex Tapes We
As a celebrity, the release of a sex tape is essentially a roll of the dice. You can either win big or lose your house on the gamble. A popular sex tape can turn B and C listers into A listers just like Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. A great sex tape can also turn a little bit of fame into a lot of fame (see Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian).

However, if the sex tape is bad or if the celebrity in the sex tape comes across as odd and/or creepy (ahem, Dustin Diamond), they can make everyone wish that they had never heard of that celebrity and never enjoyed any of their prior work. It c...

Reality TV Stars We Can't Get Enough Of & Those Who Need To Go Away

5/28/2009 9:45am EDT
Brooke Hogan
There is a reality show for everything these days, from dog grooming to etiquette training. While most of the reality personalities are grueling to watch as they pretend they are actual celebrities, there are some reality show stars that we can't take our eyes off.

Here are a few Reality TV stars that we can't get enough of:

Kim Kardashian

On "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim is actually enjoyable to watch. Unlike her mother and her two sisters, she seems more down to earth and a little less self-centered. Since her sisters Khloe and Kourtney are jetting off to ...

Brooke Hogan's 21st Birthday Pics - Hot Or Not?

5/6/2009 2:45pm EDT
Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan celebrated her 21st Birthday party at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas yesterday. What do you think of Hulk Hogan's daughter? Is she hot or not? Take a look at some photos, and tell us!

PRN / PR Photos

PRN / PR Photos

PRN / PR Photos

See more photos of Brooke here!

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Celebrity Birthdays, May 2

5/2/2009 3:00am EDT
Happy Birthday to "Summerland" actress Kay Panabaker (1990), singer Brooke Hogan (1988), NASCAR driver Kyle Busch (1985), English football star David Beckham (1975), WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (1972), Italian designer Donatella Versace (1955), "Bowfinger" actress Christine Baranski (1952), country star Larry Gatlin (1948), "Hercule Poirot" portrayer David Suchet (1946), singer Lesley Gore (1946), British singer Engelbert Humperdinck (1936), rock and roll guitar pioneer Link Wray (1929; d. 2005), and Austrian character actor Theodore Bikel (1924).

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Karate Man Don't Bruise On The Outside (Links & Stuff)

3/16/2009 7:00pm EDT
Trading Places
Check out some of the best links and viral videos found around the web today. And be sure to visit our On the Web section where we're constantly adding interesting links all the time.

YOU can even add links to stuff you find out there now, like interesting articles, cool YouTube videos, strange news, interesting photo galleries, and, well, just about anything!

The 100 most beautiful places in the world - Frontiere

SI swimsuit model Julie Henderson is gorgeous - Celebslam

12 man-tastic man caves - My Bad Pad

Fail: Karate guy trying to break wood board with head


Grammy Fashion: The Best, The Worst & The In-Between

2/9/2009 9:39am EST
Grammy Fashion
Last night's Grammy Awards were full of drama, and the stars made dramatic statements with their fashion attire. We picked the best & worst of the night, but what do you think? Do you agree with our picks? Click through our fashion slideshow, and let us know!


Bai Ling

- Click pic for next page -

More Bai Ling Pictures

Cyndi Lauper

- Click pic for next page -

More Cyndi Lauper Pictures


- Click pic for next page -

More Estelle Pictures

Jordin Sparks

- C...

Pulse Patrol: The Weakly Round-Up Of User Comments

11/4/2008 10:00am EST
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most rousing and humorous explanations were made on the latest stories on SJP Pimping for Obama, Jessica Biel’s Risky fashion choice, and the Queen of soul’s voice, as well as Hilary Swank’s latest hairstyle.

Topic Highlights = There was one gracious and agreeable remark made about Charlie Sheen however, there was no love or affection for Fergie, Russell Brand or for Hulk Hogan’s Daughter.

Top Comm...

Videos: Brooke Hogan's Sexiest Moments From 'Brooke Knows Best'

10/28/2008 12:45pm EDT
Brooke Hogan Knows Best Sexy videos
The first season of Brooke Hogan's reality show 'Brooke Knows Best' is over. But VH1 has picked the Top 11 Sexiest Moments from the season for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the videos below. Do YOU think Brooke is sexy? Which was YOUR favorite clip? Leave a comment below!

Can I see you on a pole?

Brooke gets a workout at the club

Click here for the next video

- Tons of Brooke Hogan pics -

I want to learn to do it upside-down

Brooke and Linda learn some new skills!

Click here for the next video

- Tons of Brooke Hogan p...

Celebrity Fashion Review: Fall Awakening and Sleepers

10/17/2008 3:49pm EDT
Thandie Newton
Chilly months are closely approaching, but regardless of this fact, some Hollywood starlets still manage to put their best red-carpet looks forward for that perfect step and repeat photo opportunity. While others, unfortunately, never fail to disappoint us.

Fall Awakening

Dashing Thandie is how we should refer to actress Thandie Newton. This beauty always looks amazing in anything she dons. At the New York City premiere of the movie "W" held at The Ziegfeld Theater on October 14, she took her 'wow' appeal to another level. Sporting a gorgeous one shoulder black dress with ruffle...

Pulse Patrol: The Weakly Round-Up Of User Comments

9/16/2008 10:10am EDT
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most stimulating and humorous comments were made on the latest stories on Katy Perry’s Boyfriend?, Paris protecting the Jonas Brothers, and Television’s sexiest sleuths, as well as a Story about Howard Stern the Virginity Merchant.

Topic Highlights = There were some congenial and pleasant remarks made about Niecy Nash and Colt 45 salesman Billy Dee Williams however, there was no love or affection for Beyon...

Pulse Patrol: The 'Weakly' Round-Up Of User Comments

8/5/2008 10:30am EDT
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most spellbinding and astute comments were made on "Fergie’s working girl role " story, Snoop Dogg’s latest run in with the law, and "Katy Perry coming on to Miley" story as well as another story about Seth Rogen and his Chronic.

Topic Highlights =There was some insightful annotations made about the Talents of Brooke Hogan and Michael Jackson and some fascinating comments made about the personal appearan...

Brooke Hogan Dishes About Family Drama, Nick’s Jailhouse Confrontations & More

7/9/2008 4:14pm EDT
Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan talks exclusively with "Access Hollywood's" Maria Menounos about brother Nick's jailhouse confrontations and the romantic relationships of her soon-to-be divorced parents. The two-part series airs on "Access Hollywood" today, Wednesday, July 9th and Thursday, July 10th.

Nick Hogan is currently serving time in jail for an August car crash that left his best friend, John Graziano, critically injured. Brooke Hogan, best known for being the daughter of famous wrestler Hulk Hogan, says some of the inmates have verbally confronted Nick during his time in jail.

"He's in ...

'Brooke Knows Best' Premires July 13

7/7/2008 1:58pm EDT
Brooke Hogan
Daddy's little girl Brooke, the butterfly of the Hogan family, is spreading her wings and leaving the ever watchful eye of her father, the "Hulkster!" Still armed with her dreams of achieving pop superstardom, the 20-year old is moving to Miami to begin her life as an adult. Time will tell if Brooke Knows Best as she breaks out of her parental cocoon and embarks on a life all on her own in Miami.

Premiering on Sunday, July 13 at 10PM, "Brooke Knows Best" will follow Brooke and her new roommates Glenn and Ashley on their new adventures living single and solo in Miami. As Brooke will soo...