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Now Playing: Rosie O'Donnell's Fiance Diagnosed With Fatal Disease 'Biggest Loser' Host Flashes Toned Tummy
2014-09-16 Holy Abs! Kate Hudson Puts Us All to Shame
2014-09-13 It's a 'Biggest Loser' Twist!
2014-09-12 Behind the Scenes of We Are Your Friends With Zac Efron
2014-09-11 Hello Hotness! Maria Menounos Shows Off Perfect Shape
2014-09-10 Kate Middleton Cancels Another Appearance
2014-09-10 Guess Which Star Is Getting Acupuncture
2014-09-05 Melissa Rivers Gives an Update on Her Mom's Condition
2014-08-29 Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Famous Curves
2014-08-29 Serena Williams Teaches David Letterman New Tricks
2014-08-21 Shocking Anti-Obesity PSA Sparks Huge Debate
2014-08-14 Comedian's Heartfelt Depression Advice Goes Viral
2014-08-13 How to Make Stomach-Slimming Drinks!
2014-08-11 Kristin Chenoweth Worries Fans With Cryptic Tweets About Her Health
2014-08-06 'Botched' Patient's Mom Hurt by Son's Secrecy
2014-07-28 Watch Cynthia's Emotional Moment at Fundraiser
2014-07-28 Sharon Stone on Surviving Her Brain Aneurysm: "I Was Burned to the Ground"
2014-07-28 Taylor Swift Is No Diva
2014-07-25 Justin Bieber Is Working Hard in the Gym
2014-07-14 Kimberley Garner Launches Her Latest Kimberley London Swimwear Line
2014-07-02 'Human Ken Doll' Looks Fit, But Is He?
2014-06-30 'Botched' Doctors Tackle a Uniboob
2014-06-30 Human Ken Doll Designs Leg Implants
2014-06-24 Are You Wearing the Wrong Size Shoes?
2014-06-07 This Skin Condition Affects Your Nails
2014-06-07 Have Your Nails Been Secretly Traumatized?
2014-06-07 How Olympic Figure Skaters Meryl Davis And Charlie White Thrive
2014-06-04 Meryl Davis Discusses Her 'Chemistry' With Partner And Rumored Beau Max
2014-06-03 'DWTS' Winner Meryl Davis Admits To Having An Advantage
2014-06-03 Meryl Davis: Figure Skating Costumes Are 'More Limited' Than Dancing Gear
2014-06-03 How Your Skin Can Tell You If You're Pre-Diabetic
2014-05-31 The Real Reason Your Always Sweating
2014-05-31 Why Your Skin Is So Itchy
2014-05-31 Fit with Dylan: Seated Leg Press
2014-05-29 Fit with Dylan: The Warm Up
2014-05-28 Sponsored: Beauty Is Bone Deep
2014-05-27 Sponsored: What's In Your Beauty Toolkit
2014-05-27 Ways You Get Smarter as You Get Older
2014-05-20 Fitness Tips with "Dancing With The Stars" Pro Tony Dovolani
2014-05-16 Late Night Eating Is OK, If You're Hungry
2014-05-15 The Most Dangerous Mistake In Dieting
2014-05-15 Cleansing and Juicing May Lead to Weight Gain
2014-05-15 The Most Common Mistake With Weight Loss
2014-05-15 The Mistake of Eliminating The Foods You Love
2014-05-15 OWN Minute With Gabrielle Bernstein
2014-05-09 The Four Worst Foods For Your Skin
2014-05-08 What Can Make You Go Up A Dress Size In One Day?
2014-05-08 AJ Johnson's Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie
2014-05-08 Move Your Feet To Aid Your Digestion
2014-05-07 The Most Common Reasons You're Feeling Bloated
2014-05-07 The Top Three Things That Will Make You Bloat
2014-05-07 Can You Change Your Favorite Body Part?
2014-05-02 AJ Johnson: From Actress to Health Coach
2014-04-25 AJ Johnson: From Actress to Health Coach
2014-04-24 Plus A Word We've Never Heard Before
2014-04-23 Relieve Modern Neck Tension
2014-04-23 The Power of A Number
2014-04-21 How Often Is Too Often?
2014-04-21 How Ergonomics Help You
2014-04-18 Lessen Typing's Negative Effects
2014-04-18 Breathe Right
2014-04-17 Backlash Against Facebook Group That Fat Shames Women
2014-04-16 Sleep Positions That Age You
2014-04-15 Depuff Skin One Snack at a Time
2014-04-15 Protect Your Largest Organ
2014-04-15 Fat Is Bad! Not True! Popular Food Myths Debunked
2014-04-09 How the Perfect Posture Can Cure Aches and Pains
2014-04-09 The Hidden Fattening Foods in Your Grocery Cart
2014-04-09 Signs To Pay Attention To
2014-04-09 Why Happy Is Healthy
2014-04-09 Taking Time for Better Health
2014-04-09 Kitchen Hacks to Save Time
2014-04-09 Rob Lowe's Philosophy for Staying Youthful
2014-04-07 Miranda Kerr's New Favorite Workout Buddy
2014-03-21 Cameron Diaz and Sharon Stone: Aging Gracefully - First Look