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Now Playing: Colin Farrell Couldn't Get A Job After He Burned All His Bridges In Hollywood 3 Products to Help Snorers (And Their Partners) Sleep Better
2015-08-21 Willard Scott Presents Milestone Birthdays: August 19, 2015
2015-08-19 What Words Should You ‘Honestly' Stop Saying?
2015-08-19 Kerry Washington Says Her Body Is a 'Site of a Miracle Now' After Pregnancy
2015-08-18 10 Facts About Hamburgers
2015-08-16 Ashley Judd's Abs Are Amazing! Get the 47-Year-Old's Secret
2015-08-15 TODAY Life Hacks: Achieve Kitchen Zen
2015-08-15 Dirty Harry? Prince Harry Sports Full Beard in New Photos
2015-08-14 Ariel Winter Opens Up About Breast Reduction Surgery
2015-08-13 Cody Gifford Surprises Kid with Signed Frank Gifford Jersey
2015-08-13 Connie Britton on ‘American Ultra': ‘Go If You Want to Laugh'
2015-08-13 TV Before Bed, Wearing Ballet Flats: How Harmful Are These Habits?
2015-08-13 Savannah Birthday Cake Attempt for Vale, with Natalie's ‘Help'
2015-08-13 Get the Tissues Out! Ambush Makeover Brings Tears of Joy
2015-08-13 Bethenny Frankel ‘Having a Really Good Time' Dating, Has Big Fall Plans
2015-08-11 KLG, Hoda Fawn Over Adorable Pics of Bobbie Thomas' Baby Boy Miles
2015-08-06 Top 5 Fascinating Facts About Sleep
2015-08-02 'The View': 'View' Make-Up Artist Rebecca Borman Gives Tips to Get Flawless Eyes
2015-07-31 5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Memory
2015-07-30 We Tried Fire Cupping Therapy And It Was Next-Level Weird
2015-07-25 Karlie Kloss Shows That an Athletic Body Is a HOT One
2015-07-22 The Faces of Postpartum Depression
2015-07-21 Gwyneth Paltrow's Latest Health Advice: Yawning
2015-07-17 Women's Fitness Magazine Makes History Featuring a Plus Size Cover Model
2015-07-17 Vegan Baby: What You Need to Know About Vegan Baby Diet
2015-07-14 Turning the City Into a Personal Gym
2015-07-09 'The Chew': Cricket Bars: The New Breakfast?!
2015-07-08 Why Are You So Tired?
2015-06-26 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Exercises 10 and 9
2015-06-24 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Exercies 5, 4 and 3
2015-06-24 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Matt Bomer
2015-06-23 The Top 5 Celebrity Beach Body Fitness Inspirations
2015-06-22 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Colin Farrell
2015-06-19 What Your Doctor Has To Say About Late Night Bathroom Trips
2015-06-08 Inspirational Dancer Battles Incurable Disease
2015-06-03 People Explain Their Childhood AIM Names
2015-05-30 Ballerina With Bulbous Nose Wants Rhinoplasty
2015-05-20 Dolly Parton Imitator Turns to Dr. Dubrow for a Remodel
2015-05-20 Gwyneth Paltrow's Workout Routine Involves Sex
2015-05-19 The Unlikely Sports Icon Who Kept Tabs on Tom Brokaw's Health
2015-05-14 The One Thing Tom Brokaw Wants to Do Next in Life
2015-05-14 Tom Brokaw on Cancer Battle: 'I'm Still the Luckiest Guy I Know'
2015-05-14 Why Tom Brokaw Is Staying Positive Despite Incurable Cancer Diagnosis
2015-05-14 'Botched' Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Tours Hollywood
2015-05-13 Great Ways to Treat Yourself
2015-05-10 The 6 Secrets To Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind
2015-05-07 How to Change Any Habit
2015-05-05 The 5 Pieces of Advice Gynecologists Wish You Knew
2015-05-01 How To Get Over Your Hangover In Time For Work
2015-04-12 Black Sabbath Cancels Concert, Tony Iommi Gives Health Update
2015-04-10 Woman Has Her Sebaceous Cyst Popped
2015-04-02 Jamie Oliver Launches Campaign to Tackle Obesity
2015-03-30 Kelly Osbourne Will Remove Her Ovaries
2015-03-25 'The View': Chocolate That Can Reverse The Signs of Aging
2015-03-13 'The View': "The View" Guest Co-Host Stacy London Shows Off Simple Style Trends
2015-03-13 'The View': Which Star Has the Best Eyebrows?
2015-03-13 'The View': Rocco DiSpirito Shows "The View" Co-Hosts How to Cook Their Butts Off
2015-03-13 'The View': FDA Approves Drug That Eliminates Double Chin
2015-03-13 Ebola and Beyond on the Red Carpet at the UN
2015-03-03 Cryotherapy: Freeze Your Way to a Fit Body
2015-03-03 Anthony Anderson Talks About Becoming 'Vegan-Ish'
2015-03-03 Cameron Diaz Keeps Fit with Sex
2015-03-02 Kristen Bell Won't Let  Unvaccinated Friends Hold Her Kids
2015-02-18 'The View': "The View" Guest Co-Host Michelle Williams Wears Lingerie for Herself
2015-02-14 'The View': Latreal Mitchell Shows Nicolle and Mario Simple Ways to Get Fit
2015-02-06 'The View': A Father Goes to Beauty School To Learn How to Do His Daughter's Hair
2015-02-05 'The View': Dr. Richard Besser on Measles Vaccinations
2015-02-03 'The View': Whoopi Returns to "The View"
2015-01-21 Shake That Stubborn Cough
2015-01-18 The Shoulder Move Everyone Does The Wrong Way
2015-01-16 'The Chew': Carla's Slimmed Down Secrets
2015-01-16 Casey Wilson: I Absolutely Hate Being Pregnant
2015-01-15 Why Casey Wilson Won't Be Naming Her Son "Table"
2015-01-15 Casey Wilson Talks Cooking While Pregnant
2015-01-15 Celebrities Put in the Hours at the Gym