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Now Playing: Robert Pattinson Talks Sex Scenes in Cosmopolis 'Nashville': "If Your Heart Can Handle It" Live Performance
2015-03-26 'Nashville': "Borrow My Heart" Live Performance
2015-03-26 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "Heart on Fire"
2015-03-13 'In An Instant': Heart Pounding
2015-03-13 'In An Instant': Heart Pounding
2015-03-10 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "Heart on Fire"
2015-03-05 Hometown Heroes | Heart Bonus Clip 2 | Inspired S1
2015-03-04 Musical Influences | Heart Bonus Clip | Inspired S1
2015-03-04 Inspired S1:E9 | Heart
2015-03-04 Lady Gaga Spotted After Announcing Her Engagement to Taylor Kinney
2015-02-17 'The Chew': Heart Shaped Pancakes and Ravioli
2015-02-14 'Nashville': Nashville Music: Heart on Fire
2015-02-12 'Once Upon A Time': Emma Assures Graham He Has a Heart
2015-01-21 'Once Upon A Time': The Huntsman Loses His Heart
2015-01-21 'Resurrection': Margaret Reveals How the Returned Disappear
2015-01-06 'Still Room for a Great Power Ballad'
2014-12-05 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "Borrow My Heart"
2014-12-04 'The Middle': Sue Tells Mike That He's the World's Greatest Dad
2014-12-04 R5 Will Play Anywhere and Make You Smile
2014-11-27 R5 & Sabrina Carpenter Hit the Stage at Family Day LA
2014-11-19 'Once Upon A Time': Rumple Takes Hook's Heart
2014-11-17 'Resurrection': Maggie and Barbara's Heart-to-Heart
2014-10-28 Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Engaged?
2014-02-17 Women Don't Want Heart-Shaped Jewelry
2013-04-29 Smell Receptors In Heart Suggest Nose Isn't Only Odor-Detecting Organ