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George Frideric Handel Albums

The Essentials: Classical Guitar, Vol. 1
The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration
Great Composers Of Classical Music, Vol. V
Great Composers Of Classical Music, Vol. IV
La Mémoire Des Castrats
Handel: Water Music - Music For The Royal Fir…
'where'er You Walk': Arias For Handel's Favou…
Swoon: The Opera Collection
Tesoros De La Música Clásica, Vol. I
200 Guitars For Greece (Live)
Grandes Maestros Vol.I
Grandes Maestros Vol.II
Festival Barroco Vol.II
Festival Barroco Vol.I
The Genteel Companion: A Recorder Recital
Bach & Handel: Transcriptions For Piano
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6 Nos. 1-6 (Tran…
Classical Collection Vol.I
The Glory Of Opera
Arias For Domenico Annibali: The Dresden Star…
Handel: Music For The Royal Fireworks And Wat…
1000 Years Of Classical Music
200 Guitars For Greece
Handel At Vauxhall, Volume 1
Her Majesty's Music: Celebrating The 90th Bir…
Trio Sonatas For Two Violins And Basso Contin…
Hymn Improvisations, Vol. 3
Hymns Ancient & Modern
Handel: Flute Sonatas
The Golden Age Of Light Music: A Carol Sympho…
Noorderkerk Amsterdam
Grote Kerk, Harderwijk
Matryoshka Blues
Handel: Arie Per La Cuzzoni
Handel: Imeneo, Hwv 41
The Organ Of Rochdale Town Hall - Overture Tr…
Música Barroca
Divine Karina
Baroque Session On Piano
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Handel: Messiah - The Choruses
Vibes Virtuoso
From The Heart Of Europe
Berlioz: Les Nuits D'été, Op. 7 - Handel: A…
Classical Christmas
Haydn: Symphony No. 7, Symphony No. 83 & Viol…
Kathleen Ferrier, Contralto, Vol. 3
Kathleen Ferrier, Contralto, Vol. 2
Die Unsterbliche Stimme: Lilli Lehmann
Cosy Classics
Super Music, Classicos
Händel: The Messiah
Grandes Del Barroco Vol. II
Concerto Grosso
Twee Orgels, Vier Handen
The Classic 100: Swoon - Top Ten And Selected…
Ave Maria Vol. 2 (Arr. For Trumpet And Organ)
Música Espectacular, Temas Clasicos
Reflections: Organ Concerti Of Handel, Sowerb…
The Best Melodies Of Classical Music, Vol. I
Great Baroque Masterpieces, Vol. II
Great Baroque Masterpieces, Vol. I
Händel: The Best Classical Works, Vol. III
The Best Organ Works Of Classical Music, Vol.…
Händel: The Best Classical Works, Vol. I
Händel: The Best Classical Works, Vol. II
Händel: The Best Classical Works, Vol. IV
Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht
Handel: Complete Harpsichord Music
Classical Moods - Fireplace Dream
Dreams - Shakuhachi & Pipe Organ
El Mesías
Clásicos Inolvidables Vol. 51, Música Acu…
Clásicos Inolvidables Vol. 43, Órgano
Colours Of Classics
Classical Christmas Concert 2
Dixit Dominus, Händel
Pachelbel, Händel, Telemann, Bach And Vivald…
Claude Laurent's Cristal Flute
Les Splendeurs De La Musique Sacrée, Vol. 9
Voyage À Travers L'europe Baroque
Les Splendeurs De La Musique Sacrée, Vol. 10
Green Edition - Handel: Music For The Royal F…
Handel: Organ Concertos No. 13 In F Major And…
Green Edition - Handel: Messiah, Pt. 1, Hwv 5…
Green Edition - Handel: Concerto Grosso No. 7…
Classical Christmas Concert
Barbara Hendricks: Winter Compilation 2015
Brilliant Christmas
The Classical Collection, Famous Baroque Musi…
Eugene Ormandy: 25 Masterpieces
Maestros De La Música Clásica, Vol. XI
Maestros De La Música Clásica, Vol. X
Grandes Epocas De La Música, Haendel: Concie…
Grandes Epocas De La Música, Handel: Música…
Handel On Guitar, Vol. 2
Daybreak: As Heard On Classic Breakfast
Recital In Handel's Church
Handel & Vivaldi: Concerti E Arie
I'm Gonna Sing (Live)
In Dulci Jubilo
Los Divos De La Ópera
La Trompeta Barroca
Éxitos Clásicos
The Classical Piano Collection
Christmas Collection - Noël Classique
Handel: Partenope
Haydn, Mozart & Handel: Piano Sonatas & Suite…
Handel: Messiah, Hwv 56 (Live)
The Very Best Of Munich Symphony Orchestra - …
The Very Best Of Slovak Philharmonic Orchestr…
50 Classical Pieces For Afternoon Tea
Classical Pieces In Classic Tv Adverts
50 Classical Pieces For Autumn Days
50 Classical Pieces: Back To Work
50 Classical Pieces: Back To School
The Very Best Of London Festival Orchestra - …
A Night At The Opera: 50 Favourites
The Very Best Of Nüremberg Symphony Orchestr…
Las Bodas Y Su Música
Musik Und Die Natur
Adventskalender: 24 Lieder Zum Advent
Meditation Classical Music, Vol. I
Weihnacht In Maulbronn
Handel: Duetti E Terzetti Italiani
New Colours Of The Past
Bach & Handel, Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 & N…
Haendel/Bach, Coros Famosos
Classical Christmas Music For Organ And Trump…
Georg Friedrich Händel, Conciertos Para Orqu…
Händel, Música Para Los Reales Fuegos Artif…
Händel, Vol. II: Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 1…
Händel, Vol. I: Música Acuática - Música …
Two Friends Together
The Power Of Love
Classical Selection - Handel: Water Music Sui…
Una Notte Italiana (Arr. For Voice And Piano)
75th Anniversary Collection
J.S. Bach, Clérambault, Cramer, Handel & Wid…
Clásicos Selectos
Lo Mejor De La Música Barroca: Los Grandes C…
Haydn: The Creation
Handel: Agrippina, Hwv 6 (Live)
Perlman & Zukerman - Duets For Two Violins
Classical Music For Christmas
Händel Musica Acuatica
Handel: 12 Concerti Grossi, Op. 6
Opera: 40 Overtures
Selección Clásicos Con Historia
Georg Friedrich Händel: "Water Music" Suite …
Händel - Good Classic, Vol. 12
Richard Bonynge - The Opera Collection
2015 Texas Music Educators Association (Tmea)…
Famous Overtures, Beethoven, Handel, Bach & R…
Clasicos Populares
Divine Redeemer
Lagrime Mie
50 Greatest Classical Pieces Of All Time
Handel's Concertos
Handel: Hallelujah! & Other Famous Messiah Ch…
50 Classical Pieces For Running
50 Classical Pieces For Spinning
The Britannic Organ, Vol. 10: Welte's German …
Kathleen Ferrier Broadcasts & Live Recordings…
"Zadok The Priest -Single (From ""Mcdonald's …
Perlman & Domingo - Together
Open Road
The Classical Guitar
2015 Florida Music Educators Association (Fme…
Los Mejores Fragmentos Del Mesías
Classical Selection - Handel: Music Of The Ro…
Clásicos Inolvidables Vol. 32, Grandes Coros
Unwind With 2 Hours Of Classical Music
Voices From The Past, Vol. 2: Instruments Of …
35 Greatest Wedding Classics
4 Hours Of Engaging Classical For Concentrati…
4 Hours Of Energising Classical For Motivatio…
50 Best Classical Pieces For Gentlemen
35 Greatest Classical Pieces For Reading
35 Greatest Choral Classics
96 Classical Pieces From The Movies
35 Greatest Christening Classics
4 Hours Of Soothing Classical For Pregnancy
1 Hour Of Classical Music For Bedtime
4 Hours Of Relaxing Classical For Meditation …
Clásicos Inolvidables Vol. 30, Navidad
Grainger: The Complete Piano Music
Handel: The Complete Solo Sonatas For Wind In…
Música Del Mundo Vol.6 Nombres De Mujer
50 Classical Pieces For A Spring Day
50 Essential Classical Masterpieces
50 Relaxing Classics For A Rainy Day
50 Classical Pieces For Reading
50 Classics For A Summer's Day
50 Classics For Christmas Day
The Sound Of Czech Philharmonic Brasses
Música Del Mundo Vol.3
Best Of Baroque
Handel On Guitar, Vol. 1
A Classical Anthology: Trumpet & Horn (Over 2…
A Classical Anthology: Baroque (Over 6 Hours)
A Classical Anthology: Violin (Over 9 Hours)
Music For Organ & Trumpet
Händel - Water Music - Music To The Firework…
New Year Concerto
Händel - El Mesías
Handel: Music For The Royal Fireworks And Obo…
Le Messie
Fugue State
Droplets: 60 Seconds - 60 Pieces
Aquellos Maravillosos Años De Música Inolvi…
Selección Clásicos
50 Best - Baroque
50 Best - Handel
50 Best - Opera
Maestros Del Barroco Haendel
Baroque Moments
Handel: Grand Musical Entertainment - New Con…
Elisir (Voice And Harp Version)
Szép Karácsonyéj
Sonic Waves
Handel: Music For The Royal Fireworks, Hwv 35…
Greatest Ever Classical Masterpieces - The Ve…
Handel In Italy, Vol. 1
50 Must-Have Far East Classics
Händel - Water Music - Messiah
60 Relaxing Violin Chillout Classics
60 Relaxing Bedtime Chillout Classics
Los Grandes De La Musica Clasica - George Han…
Handel Cantate 02
Música De Siempre - Clasicos Populares
Selección Clásicos - Gluck, Verdi, Wagner
Selección Clásicos - Mozart, Schubert, Doni…
Selección Clásicos - J. S. Bach, Händel, F…
Los 100 Mejores Instrumentistas Del Siglo
50 German Classics For Beginners
50 British Classics For Beginners
50 Choral Classics For Beginners
50 Baroque Songs: Classical Collection
50 Winter Songs: Classical Collection
50 Evening Songs: Classical Collection
50 Movie Songs: Classical Collection
50 Choral Songs: Classical Collection
50 Organ Songs: Classical Collection
50 Erotic Songs: Classical Collection
50 Famous Songs: Classical Collection
50 Violin Songs: Classical Collection
50 Wedding Songs: Classical Collection
50 Calm Songs: Classical Collection
Focus Your Mind With Handel: 50 Tracks
The Classical Collection - Händel - Obras Ce…
The Classical Collection - Händel - Obras Ma…
Apollo's Feast: Instruments From The Dolmetsc…
Salvator Mundi - The Purcell Legacy
Swoon - Piano Rapture
Music From The Office For The Royal Maundy
Clásicos Inolvidables, Vol. 2
Clásicos Inolvidables, Vol. 1
Handel: Concerto Grosso, Op. 6 Nos. 9 - 12, H…
Geminiani: 6 Cello Sonatas, Op. 5 - Handel: K…
Hollywood Blockbusters
Die Ladegast-Orgeln, Vol. 4: Die Ladegast-Org…
Música Del Barroco
Water Music
Slow Classics: The Musical Companion To Slow …
Flute Exam Pieces 2014 - 2017, Grade 7
Flute Exam Pieces 2014 - 2017, Grade 5
George Frideric Handel: Complete Recorder Son…
Yarlung Records: 10th Anniversary
Dioses De La Música - Händel, Schubert, Moz…
Dioses De La Música - Händel, Rameau
Khora - Niemandslied-
Grandes Maestros Del Barroco
Classical Music For Thanksgiving Dinner
Alto Saxophone Exam Pieces, Starting 2014, Gr…
Oboe Ensemble Haim
Handel: Suites For Harpsichord, Vol. 3
The Philip Smith Collection, Album 1: Trumpet…
The Philip Smith Collection (Live)
The Handel Album
Handel: Tamerlano, Hwv 18
Handel: L'allegro, Il Penseroso Ed Il Moderat…
Georg Friedrich Händel: Love In Bath
Música Para Bodas
I Varje Hjärta
Music For Weddings, Vol. 2
Sakrale Musik - Eine Zeitreise (Live)
Classical Best Hits - Bach, Händel, Vivaldi
Baroque Music - Händel, Albinoni
Organ (Red Classics)
Enciclopedia De La Música Clásica Vol. 3
Music For Weddings, Vol. 1
La Musica De Las Bodas Reales
Hits Clasicos - Händel
Händel - Concerto Grosso
Obras Unicas De Música Clásica Vol. 2
Obras Unicas De Música Clásica Vol. 1
Joyas De La Música Vol. 4
Joyas De La Música Vol. 2
Chorus Practice Series 17, Handel: Messiah, H…
LP Pure, Vol. 17: Scherchen Conducts Handel's…
Works For Oboe
The Best Of Tianwa Yang
Ave Maria, Rejoice & Hallelujah
Handel: Keyboard Suites, Vol. 2
Music For Brass Septet, Vol. 2
The True Voice Of Enrico Caruso, Vol. 1
Handel: Joshua, Hwv 64
Festliches Konzert
20 Basics - The Trumpet (20 Classical Masterp…
Mit Klassik In Den Frühling
Haendel: Dettingen Te Deum
Maureen Forrester Sings Bach And Handel
Top 30 Funeral Classics
Romantic Harp Concertos
Music That Matters (Live)
Classical Music For Easter
In Their Branches: Musical Reflections On The…
Los Divos De La Opera En Vivo - Renata Scotto
Händel: Concerto For Orchestra No. 25 Water …
Barroco III Viaje Al Barroco Profundo
Georg Friedrich Haendel
30 Must-Have British Classics
Greatest Hits Of The Classics Vol. 4
Cuarteto De Cuerdas
Portrait Johanna Martzy
Resonances: Music For Harp
Handel: Water Music
Bach - Handel - Gluck - Alain - Martin: Music…
Handel: Su Müzikleri Süiti No. 1 & Donanma …
Handel: My Favourite Instrument – Concertos…
Baroque Mania
Handel & Hellendaal: Grand Concertos
Handel's Recorder
Flute Music Of Bach
The Very Best Of Andrés Segovia
Through The Centuries
Et In Arcadia Ego: Italian Cantatas & Sonatas
Baby Classics
Piano Encores
Handel: Organ Concertos
Simply Cor Anglais
Classical Great Hits
Clasicos Selectos
The R.P.O. Plays - Concert Masterpieces
Famous Baroque Music
Tag - Träume
Messiah, Hwv 56
George Frideric Handel - Concerto Grosso No. …
Nyt Tähtitarhoihin Laulu Soi: Suomen Kansall…
Music Tournament: Yuri Korchinsky & Mikhail B…
Baby Christmas Classical
Georg Friedrich Händel: Neun Deutsche Arien
Handel, Bach & Scarlatti: Live At Milton Cour…
Händel: Messiah, Hwv 56 (Arr. For Trumpet & …
Jussi Björling Recital (Live 1959)
Beniamino Gigli Recital (Live)
Handel: Messiah, Hwv 56
Fifty Years Of Hungaroton (1951-2001) - Condu…
Duets And Cantatas
Baroque (Christmas Edition)
Psalm 112 Laudate Pueri
Handel: 4 Concerti Grossi From Op. 6
Handel: 4 Concerti Grossi, Op. 6 Nos. 7, 8, 1…
Hungarian Baroque Songs And Dances
De La Musica Antigúa Al Barroco - Bach - Han…
Les Immortels
Our Special Christmas: George Frideric Handel…
Handel: Best Of Messiah, Hwv 56
La Crème De La Crème: Handel
La Crème De La Crème: La Musique Classique
George Frideric Handel: Concerto Grosso, Op. …
George Frideric Handel: Harp Concerto In B-Fl…
The Christmas Collection
Hallelujah: Handel's Messiah
Classical Christmas: The Nutcracker Suite & H…
George Frideric Handel
50 Ultimate Relaxing Classics
Pieces For Harp /Händel, Dobrodinský, Trne…
Handel: Operatic Arias
Esther, Hwv 50a (First Reconstructable Versio…
La Guitarra Clásica Española
Love & Passion In Music
Handel's Messiah, Hwv 56
Handel: Cantate Italiane
The Queen (Recordings 1949-1960)
Baroque Oboe Concertos - Bach, Handel, Vivald…
Orchestral Favourites
Favorite Oratorio Choruses
Overtures For Organ Four Hands
Obras Selectas De La Música Universal
Handel: Complete Oboe Concertos And Sonatas
Handel: Messiah, Oratorio, Hwv 56 (Original A…
The Signature Series: George Frideric Handel …
Les Prières Du Classique
Caminando: Musiques Renaissance Et Baroque (R…
Heroes From The Shadows
The Harmonious Thuringian
Classic And Sacred Art Songs
George Frideric Handel, Rodelinda - Maestros …
George Frideric Handel, Water Music - Maestro…
Purely Classical: Relaxation
Purely Classical: Reading
Purely Classical: Housework
A Classical Wedding: Walking Down The Aisle
Purely Classical: Wedding
A Classical Wedding: Getting Ready
Purely Classical: Driving
A Classical Wedding: Leaving The Church
Purely Classical: Motivation
Purely Classical: Dinner Party
The Malcolm Smith Memorial Album
Handel: Faramondo, Hwv 39
Singers Of The Century: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
The A-Z Of Opera (2nd Expanded Edition)
1 Hour Handel
La Mejor Selección De Música Para Tu Boda
Instant Expert: All You Need To Know About Cl…
Baroque Trumpet Concertos
Vivaldi - Veracini - Locatelli - Handel
Grandes Maestros, Obras Clásicas, Vol. 3
Handel: Messiah
The Telemann Society Presents: All In A Garde…
Grandes Maestros, Obras Clásicas Vol. 4
Classics For The People, Vol. 1
George Frideric Handel, Los Grandes De La Mú…
30 Must-Have Largo Masterpieces
Colours Of Spring: Classical Music To Brighte…
Selected Duos For 2 Cellos
Wedding Music
Bach And Handel: Music For Two Trumpets And O…
50 Must-Have Romantic Movie Classics
Barocke Kammermusik
My Favorite Things…
Handel: Jephtha
Bizarre Or Barock
Mr. Frick's Favorites: Organ Music
The Bamboo Organ Of Las Piñas, Manila
Paris, Concert January 2014
Concerto En Scie & Raffin Majeur
Great British Anthems
Handel: Terpsicore - Ballet Scenes From Ariod…
The Voice Of Isobel Baillie
Baroque - The Essential Collection
The Beniamino Gigli Collection, Vol. 6: The L…
Treasure Of The Baroque
Harpsichord Favourites
2014 American Choral Directors Association, W…
Bach, Corelli & Händel: Works For Recorder
Händel: Piano Concertos
The Classic 100: Baroque & Before – The Top…
The Classic 100: Opera - The Top 10 & Selecte…
Die Himmel Rühmen: Berühmte Geistliche Chö…
Baroque Splendour Volume 1
The Best Of The Classics Volume 19
The Best Of The Classics Volume 20
Best Of Musica Bayreuth (Live)
Vivaldi / Caccini / Falconieri / Giordani / E…
Christmas Concert
Handel: 9 Arias / Trio Sonata In A Minor
Agricola: Missa Le Serviteur / Missa Je Ne De…
Homilius: Horn Quartet In B-Flat Major / Balo…
Bach, J.S.: Prelude And Fugue In G Major / To…
Weckmann / Reincken / Mattheson / Handel / Ba…
Evening With The New York Harp Ensemble (An)
Christmas With The New York Harp Ensemble
Bach / Handel / Rossini / Monti: Works Arrang…
Hubay: Works For Violin And Piano, Vol. 7: Tr…
Handel: Pastor Fido (Il)
Marton, Eva: Lieder By Bach, Handel, Mendelss…
Handel: Floridante, Hwv 14
Handel: Latin Motets
Handel: St. John Passion
Dubois: Works For Flute
Baroque Day-Dream (A)
Handel: Music For The Royal Fireworks / Overt…
Handel: Terpsicore - Prologue To Il Pastor Fi…
Handel: Cantatas (Hwv 82, 142 And 150)
Marton, Eva: Christmas With Eva Marton
Handel: Italian Cantatas
Handel: Solo Cantatas (Hwv 97, 99 And 110)
Pergolesi / Cabezon / Albinioni / Daquin / Ha…
Handel: Violin Sonatas Nos. 2b -8
Handel: Recorder Sonatas And Concerto
Handel: 6 Concerti Grossi, Op. 3
Handel / Haydn: Organ Concertos
Handel: Water Music Suites Nos. 1-3
Handel: Atalanta, Hwv 35
Handel: Cantatas (Hwv 99 And 134)
Vivaldi: Concerto In D Major (Arr. For Harp) …
400 Years Of The Opera, Vol. 1
50 Years Of Hungaraton (1951-2000): Singers
Handel: Brockes Passion, Hwv 48
Handel: Music For The Royal Fireworks & Water…
The Best Of The Classics Volume 14
The Best Of The Classics Volume 5
The Best Of The Classics Volume 11
The Best Of The Classics Volume 15
The Best Of The Classics Volume 6
The Best Of The Classics Volume 12
The Best Of The Classics Volume 17
Classical Best Hits
The Best Of The Classics Volume 3
The Best Of The Classics Volume 16
70 Classical Study Playlist
Baroque Masterwork Collection
The Best Of The Classics Volume 1
50 Early Music & Baroque Masterpieces
99 Must-Have Chillout Classics 4
40 Handel Playlist
Handel: Rodelinda
Les Petites Joies De La Musique Classique
2014 Texas Music Educators Association (Tmea)…
Handel: Anthems, Let God Arise Hwv 256b, The …
Handel: The Triumph Of Time & Truth, Hwv 71
If This Is Love (EP)
2014 Pennsylvania Music Educators Association…
Holst: The Planets - Rimsky-Korsakov: Shehera…
Edward Power Biggs & New England Brass Band..…
All Your Cares Beguile - Songs & Sonatas From…
Philadelphia Orchestra Performs George Frider…
Otis Klöber Conducts... European Philharmoni…
Relaxing To The Classical Masterpieces
The Classic 100 – Baroque And Before: The T…
Haendel In Harlem
Pilar Lorengar: A Portrait In Live And Studio…
Fantasic Piano
Handel: Messiah (Dublin Version, 1742) Taster…
String Quartet Wedding Music
Classical Relaxation
Le Petit Mort
Hooked On Handel
Handel, Penderecki, Mozart
Baroque Music, Vol. 1
Le Meilleur D'une Vie
Meditation Classics, Vol. 1
Autobahn Classics, Vol. 1 (Classical Music Re…
Autobahn Classics, Vol. 5 (Classical Music Re…
Remembering Alfred Deller
La Prima Diva
2014 Florida Music Educators Association (Fme…
Love & Marriage: Classical Music For Your Wed…
Handel: Siroe, Hwv 24
I Love Mom
Arioso & Brillante
Handel, Rheinberger & Brossé
Handel: Teseo (Highlights)
Animals In Music
Baroque Perspectives: Handel
A Thing Most Wonderful: Music From Lent To Ea…
Toshu Fukami Classic Best Selection
Handel - Haydn: Organ Concertos
Ghanneit "Elias Nasser"
Handel: Duetti Da Camera
Naxos April 2014 New Release Sampler
40 Of The Best: Classical Music To Drive With
40 Of The Best: Classical Music To Study Or C…
Teatro Regio Di Parma Concert (Live)
The Cello Virtuoso
Il Mito Dell'opera: Giacomo Lauri-Volpi
Käbi Laretei Spelar Musiken Till Ingmar Berg…
Handel, Monteverdi & Telemann: Arias
De Waan Van De Dag
Handel: Tamerlano
Mozart: Serenade No. 13, Ave Verum Corpus, Ge…
Música Clásica: Georg Friedrich Händel
Clásicos En Concierto
Classics In Concert
Music For Your Wedding
Baby Classic Vol. 3
Musique Pour Les Mariages
Clásicos Del Milenio, El Mesías
Handel & Porpora: The London Years
Alte Musik Aus Europa
Memories Of Big Bang
50 Must-Have Gardening Classics
Peace & Celebration
Et In Acadia Ego
Hermann Scherchen Conducts Trumpet Concertos
2013 Midwest Clinic: Highland High School Sym…
Jesu, Meine Freude: Greatest Choral Masterpie…
Dinner Classics
Paris Recital 1985
Le Quattro Stagioni & Other Piano Works
Buxtehude, Telemann, Händel & Bach
Handel: The Oboe Sonatas
Georg Friedrich Handel: Son D'amore, Sonate P…
Ave Maria - Music For A Traditional Wedding
The Queens Of The Opera
50 Must-Have Spring Classics
Luxe Classics. Música Para Fuegos Artificial…
Handel: Highlights From Messiah
The Art Of The Recorder
Handel: Water Music Suites Nos. 1 & 2, Firewo…
The Elusive English Organ
Handel: Solomon (The Beecham Collection)
From The First Night Of The Proms 1943
Handel: Seven Trio Sonatas, Op. 5
Handel At Home
The Beecham Collection: Handel, R. Strauss, J…
M. Palazzi: Recital Di Arie D'opera E Da Came…
Handel: Op. 2 Trios Sonatas
The Beecham Collection: Handel & Beecham
Musiche Per Organo A 2, 4, 6 Mani
Themusicotheque: Nomi Di Donne
Luxe Classics: Las Cuatro Estaciones
Praise The Lord: Luthers Lieder Auf Dem Weg I…
Handel: Water Music - Rameau: Les Indes Galan…
Opera Zapico
Handel: Cantate 01
Meisterwerke Der Klassischen Musik: Ave Maria
Handel: Feuerwerks Musik
Conversazioni II: Duelling Cantatas
Sarasate: Violin & Piano Music, Vol. 4
Musikalische Glanzlichter Für Sopran, Trompe…
Themusicoteque: Momenti Magici
Deluxe Classics: Georg Friedrich Händel
Deluxe Classics: Nice Moments
Handel: Suites De Pièces Pour Le Clavecin, V…
Classics For The Bath
A Fantastic Christmas - Christmas Favorites C…
Bach-Humbug: Classical Music For Christmas
Klassik Für Jedermann: Plaisir D'amour
Handel, Vivaldi, Bach, Bizet: Pièces Célèb…
Classics For A Rainy Day 3
Die 40 Schönsten Klassischen Weihnachtswerke
40 Classical Christmas Favorites
World Classics: Magic 4
Give Thanks: Classical Music For Thanksgiving
Bis 40-Year Sampler
Elegy: Music Of Remembrance
With This Ring
Handel: 16 Organ Concertos
A Classical Christmas, Vol. 4
Handel: Oboe Concertos And Sonatas
Hallelujah Chorus For Christmas
Handel: Suites De Pièces, Hwv 434 - 442 & Fu…
Handel, Richter, Stamitz, Mozart & Haydn: Sym…
House Of Dreams
Dal Barocco Al Jazz
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Around The World
Classical Wellness
Handel: Messiah, Hwv 56, The Christmas Portio…
Aci, Galatea E Polifemo, Hwv 72
Flatuo Dolce - Flauto Traverso
Music To Relax To
Handel: Israel In Egypt, Hwv 54
Organ Concertos
Handel: Hallelujah
Händel: 6 Piano Concertos, Op. 4
Classical Masterpieces Of The Millennium: Han…
Klassik Ohne Krise - Ganz Großes Kino
Great Voices Of The Century: Nellie Melba
#1 Hits Of Classical Music
Passionate Baroque Arias
Handel: Complete Cantatas, Vol. 2
La Passion Lemieux
Amore E Morte Dell'amore
Handel: La Resurrezione, Hwv 47
C.P.E. Bach, Boccherini & Handel: Baroque Con…
Music For A While
Stangier: English Town Hall Organ Philharmoni…
Handel: Organ Concertos, Op. 7, Nos. 1-3
English Accents
Grand Tour
The Sound Of Alison Balsom
Handel: Messiah Highlights, Hwv 56
Handel: Complete Cantatas Vol. 1
Christmas Brass Festival
Handel - Bach - Telemann
50 Must-Have Adagio Masterpieces
Handel: Suites De Pieces Pour Le Clavicin
Messiah, HWV.56
The Essential Julian Bream
50 Must-Have Romantic Strings
Joyas De La Música Clásica Vol. 20
Early Birds
Fiori Musicali Triberg, Vol. 1-6
Handel: Aci, Galatea E Polifemo
Handel: Orlando
Handel: Serse, Hwv 40
Haydn: Symphony No. 6, Symphony No. 82 & Viol…
The Ultimate Experience
The Special Sound Of Chandos
Handel: Flute Concerto, Concerto For 2 Violin…
The Art Of The Coloratura
Horn Music
Mattinata, Vol. 2
Handel: Water Music For Solo Piano & Vivaldi:…
Happy Mother's Day
Baroque Christmas - Great Joy And Renaissance
Los Grandes Maestros De La Música Clásica: …
Handel: Concerto For Oboe, Strings And Basso …
Handel: Concerto For Organ And Orchestra No. …
Handel: Sonata No. 11 In F Major, Op. 1 Hmv 3…
Handel: Concerto Grosso In E Minor No. 3, Op.…
Handel: Six Fugues For Recorder (Digitally Re…
Handel: Messiah: "Hallelujah", Hmv 56 (Digita…
Handel: Sonata No. 7 In C Major, Op. 1 Hmv 36…
Handel: Concerto Grosso In A Minor No. 4, Op.…
Handel: Sonata No. 4 In A Minor, Op. 1 Hmv 36…
Handel: Concerto Grosso In G Major No. 1, Op.…
Handel: Concerto Grosso In F Major No. 2, Op.…
Handel: Concerto Grosso No. 26 In D Major, Hw…
Handel: Xerxes: "Largo" (Digitally Remastered…
Handel: Il Pastor Fido: "Tepsicore Ballet Sui…
Handel: Suite No. 1 For Harpsichord In B-Flat…
Handel: Trio No. 24 For Oboe, Bassoon & Basso…
Handel: Water Music, Suite No. 1 In F Major, …
Handel: Dalla Guerra Amorosa, Hmv 102a (Digit…
Handel: Trio Sonata No. 3 For Oboe, Violin & …
Handel: Water Music, Suite No. 2 In D Major, …
Handel: Water Music, Suite No. 3 In G Major, …
Classical Music For Learning 2: Great Masterp…
Le Phenix: Solo Double Bass In Baroque And Co…
European Music In Historical Sites In Warmia …
Händel: Arie Per Castrato
M. Zalewska: Harp Solo
Chaconnes For Guitar
Handel: Concertos For Harp, Bassoon, Viole D'…
2013 Texas Music Educators Association (Tmea)…
Handel: Complete Cantatas, Vol. 3
Antología De La Música Clásica. Vol. 12
99 Must-Have Chillout Classics 3
World’s Greatest Classical - 50 Classics - …
Goldene Stimmen Der Ddr
Handel: Vedo Il Ciel
Joyas De La Música Clásica. Vol. 13
50 Must-Have Royal Masterpieces
Handel: Opera Seria
Classic Revolution
Handel With Care
The Classical Greats Series, Vol.28: Handel
Handel: Lute And Harp Concerto In B-Flat Majo…
Antología De La Música Clásica. Vol. 8
Mendelssohn, Bach, Clarke, Purcell: Wedding F…
Sir Thomas Beecham Conducts Beethoven, Handel…
Michael Volle: A Portrait
The Super Audio Collection, Vol. 6
Baroque Favourites
Concertos, Sonatas & Suites For Trumpet & Org…
Harpsichord Masterpieces
Classical Sampler, Vol.1
Discover The Classics: Power And Glory
Handel: Highlights From 'messiah'
Virtuoso Flute
If Music Be The Food Of Love
The Heart Of The Cello
Discover The Classics - Love And Romance
50 Happy Classical Favourites
Essential Classical For Revision
Through The Years: Baroque
Essential Classical For Children
50 Relaxing Classical Favourites
Handel: Música Acuática
The Great Emi Recordings - English Songs: Dow…
Handel, Schubert, Puccini, Naulais: Voices 9
Moren, Rocha & Joplin: Magdalena
Handel - Harty: Water Music Suite; Royal Fire…
The Royal Baby Collection
Antología De La Música Clásica. Vol. 4
Nine Notes That Shook The World
2013 Florida Music Educators Association (Fme…
Carole Dawn Reinhart: The First Queen Of Trum…
Atout Sax
Wanda Landowska In Peformance, Vol. 2
Pure Handel
Cantate Domino
Works For Harp: Handel, Cardon, Parish-Alvars…
On Christmas Time
Opera Classics
Dixit Dominus
50 Must-Have Mystic Voices
Hidden Handel
Les 4 Points Cardinaux
Wilhelm Kempff: Piano Recital, 1962
Carl Conducts … Classical Festival Favourit…
Handel: Complete Cantatas, Vol. 4
A Guided Tour Of The Baroque Era, Vol. 7
A Guided Tour Of The Baroque Era, Vol. 8
Handel: Essential Classic
Handel: Romantic Organ Transcriptions
Handel: Suites For Harpsichord, Vol. 2
The Power And The Glory
Handel Organ Concertos Op.7
Handel: Suites De Pieces Pour Le Clavecin
Handel: Sonatas In Several Parts
Handel: Suites For Harpsichord, Vol. 1
Awake O Harp
Jill Crossland - Live At Restoration House
Gries, Tamara: Woodworks
A Century Of Domestic Keyboards (1727-1832)
Telemann: Les Plaisirs De La Table
String Masterpieces
Recital In York Springs
100 Masterpieces Of Sacred Choral Music
Baroque Trumpet
Opera 2013
A Christmas Gift
Sacred Music - A Prayer For The Pope
Handel Giove In Argo
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 1-12
Singers Of The Century: Fritz Wunderlich, Vol…
Handel: Esther. Hwv 50a (First Reconstructabl…
Micromania - 85 Piano Miniatures
Handel: The Recorder Sonatas
Selección De Oro De La Música Clásica. Vol…
Encores (Live)
Anything Goes
A Christmas Festival
Music To Sleep By
The Story Of Handel In Words And Music
For Thy Pleasure
Classical Caffeine
In Memoriam - Classical Music And Readings Fo…
Organo Di Grondona
Handel's Delight
The Great Conductors: Erich Kleiber, Vol. 1
Best Of
99 Must-Have Chillout Classics, Vol. 2
Handel: Apollo & Dafne - The Alchymist
Victoria De Los Angeles: Recital
Essential Opera Divas
Handel: Alcina
Great Singers Live
Lucia Popp: Jauchzet Gott In Allen Landen
Bach: Magnificat - Handel: Dixit Dominus
English Love: Songs Of Passion, Pain & Pleasu…
George Frideric Handel: The Sonatas For Recor…
Classical Garden
Cantate E Duetti Da Camera
Comfort & Joy: 2012 Live Concert
The Celebration Of Trebles
Handel: Italian Duets
Piano Favourites For Young People, Vol. 2
Mozart - Schröter - Bach - Handel - Cavalli …
Bach - Vivaldi - Hostettler - Handel - Haydn …
Bach - Glazunov - Ligeti - Handel - Bartók: …
Christmas In Classical (Joy To The World, All…
Verdi, Puccini & Handel: Airs D'opéras - Dup…
Francisco Tarrega - Transcripciones Para Guit…
Handel Antes De "El Mesías": Cantatas A Una,…
50 Shades Of Classical
Bach - Scarlatti - Handel
Handel: Giulio Cesare Hwv17
Handel: Arrangements For Guitar
Handel Essentials
The Amourous Flutes
Maurice & Marie-Madeleine Chevalier Duruflé
Les 25 Ans !!!: Le Concert Spirituel, Hervé …
Suites Of Aires, Messiah
2012 Texas Music Educators Association (Tmea)…
Christmas With The Vienna Boys Choir
Weihnachten Durch Die Jahrhunderte (Christmas…
2011 Texas Music Educators Association (Tmea)…
Classical 2013
Wanda Wilkomirska For Children (1957)
Roman Handel
100 Best Chamber Music
Handel: Six Sonates Pour Violon Et Basse Cont…
Bach & Telemann: Concertos Pour Violon, Hautb…
Musique Pour Orgue Mécanique
The Choral Collection
Highlights From Handel's Messiah
Sound The Trumpet - Royal Music Of Purcell An…
Furtwangler Plays Beethoven, Handel & Many Mo…
Glorious Handel
Drama Queens
Cello Romance
Easy Contest Solos, Vol. 1: Oboe
Handel: Israel In Egypt
The Essential Harpsichord
50 Best Smooth Classics
Handel - Vivaldi
Twisted Turtle Tinsel
In Turbato Mare Irato
Handel: Acis & Galatea
Classical Music For Relaxation
Handel: Water Music Suites... Music For The R…
Essential British Classics
Handel: Concerti... (Musica Classica - I Capo…
Music For The Royal Fireworks
Hallelujah - Great Choruses - Sony Classical …
Händel: Music For The Royal Fireworks; Water…
Sacred Treasures
Baroque Treasures
Bagdasarjanz: Sept Poésies Pour Violon Et Pi…
After School Classical: George Frideric Hande…
The Christmas Highlights - Bach - Tchaikovsky…
Nutcracker - The Kids Christmas Collection
The Nutcracker - And Other Christmas Classics
Und Es Begab Sich... Festliches Weihnachtskon…
Der Musikalische Adventskalender Jubilaums-Ed…
Handel: Alessandro
If You Love For Beauty
Sonatas - 50 Of The Best
Karina Gauvin: Prima Donna
Handel: Saul
Handel : Le Messie
Famous Oratorio And Opera Choruses
Amor Eterno
V Rytmu Mistru (The Rhythm Of The Masters)
Baby's First Classical Masterpieces
English Contralto Collection
Handel, Mozart, Beethoven & Wenth: Works For …
Baroque - Masterpiece Collection
Joyas De La Música Clásica Vol. 14
The Lady's Banquet, Vol. 1
Brass Sketches
Toward The Light: The Voice Of Elaine Huckle
Baroque Music – 50 Of The Best
London's Flautists: Loeillet, Oswald, Weidema…
Baroque Conversations
Handel: Song For St Cecilia's Day
Telemann, Fasch, Boismortier, Handel & Corret…
Queens Of The Night: Bassoon Classics
50 Must-Have Handel Masterpieces
Sophie-Mayuko Vetter Plays Haydn, Ruzicka, Ch…
Silent Noon
Ave Maria
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - A Commemorative…
Purcell: Music For A While / If Love's A Swee…
Popp, Lucia: The Unforgotten (1976-1983)
Fantasy 'n' Symmetry
The Very Best Of Sviatoslav Richter
Let The Bright Seraphim
Royal Handel
A Suo Amico: Music From The Repertoire Of Dom…
Handel - The Genius Collection
Music For Double Bass & String Quintet
The Royal Fireworks Music / Water Music
Handel: Violin Sonatas
The Very Best Of Handel's Messiah
Handel: Acis And Galatea
The Queen's Jubilee: A Classical Celebration
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 1, 6 & 9…
Sangare Till Gladje 2012
Reinventing Guitar II
Russian Vocal School - Maria Bieshu
Queen Elizabeth II - Honor & Commonwealth
Con Espressione
Selected Duets
Classics For Your Wedding
Great European Choral Works
A Due Organi: Organi Storici Della Cattedrale…
Magnificent Baroque Collection - Artistic Gra…
A Jubilee Celebration
Les Flûtes Enchantées (Classical Soli, Vol.…
Classical Music For The Reader 5: Great Maste…
Classical Music At The Movies - Love And Roma…
Handel 9 German Arias Hwv 202-210
Handel's Memories - A Selection From Grand Co…
The Very Best Operatic Arias
Great Classical Masterpieces - Bestselling Na…
Handel: Alceste
Händel Fireworks Music Suite
London Calling
Aus Meines Herzens Grunde
Lucia Popp, Vol. 4 (1975-1982)
Handel: The Complete Concerti Grossi
Great Sacred Masterpieces
This Is The Day: Music On Royal Occasions
Handel: Le Cantate Italiane Per Basso
Great Baroque Masterpieces
Affectuoso - Virtuoso Guitar Music From The E…
C (The Best Of Handel)
40 Most Beautiful Classical Masterpieces
40 Most Beautiful Choral Classics
40 Most Beautiful British Classics
Handel: Concerti Grossi
40 Most Beautiful Spring Classics
40 Most Beautiful Christmas Classics
Händel - Caldara: Carmelite Vesper 1709
Strictly Baroque
Zur Weihnachtszeit 1-6
Zur Weihnachtszeit 13-16
Zur Weihnachtszeit 7-12
Great Swedish Singers: Hjördis Schymberg (19…
Jussi Bjorling Live! (1939, 1954)
2012 Florida Music Educators Association (Fme…
Concentus Musicus - Live At The Holland Festi…
2012 Kentucky Music Educators Association (Km…
Bjorling, Jussin: The Atlanta Recital (1959)
The Galileo Project: Music Of The Spheres
Rome 1709 - Handel Vs. Scarlatti
Händel Concerto Grosso No. 9
Händel Concerto Grosso No. 7
Händel Concerto Grosso No. 4
Händel Concerto Grosso No. 6
Beyond Bach – Other Music From His Time
Händel: Music For The Royal Fireworks ("Mast…
Händel: Water Music - Suite No. 1 ("Masterwo…
Psallite, Singt Und Klingt
Handel: The Complete Italian Cantatas For Bas…
Music For Trumpet And Wind Ensemble, Vol. 3
Affettuoso: Piani, Geminiani, Handel Violin S…
Wedding Album: Great Music For A Great Occasi…
Baroque Favorites
La Vida De Los Grandes Compositores Hándel
Gli Intervalli Con L'arpa E Altri Classici
Une Fête Baroque
Mahler: Kindertotenlieder
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3, Nos. 1-6
Organ Magic
A Festive Consort
Handel: The Complete Water Music
Israel In Egypt
Baroque Orchestral Music
Italian Solo Cantatas
Handel: Opera Arias
Haendel: Le Messie
The Australian Ballet - The Music Of The Danc…
Music For The Perfect Wedding
IL Vero Orfeo
Joy To The World: A Messiah College Christmas
Bellissimo Baroque
Texas Music Educators Association 2010 Clinic…
The Virtuoso Pianolist
A Portrait
Collector's Classics, Vol. 13:I-IV - Charles …
Harry Mortimer: Man O' Brass
Two Worlds
In Concert With The University Of Illinois Sy…
David Hobson & Teddy Tahu Rhodes (Deluxe Edit…
88 Holiday Classical Christmas:A Choral Festi…
Georg Friedrich Haendel: Cantatas And Chamber…
Music Of Silence (International Version)
Best-Loved Harp Concertos (International Vers…
50 Best Dinner Party Classical Music Pieces F…
50 Best Classical Music Pieces For Commuting …
50 Best Motivational Pieces Of Classical Musi…
Bloch: Sonata No. 1, Handel: Sonata, Op. 1, N…
Classical Music From Cartoons
Handel: The Messiah
Mozart: Divertimento, K. 563, In E-Flat, Duo …
Angels, Shperherds, Kings ... Christmas Organ…
Complete Tranquility
Handel / Monteverdi / Telemann / Roman
Handel: Joshua
Mirek 70th
Handel And Bach: Concertos
Discover Music Of The Baroque Era
Christmas Carols
50 Of The Best: Handel
Handel: Esther
G.F. Handel: Complete Sonatas And Works For V…
Easy Contest Solos, Vol. 1
Christmas Masterpieces And Familiar Carols
Hans Knappertsbusch Conducts Studio & Live Pe…
Tex Sax
Christmas With The Westminster Choir
The Complete G.F. Handel Flute Sonatas
Classical Dinner Party Music
Händel: Hwv 56, 'messiah'
Händel: Vò Far Guerra
Miniaturen 2
Handel: Streams Of Pleasure
Handel: Eight Great Harpsichord Suites Hwv 42…
Händel At Home
Out Of This World
Christmas Concertos
Great Christmas Classics
Virtuoso Baroque
Handel: Apollo E Dafne
Carnegie VI
Handel: Feuerwerkmusik - Wassermusik - Concer…
Lucia Popp (1968-1982)
100 Best Soprano Arias
Handel: Handel's Messiah
Gerhard Taschner: Samtliche Schellack-Aufnahm…
Enrico Caruso: Electrical Re-Creations
Never Sing Louder Than Lovely
Aria's En Leideren
Bach Italian Concerto/Handel Concerto No 10
Hallelujah! Famous Choruses
Classical Music - 50 Of The Best
Divine Classics
Handel: Ode For St. Cecilia's Day
Handel: Arias & Duets
The Classic Voice
הקול קלאסי
Freu Dich Erd Und Sternenzelt - Festliche Adv…
Handel: Silla
Carousel: Festive Baroque Music For Three Tru…
By Purling Streams: Baroque Pastoral Music
Christmas Trombones
Christmas At Beaumont Tower
The Musical Advent Calendar 2011
Handel: Solo & Trio Sonatas
Handel: Solomon
Frohe Weihnacht - Die Schönsten Weihnachtsli…
Handel: The Occasional Songs
Handel : La Resurrezione
Menuhin Conducts Handel : The Messiah
Great British Choral Works
Baroque Christmas - Bach & Handel (Internatio…
Händel: Große Chorwerke / Great Choral Work…
Best-Loved Sacred Choruses (International Ver…
Best Of Handel (International Version)
Classical Composers Collections: 50 Best Of H…
Wedding March - Classical Music For Your Perf…
Joan Lippincott & Philadephia Brass
The Transcriber's Art
Handel: Theodora
A Treasury Of Concert Performances, Vol. 1
The Legendary Violinist David Nadien In Live …
Conversazioni I: Cantatas From A Cardinal's C…
Handel In Italy
Christmas Tubas
Opera Karaoke, Volume 6 [Charles Gounod, Geor…
50 Summer Concert Classics: Sunsets & Waterfr…
Halleluja Halleluja
Cambridge Singers Christmas Album
Handel: The Very Best Arias
Leufsta Bruk, Vol.2
Baroque Duets
The Art Of Andrés Segovia Vol. 6
Haendel: Concerto En Si Bémol Pour Harpe Et …
Guitar Concerto Collection
Eternal Source Of Brass Divine (Famous Opera …
Handel: 9 German Arias - Gloria
Eine Kleine …
Handel Ariodante
Oandlig Nad
The Power Of Handel
Handel: Belshazzar
Handel: Judas Maccabaeus
Musica Sacra: De Maria Virgine
Handel Organ Concertos
60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics
50 Classics For Entertaining
50 Baroque Masterpieces
50 Uplifting Classics
50 Spiritual Classics
50 Must-Have Easter Classics
Triumph, Ihr Christen Seid Erfreut
100 Beats: Chilled
Ring A Ring O' Roses
The Ultimate Wedding Collection
Handel's Messiah (Highlights): A Perennial Ch…
50 Best Handel
A Treasury Of Harpsichord Favorites
Orchestral Music (Leopold Stokowski And The P…
100 Best Hymns
Det Goda Livet
Fånga Dagen
Opera 2011
Handel: The Messiah (Excerpts) And Other Esse…
You'll Never Walk Alone - The Collection.
S'il Vous Plait
String & Full Orchestra (2009-2010)
The Kingdoms Of Castille
Trott, Laurence: Piccolo
Baroque Guitar Quartets
Händel Through The Ages
Handel: Alexander's Feast
The Art Of Marilyn Horne
Silvestri - Walton, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Han…
Baker - Monteverdi, Gratiani, Barringcloe, Hu…
Cherkassky - Handel, Brahms, Berg, Skalkottas…
Haendel : Le Messie (Messiah, Hwv 56)
Sir Thomas Beecham - The Great Communicator
Baroque Masterpieces
The Business Of Angels: English Recorder Musi…
Canzone E Cantate
Dorian Sampler, Vol. 5
A Baroque Celebration
Carillon Bells Of Britain
Venetian Oboe Concerti
Songs Of Love And War (Italian Dramatic Songs…
An Evening With Leopold Stokowski
Concerning Babell & Son
Viva Domingo!
Girls In The Forest-Piano Sketch Book
Handel: Messiah Highlights
A Harpsichord Performance: Byrd, Handel, Rame…
Handel : Cleopatra - Giulio Cesare Opera Aria…
Soothing Classics For The Perfect Bath
Handel: Solo Cantatas
Marian Anderson (1923-1951)
The Symposium Opera Collection, Vol. 10 (1907…
The Harold Wayne Collection, Vol. 20 (1907-19…
The Harold Wayne Collection, Vol. 7 (1901-190…
The Thirty Tenors (1903-1936)
Frauenkirche Dresden, 2005-2010
Carl Flesch (1905-1944)
The Harold Wayne Collection, Vol. 25 (1902-19…
Musical London C. 1700 - From Purcell To Hand…
The Stars Were Shining, Vol. 3 (1940-1948)
His Final Recordings (1959-1960)
Tag Der Mitteldeutschen Barockmusik, Vol. 1
The Great Welsh Tenor
En Klassisk Julsamling
Birgit Nilsson At The Churches Of St. Jacob A…
Adventsmusik Live
Christmas Stockholms Studentsangare: Julens L…
Historical Archives, Vol. 2
Georg Friedrich Haendel : Water Music, Wasser…
Georg Friedrich Händel : Music For The Royal…
Messiah: Haendel
Brass Symphonyii -Great Composers-
Classics For The Soul, Klassik Für Die Seele…
Musique Sacrée : Pachelbel Et Haendel
Angel Voices: The Boys' Choirs Christmas Cele…
Vintage Violin 1900-1913
Eternal Christmas
Christmas Meditation
Holiday Classics
Handel: Messiah - The Complete Works
Lyra Da Camera Concerto
Flackton, Handel And Abel: Viola Sonatas
Midnight Classics, Vol. 3
The Gentleman's Flute
Handel: Flavio, Re DI Longobardi
Baroque In Hanover
The World Of Classics Third Movement
4 Hours Of Delightful Baroque Music
Three Baroque Tenors
Handel - Serse
The Schiorlin Organ In Jonsered
Jubelkonsert Med Helena Dose
Solos & Duets From Operas, Romances And Churc…
Julens Traditionella Sanger
Saturday Afternoon Concert
Camerata Nordica Plays Baroque
Opera I & II
Advent Och Jul
Orgeln I Loftahammars Kyrka
Var Och Sommar I Hogalid
Handel & Companye
Water Music/Casse-Noisette Suite
Kirnberger: Flute Sonatas
Christmas At America's First Cathedral
Jochen Kowalski - Handel: Opera Arias, Sacred…
Handel's Complete Masterpiece: Messiah
Handel: Complete Violin Sonatas
Handel: Water Music, Rodrigo
Music For Cranberry Isles
Harnoncourt Conducts Handel
La Maga Abbandonata: Donna Leon's Favourite H…
Handel : Violin Sonatas
Christmas Past: Nostalgic Christmas Favourite…
Handel: Italian Cantatas, Vol. 7
The Trio Sonata In 18th Century England
The Best Of British
Icon: Fritz Wunderlich
Baroque Trumpet Music
A Brass Organ Christmas In Grace Cathedral
Organ Greats From The Great Organ
The Great Organ Of Saint Patrick's Cathedral
The Great Organ Of Washington National Cathed…
Handel: The Complete Messiah
Noel: A Musical Feast
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 1-4
Wondrous Machine
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 9-12
Christmas In Santa Fe
Joyful Noise: Sacred Music For Cathedral Bell…
Christmas In The Grand Tradition
Handel: Choruses And Organ Concertos
Hamburg 1705 - Eighteenth-Century Works For H…
Bach And Handel Suites
Essential Handel
Handel: Organ Concertos No. 1, 2, 3 & 4
Zipang Golden Best!
Top Classical Songs - Classical Love Songs
Handel: Berenice
Handel: Oboe Concertos Nos.1-3/Concerto Gross…
The Music From Classical Destinations, Vol. 2
Händel: Messiah, Oratorio, Hwv 56, Vol. 1
Handel: Te Deum & Jubilate - Croft: Ode For T…
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens, Vol…
5 Concerti Grossi, Op. 6 De Haendel
Time's Deception
Handel: Messiah - Arias & Choruses
Concierto De Navidad
Travelogues Of Italy
Singing For Love: Immortal Duets, Arias And S…
Handel: Messiah - Unedited Version In English…
Great Opera Singers - Lilli Lehmann / Recordi…
Ik! - The Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Perform…
Monteverdi - Handel - Poulenc: Selected Works…
Handel : Alexander's Feast
Handel: Brockes-Passion
The Herald Angels Sing: Choral Music For Chri…
Handel: O Praise The Lord
Handel: Teseo
Handel, G.f.: Duets
Handel, G.f.: Keyboard Suites, Vol. 1 (P.e. F…
Handel. Sonatas For Flute And Basso Continuo
Baroque Music For Trumpet And Organ
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Opp. 3 & 6
Vigh, Andrea: The Sound Of Harp
Cantate D'amore: Italian Love Cantatas
Handel Edition, Vol.6: Belshazzar/Jephtha
Handel In Darmstadt
Handel: Israel In Egypt (English Oratorio Fro…
Handel: Mezzo Soprano - Opera Arias
The Miracle Of The Holy Night
Organ Bon Bons
Handel: Organ Concertos, Op. 7
Handel Portrait, Vol. 3 (1951)
Handel Portrait, Vol. 6
Renata Tebaldi, Vol. 10 (1951-1956)
Joseph Schmidt, Vol. 10 (1930-1936)
Leonard Bernstein, Vol. 7 (1956)
Handel Portrait, Vol. 7 (1998)
Handel Portrait, Vol. 5 (1952)
Handel Portrait, Vol. 8 (1940, 1948, 1951, 19…
Venite, Pastores: Christmas With Ensemble Ser…
Handel Portrait, Vol. 9 (1954)
Meisterkonzerte, Vol. 5 (1955-1979)
Handel: Messiah (1946)
Handel: 6 Concertos For Organ And Orchestra, …
Leonard Bernstein, Vol. 8 (1956)
Ihre Grossten Erfolge, Vol. 5 (1944-1955)
Beniamino Gigli, Vol. 7 (1927-1937)
Rudolf Schock, Vol. 2 (1949-1957)
Handel: Messiah (1956)
Classic For Kids, Vol. 1 (1954, 1993)
Handel Portrait, Vol. 1 (1956)
Handel Portrait, Vol. 10 (1954)
Fredensborg Fantasier
Jul I Soro Klosterkirke
Baroque Cello Music
Rosendal, Jette: Soprano
Handel: Complete Sonatas For Violin And Basso…
Klassisk For Begyndere
The Danish Chamber Players
Handel Portrait, Vol. 4 (1945, 1952)
Handel, G.f.: Alexander's Feast (Ode) (Samann…
Handel, G.F.: Messiah (Oratorio)(Breiding)
Antonio Vivaldi & Georg Friedrich Handel
George Frideric Handel, Apollo E Dafne (Drama…
Händel: Amore X Amore
Van Beinum Conducts Berlioz, Schubert, Bizet …
Bach Trumpet Gala, Vol. 2 (Mehl)
Handel, G.F.: Dixit Dominus / Vivaldi, A.: Ma…
Handel, G.f.: The Eight "great" Suites, 1720
George Frideric Handel, Suites For Harpsichor…
Der Mauerfall
Good Classic Vol.12
Harp Music By G.f. Haendel
Own The Pow'r Of Harmony! - Hidden Vocal And …
Handel: The Water Music
Messiah Highlights
The Best Of Gigli
Angel Songs
Handel, G.f.: 9 German Arias / Trio Sonata, H…
Maria - Madre di Dio
Italian Solo Cantatas And Instrumental Works
Masters Of Classical Music: George Frederic H…
George Frederic Handel - Selections
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3
Handel: Air, Fire And Water
In The Pleasant Groves
George Frideric Handel, Suites For Piano Nos …
Nadia Reisenberg - Carnegie Hall Recital, 194…
Treasures For Violin And Guitar
Between Heaven And Hearth
Handel's Messiah Rocks
100 Best Tenor Arias
Handel: Arias - Love And Madness
Handel: Duets From The Great English Oratorio…
Bach, J.s.: Christmas Festival
Handel, G.f.: Cor Fedele (Katschner)
Handel, G.F.: Acis And Galatea [Opera]
Legend Of The Orchestra
Handel La Resurrezione (HWV 47)
Great Choral Masterpieces
Handel's Harp
Handel, G.f.: Apollo E Dafne
Haendel: Water Music & Music For The Royal Fi…
Handel: Organ Concertos Op. 7
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6
Couperin & Handel: The Royal Concerts
The Music Of Handel
Händel: Alexander's Feast, Hwv 75
Classical Favorites - Handel: Water Music
Rendezvous Of Angels - Handel: Organ Concerto…
Haendel Concerti Grossi Op.3
John Kitchen Plays Handel Overtures
Great Composers: Händel
Handel: The Very Best Of George Frideric Hand…
Handel, Telemann: Water Music
Handel: Fireworks - Musick For The Royal Fire…
Handel, G.f.: Solo Cantatas / Opera Arias
Handel: Judas Maccabæus, HWV 63
Handel: The Secret Handel - Works For Clavich…
Händel: The People Shall Hear And Other Grea…
Arie Per Basso
Handel: Organ Concerto No. 16 In F Major
Handel: Organ Concerto No. 13 In F Major "Cuc…
Santa Cecilia
Handel: The Top 40 - His Greatest Hits
Awesome Christmas Songs
Brahms: Quintet In F Minor/Handel: Variations…
Brahms: Variations On A Theme By Handel, Op.2…
Händel: Messiah
G.F. Handel: Alcina, Arias & Suites
Emil Gilels Legacy, Vol.4
Acis & Galatea
Handel: Water & Fireworks Music
Rodrigo: Vincer Se Stesso È La Maggior Vitto…
Revelations: The Glory Of Baroque Organ
George Frideric Handel, Giulio Cesare, Hwv 17…
George Frideric Handel, Organ Concerto In F, …
Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Trumpet Concerto In E …
Haëndel : Intégrale Des Sonates Pour Violon…
Haëndel - Prima Donna : Arie DI Bravura
Elegance And Refinement - Baroque Suites, Fre…
Jussi Björling: The Stockholm & Atalanta Con…
Handel: Coronation Anthems
Orchestral Music - Mozart, W.a. / Handel, G.f…
Handel, G.f.: Giulio Cesare In Egitto [Opera]
Handel, G.F.: Silete Venti / Hasse, J.A.: La …
Grand Moments
Handel, G.f.: Alexander's Feast / Ode For St.…
Handel, G.f.: Messiah, Hwv 56
Plays Handel Overtures
Handel, G.f.: Samson [Oratorio] (Mcgegan)
Cardio Classics: Orchestral Workout
Handel Sarabande
Handel: 12 Concerti Grossi Op.6
Magnum Mysterium [Alte Advents- Und Weihnacht…
Christmas (Finnish) - Madetoja, L. / Wartiova…
Handel, G.f.: Arias (German) (Mauch)
Handel, G.f.: Israel In Egypt [Oratorio] (Spe…
Handel, G.f.: Tenor Arias (Genz)
Handel, G.f.: Jephtha [Oratorio] (Grunert)
Handel, G.f.: Saul [Oratorio] (Speer)
Handel: Fireworks
Handel: Furore
Handel: English Cantatas And Songs
Drottningholms Slottsteater, Vol. 3:I (1922-1…
George Frideric Handel: Ode For St. Cecilia…
HANDEL, G.: Concerto Grossi, Op. 6 (Arte dei …
Flute Recital: Bezaly, Sharon - HANDEL, G.F. …
Duo Virtuoso - Works For Violin & Cello
G.F. Handel: Judas Maccabaeus (Historically I…
Handel: Semele (Secular Oratorio)
Romantic Trumpet
HANDEL IN LOVE (Director's Cut By JSK And AOG…
Play It - Study-cd for Violin: Georg Friedric…
HANDEL, G.: Solo Cantatas, HWV 110, 113, 142,…
George Frederick Handel: Keyboard Suites
Handel: Israel In Egypt, HWV.54
Handel: Hercules, A Musical Drama HWV.60 (3 C…
Handel: Arias And Dances, Extraits De Agrippi…
100 Best Adagios
George Frideric Handel: The Ch
George Frideric Handel: Konzert Für Orgel Un…
James Nares: Eight Harpsichord Setts
Handel: Water Music & Music For The Royal Fir…
Sonatas From The Dresden Pisendel Collection
Handel: Cantatas
Sammartini & Handel: Sonatas For A German Flu…
Arias De Zarzuela Barroca
Handel arr. Mozart: Alexander's Feast, Ode fo…
Ave Maria: Madonna Mystica - Bach, J.S. / Han…
George Frideric Handel : Organ Concertos Op.I…
Lawall Plays G.F.Händel
Handel: Samson, HWV 57 - Beethoven: Choral Fi…
Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 2 - Handel: Harp C…
20 Years Of Classical Music: Naxos Anniversar…
Endless Pleasure
A Night At The Opera - The Greatest Arias & D…
Classical Chill
Greatest Moments
Handel, G.F.: Water Music/Music For The Royal…
Chamber Music: Solos For A German Flute
Jon Vickers In Recital 1974
Guitar Recital: Segovia, Andres - Murcia, S. …
Eccles, J.: The Mad Lover / Bononcini, G.: Ba…
Handel: Floridante
Handel: All Time Greatest Moments
Handel's Messiah (Complete Works) (2 CD Set)
Handel, G.F.: Cor Fedele (Clori, Tirsi E File…
Baroque Music (Jewish) - Casseres, A. / Lidar…
Handel, G.f.: Acis And Galatea [Opera] (Mcgeg…
Handel: Oboe Sonatas Nos. 1-3
Baroque Music - Handel, G.F. / Pleyel, I. / S…
Handel, G.f.: Water Music / Music For The Roy…
Handel, G.F.: Rinaldo [Opera]
Handel, G.F.: Italian Cantatas, Vol. 4 - HWV …
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons & Handel: Messiah H…
Concert Gems For Violoncello
Messiah, HWV.56 (Oratorio In Three Parts)
Handel: Amadigi
100 Best Carols
Handel, G.f.: Alexander's Feast (Bosch)
Handel, G.f.: Flute Sonatas, Hwv 359b, 363b, …
Handel, G.: Solomon
Frohe Wiehnacht (Merry Christmas)
Dixit Dominus/Magnificat
Semele (Opera-Oratorio In Three Acts)
Messiah, HWV 56
Handel: Imeneo
Handel: Ezio, Hwv 29
Kurt Sanderling - The Soviet Recordings: Hayd…
The Unknown Handel
Handel Flute Sonatas
Catherine Robbin: Handel, Scarlatti & Vivaldi
Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Handel: Arias
Judas Maccabeus (Oratorio In Three Acts)
Georg Friedrich Händel: Saul HWV 53
Baroque Masterworks
Great Handel
Simply, Cor Anglais
Handel - Music For The Royal Fireworks/ Water…
George Frideric Handel: Flaming Rose
Klassik Highlights - Music For The 20th Anniv…
Handel: The Chamber Music Vol.V
Handel: Chamber Music Vol. IV - Trio Sonatas …
Handel: The Chamber Music Vol. VI - The Recor…
Handel: The Chamber Music Vol.1
Handel: The Chamber Music Vol.II
Handel: Chamber Music Vol.III - The Trio Sona…
Dorothy Maynor In Concert
Music For The Chapel Royal
Great Composers Collection: George Frideric H…
Masterworks of Worship Collection Volume 1 - …
Arias De Ópera: Cancione
Haendel: Opera Arias & Cantatas
Handel: Il Trionfo Del Tempo E Del Disinganno
Handel Il Trionfo Del Tempo
Talich Special Edition 14: Händel: Oboe Conc…
Haëndel : Jephta
Tobit (Oratorio In Three Parts)
Fernando, Re Di Castiglia, HWV.30 (Opera In T…
The Columbia Golden Years: The Favourites
Fedel E Costante - Handel Italian Cantatas
Lotte's Gift
Handel: 6 Cello Sonatas
Music By George Frideric Handel
Handel: Concerto Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 9-12
Handel: Te Deum, Hwv 283, "dettingen"
Handel, G.f.: Giove In Argo [Opera]
Opera Arias (Tenor): Gigli, Beniamino (The Ve…
Choral Music (100 Masterpieces)
Violin Fantasies
In Balance With Classical Music
Albinoni / Bach / Corelli / Cimarosa / Handel…
Schonsten Melodien Der Klassik (Der) (The Mos…
Hallelujah! Sacred Arias And Choruses
Music For Trumpet And Organ
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 5-8
Drive Time A.M. (Commuter Classics)
Handel: Semele
Oboe Recital: Schroter, Karla - Handel, G.f. …
Nielsen, Inga: Voices - Live And Studio Recor…
Handel: Water Music / Music For The Royal Fir…
Handel For Meditation
Naxos Selection: Highlights
Handel: Messiah - Famous Choruses
Zauber Der Oboe
Wassermusik - Feuerwerksmusik | Water Music -…
Xx's Century Greatest Conductors
The Divine Yvonne Kenny
Water Music/The Royal Fireworks Music/Music F…
Handel Arias
Sacred Arias
Dettingen Te Deum/Dixit Dominus
Fugue in B Flat Major, Op.133, 'Grosse Fuge'/…
Messiah, HWV.56 (Highlights)
Vocal Music - Mozart, W.a. / Bach, J.s. / Sch…
Vincent, T.: Oboe Sonata No. 2 / Babell, W.: …
Harp Recital: Sellmann, Volker - Bach, J.s. /…
Messiah (1751 Version)
The Very Best Of Christmas
Solomon, HWV.67 (Oratorio In Three Parts)
La Lucrezia, HWV.32/Armida Abbandonata, HWV.1…
The Handel Collection
Handel: Alcina Alcina - Opera In Three Acts H…
Sacred And Secular Haendel
Tamerlano, HWV.18 (Opera In Three Acts)
Concerto Grosso No. 4 In F Major, Op. 3, HWV …
Concerto Grosso No. 10 In D Minor, Op. 6, HWV…
Seven Trio Sonatas, Op.5
Brandenburg Favourites
A Bride's Guide To Wedding Music For CIVIL Ce…
A Bride's Guide To Wedding Music For Civil Ce…
Garrick Ohlsson: Bach And Handel
Handel: Messiah - Live Recording
Messiah (Arranged By Mozart) (Oratorio In Thr…
Handel: Complete Recorder Sonatas
Rinaldo (Opera In Three Acts)
Hallelujah! - Great Choruses From Handel's Me…
Ferrier Sings Handel, Bach, Schubert, Schuman…
Blow: Venus And Adonis & Handel: Apollo E Daf…
Arias And Dances: Excerpts From Agrippina And…
Silent Worship: The Timeless Music Of Handel
Marche Nuptiale: Musique Classique Pour Un Ma…
Goodall, H.: Winter Lullabies
Chamber Music - Purcell, H. / Handel, G.f. / …
Handel; Arias / Gloria In Excelsis Deo / Acis…
Baroque Music - Handel, G.f. / Corrette, M. /…
Trio Sonatas, Op.2
Handel, G.F.: Alexander's Feast [Oratorio] / …
Handel, G.F.: Giulio Cesare In Egitto [Opera]
Handel, G.F.: Keyboard Suite No. 7 / 18 Piece…
Water Music/Music For The Royal Fireworks
Romantische Leseabende
Handel, Schubert & Mozart: Works
Handel: Concerto Grosso - Schumann: Cello Con…
Handel, G.F.: Cantatas - Hwv 105, 112, 113, 1…
Italian Cantatas And Other Works
Solomon, HWV.67/Love In Bath
Handel - Organ Concertos Op.7 Etc
Messiah, Hwv.56 (Oratorio In Three Parts)
Falstaff/Cello Concerto/Fantasia & Fugue in C…
Lucrezia; Cantatas/Les Basses Réunies
Admeto, Re Di Tessaglia, Opera, HWV 22
Art & Music: Canaletto - Music Of His Time
Händel: Recorder & Oboe Sonatas
Maulbronn Monastery Edition: Belshazzar (Orar…
The Virtuoso Handel
Messiah: Highlights
Classical Spectacular
Karajan Edition: Variations/Fantasia/Water Mu…
The Best Ever Sydney Opera House Collection V…
Les Corps Glorieux: Music For Organ, Harp & C…
Handel: Keyboard Suites Vol. II
Handel: Six Sonatas: Classic Library Series
Découvrez La Musique De L'époque Baroque
King David And His Harp
Christmas Organ Music
Alexander's Feast, Ode For St. Cecilia's Day,…
Baroque Duets: Pergolesi - Monteverdi - Hande…
Night Music, Vol. 7
Organ Recital: Souter, Martin - Bach, J.S. / …
Night Music, Vol. 5
Night Music 2
Night Music 6
Orchestral Music - Sibelius, J. / Mozart, W.a…
Night Music, Vol. 10
Harpsichord Recital: Vinikour, Jory - HANDEL,…
Night Music, Vol. 8
Handel, G.F.: Messiah [Oratorio]
Night Music, Vol. 9
The Very Best Of Handel
Magic Oboe
Great Orchestral Classics, Vol. 3
Great Orchestral Classics, Vol. 7
Great Orchestral Classics, Vol. 8
Great Orchestral Classics, Vol. 4
Ave Maria: Sacred Arias & Choruses
Handel, G.F.: Organ Concertos Nos. 1-4 And 6
Organ Music - Praetorius, H. / Hofhaimer, P. …
Handel, G.F.: Arias
Mio Caro Bene!
Handel Opera Seria
Christmas Laudate Pueri - Baroque Christmas
Opera Arias (Soprano): Whal, Ran Seo - Handel…
Duo A Piacere
Händel: Lotario
Handel/Caldara: Choral Works
Golden Classics: Handel's Messiah
Heroes And Heroines
Night At The Opera (A) - Favourite Opera Aria…
Horen - Lernen - Wachsen: Music For Babies An…
Messiah (Excerpts)
Gideon, Oratorio
The Voice
Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Händel: Arias, Madrigal…
Super Hits - Handel
Handel: Sosarme, Hwv 30
Chill With Handel
Canadian Brass (The): Encore
Haendel : Semele, Hwv 58
Ode For St. Cecilia's Day
Esther, HWV.50a (Oratorio In Six Scenes)
Handel: Water Music Suites; Music For The Roy…
Handel: Lotario
Sweet Music For Bathing
Handel: Agrippina
Christmas Julstamning - De Klassiska Melodier…
Beethoven, L. Van: Violin Concerto, Op. 61 / …
Cappella Coloniensis (1954-2004)
Vocal Recital: Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth - Verdi…
Vocal Recital: Gigli, Beniamino - Carnevalli,…
Handel, G.f.: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Nos. 5,…
Segovia, Andres: The Guitar Of Andres Segovia…
Mozart - Handel Vol.1
Art Of Rodion Azarkhin, Vol. 1
Classic Moods - Albinoni, T.G. / Handel, G.F.…
Classic Moods - Handel, G.F. / Bach, J.S. / M…
Classic Moods - Mozart, W.A. / Handel, G.F. /…
Classic Moods - Pergolesi, G.B. / Bach, J.S. …
Choral Music (Sacred) - Handel, G.F. / Mozart…
Classic Moods - Boccherini, L. / Handel, G.F.…
Festliche Musik Fur Trompete Und Orgel (Festi…
Love Lost and Found - Handel: Arias & Italian…
Trumpet Music - Handel, G.f. / Bach, J.s. / P…
Trumpet Recital: Weller, Martin - Krebs, J.l.…
Joy To The World
Handel: Coronation Anthems/Dixit Dominus
Water Music/Royal Fireworks Music (Expanded E…
Handel: Water Music; Royal Fireworks Music - …
21st Century Cinema Classics
Les Grandes Œuvres De La Musique Baroque
Russian Performing School. Natalia Shameyeva …
Deidamia (Il Complesso Barocco)
A Bride's Guide To Wedding Music
Golden Classics. Golden Symphonic Classics
Israel In Egypt, HWV.54 (Oratorio In Three Ac…
Handel: Messiah, Hwv 56 (Arr. Mozart)
Baroque Violin Favourites
Handel's Messiah
Very Best Of Placido Domingo
Harpsichord Music From The Age Of Elegance
Love Divine - Choral Music By Wesley, Handel,…
Naohiro Tsuken / Plays Kentsubitsch Septet[Sa…
In The Garden: Soothing Music For Relaxation
Pinchgut Opera - Handel: Semele
Orchestral Music - Handel, G.f. / Vivaldi, A.…
Water Music ; Music For Royal Fireworks
Best Of Handel
The Messiah
Handel: Concerti Grossi - Concertos For Oboe
Triumphal Fanfares
Violons Du Roy (Les) - Celebration
Chamber Music (Baroque) - Clarke, J. / Stanle…
Georg Friedrich Händel (Water Music And Musi…
Guitar Recital: Segovia, Andres - Visee, R. /…
Harp Recital: Hill, Sarah – Massenet, J. / …
Bach : Orchestral Suites Nos. 1 & 2 / Handel …
Orchestral Suites
Ring A Ring O'roses - Songs And Dances For Ch…
Twilight Stillness
Musik In Potsdamer Residenzen
Morning Baroque
Handel, G.F.: Keyboard Suites Nos. 5 And 7 / …
The Best Of Baroque, Vol. 2 (50 Golden Moment…
Händel: Concerto Grosso No. 5 To 8
Händel: Concerto Grosso No. 1 To 4
Händel: Concerto Grosso, No. 9 To 12
Handel, G.F.: Concerti Grossi - Opp. 3, 6
Soprano Arias With Trumpet
Tranquillity: The Classical Music Of Calm
Handel: Coronation Anthems / Silete Venti
Heinichen, J.: Mass No. 11 / Handel, G.: Dixi…
Best Of Yoshikazu Mera (The)
Samson, HWV.57 (Oratorio In Three Acts)
English Choral Classics
Janet Baker Sings Scenes From Julius Caesar
The Messiah Highlights
Harp Recital
Listen, Learn And Grow: Playtime Fun And Game…
LISTEN, LEARN AND GROW: Playtime Arts And Cra…
Listen, Learn And Grow: Playtime Arts And Cra…
Handel: Harpsichord Works, Vol.3
Baroque Harpsichord (The Art Of The)
Handel: Apollo And Dafne / Alchemist
The Art Of The Baroque Harpsichord
The Organ Concertos
George Frideric Handel: Overtures For Oratori…
Haendel & Friends
Haëndel : Arie E Lagrime
Handel: Deborah
Classical Moments 6: Classical Music To Study…
Live From Covent Garden
Pachelbel: Canon; Albinoni: Adagio; Bach: Jes…
Handel, G.f.: Keyboard Suites Nos. 1-5
Handel Highlights
Baby Needs Music
Christmas Boulevard
Chamber Music - Haydn, F.J. / Weber, C.M. Von…
Wedding Music - Wagner, R. / Clarke, J. / Han…
Brass Over!
Handel: Rodelinde
Music For London - Music For A Historic City
Carillon Spring 2002
Jesus Christ In Music
Musik Till Tröst
Chamber Music (Old English) - Mudge, R. / Han…
Handel And Bach Arias
Trumpet Music - Albinoni, T.g. / Handel, G.f.…
Trumpet Recital: Schafer, Joachim - Albinoni,…
Our Favorite Things
Handel: Dettingen Te Deum & Te Deum In A Majo…
Serse (Xerxes)
A Classic Christmas: For Your Family
Handel: Dettingen Te Deum / Te Deum in A Majo…
Water Music/Music For The Royal Fireworks (Re…
Handel: Brockes Passion
Handel: Salve Regina / Trio Sonata In G Minor…
Virtuoso Music For Horn & Piano
Handel: Harpsichord Works, Vol.2
HANDEL: Concerti Grossi Op. 3, Nos. 1- 6
Bach & Handel Cantatas
Gloria/Dixit Dominus
Organ Concertos, Op.4 & 7
Organ Concertos Op.4 & Op.7
Martha Mödl Sings Händel, Purcell, Gluck, M…
Rainforest Rhapsody
Opera Arias (Tenor): Gigli, Beniamino - Cilea…
Christmas Festive Concert - Bach, J.S. / Hand…
Handel, G.f.: Water Music / Concerto Grosso, …
Guitar Recital - Chiaro, Giovanni De - Pachel…
Lotus Moon - Chinese Folk And Art Songs, Oper…
British Antiques Roadshow
Christmas Festival
A To Z Of Opera
Auger, Arleen: Arias
Handel / Forster: Oboe Concertos
Chamber Music - Handel, G. / Vivaldi, A.
Great Operatic Arias: John Tomlinson
Handel, G.f.: Keyboard Suites Nos. 3, 4, 7, 8…
Marcello, A.: Oboe Concerto In D Minor / Tele…
Cafe Classics (Australia Only)
Handel: Samson (English Oratorio Hwv 57, Perf…
Classics At The Movies: Divas
Classics At The Movies: Comedy 1
Classics At The Movies: Love
Classics At The Movies: Drama
Classics At The Movies: Epics
Handel At The Opera
Rilling: Gloria
German Lute Music Of The Baroque
Handel: Messiah - Arranged By W.a. Mozart
Handel: Un'alma Innamorata / Chi Rapi La Pace…
Scheck, Rudi: Music For Trumpet And Organ
Laudate Dominum
Baroque Fest
Romantic Arias For Lyric Tenor
Bach / Handel / Rosenmuller: Masters Of The G…
Purcell / Handel: Theatre Music
Martinia Franca Festival - 30th Anniversary
Handel, G.F.: Messiah
Paul Brodie And Friends
Musical Settings Of The Poetry Of Carl Michae…
Takako Nishizaki Plays Suzuki Evergreens (Pia…
Marshall, Lois: Oratorio And Operatic Arias -…
Handel, G.F.: Apollo E Dafne [Opera] / Silete…
Caruso, Enrico: 25 Great Opera Arias And Song…
Forrester, Maureen: Handel Arias From Oratori…
Handel: Music For The Royal Fireworks / Water…
Christmas Brass Music
Nastrucci: Almirante
Vivaldi / Grieg / Bach, J.s: Classic Romance …
Ett Barn Ar Fott
Handel, G.: Rinaldo (Excerpts)/Orlando (Excer…
Handel: Sonatas For Violin And Continuo
Oboe Recital: Zoboli, Omar - Bach, J.s. / Han…
Vivaldi / Mozart / Handel: Classical Masterpi…
Roman: Drottingholm Music (Excerpts) / Sinfon…
Classical Chillout - The Essential Collection
The Flowering Of Love - Beautiful Arias And S…
Flowering Of Love, (The) - Beautiful Arias An…
Organ Recital: Brembeck, Christian - Aichinge…
Romantic Piano Favourites, Vol. 3
Music Of Worship & Praise
Handel: Trionfo del Tempo e della Verita (Il)
Handel: Water Music and others
HANDEL: Dixit Dominus / Salve Regina / Nisi D…
Handel: Dixit Dominus / Salve Regina / Nisi D…
Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - Classical Trans…
Piccolo Trumpet Recital: Schafer, Joachim - V…
High Anxiety Bones
Handel: Harpsichord Works, Vol.1
Movie Classics
Sanctus: Classical Music For Reflection And M…
Discover The Classics, Vol. 3: The Concerto
Händel: Serse
Handel: Julius Caesar (3-CD Set)
Handel: Recorder Sonatas (The)
Julius Caesar (Giulio George Frideric Handel
OBOE (THE ART OF THE) - Famous Oboe Concertos…
Handel, G.F.: Trionfo Del Tempo E Della Verit…
Svenska Kollegor & Elever
Christmas (The 12 Days Of)
Vocal Recital: Gigli, Beniamino - Verdi, G. /…
Mendelssohn: War March Of The Priests / Sulli…
Christmas Songs (Leipzig Thomaner Choir, Rotz…
Classics For Dog Lovers
Baroque Celebration (Sung in English)
Messiah - Highlights
Divas: Ponselle, Galli-Curci & Eidé Norena
Tito Schipa In Opera And Song
101 Classics - The Best Loved Classical Melod…
Med Lust Och Fagring Stor - Sommarens Sanger …
Cinema Classics, Vol. 3
Varma Roda Stunder - Romantisk Klassisk Musik…
Cinema Classics, Vol. 10
Cinema Classics, Vol. 9
Cinema Classics, Vol. 8
Handel: Flute Sonata, Hwv 378 / Recorder Sona…
Harpsichord Recital: Perrin, Catherine - Rame…
Baroque Christmas (A)
Cantabile - Classics For Relaxing And Dreamin…
George Frideric Handel: Concerto Grossos, Op.…
Cantabile - Classical Favourites For Relaxing…
HANDEL: Acis And Galatea
Handel: Athalia
Sarabande: Classics For Relaxing And Dreaming
PASTORALE - Classics For Relaxing And Dreamin…
Sonata - Classics For Relaxing And Dreaming
Sarabande - Classical Favourites For Relaxing…
Handel: Tra Le Fiamme, Italian Cantatas & Tri…
Handel - Rodelinda
The Magnificent Mr. Handel
Ave Maria : Airs & Choeurs Célèbres
Christmas Vocal Music - Reichardt, J.F. / Bac…
Organ Recital: Guillou, Jean Victor Arthur - …
Violino Virtuoso
Baby Needs Baroque
Christmas (Carols For A Victorian)
Messiah, Oratorio, HWV.56
HANDEL: Organ Concertos, Op. 4, Nos. 1-6
Handel: Organ Concertos, Op. 4, Nos. 1-6
Bach On The Banjo
The Best Of Handel
Handel (The Best Of)
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op.6, Vol.1
Ave Maria (Sacred Arias And Choruses)
Plays Handel And Scarlatti
Handel / Grieg / Paganini / Dvorak: Violin Re…
Chamber Music And Instrumental Collection
Opera Arias / Songs (Baritone): Tibbett, Lawr…
The Orchestral Collection
Handel / Gluck / Mozart: Tenor Opera Arias
Choral Music (Sacred) - Palestrina, G.p. / Du…
Best Of Classic, Vol. 1
Handel, G.F.: Arias - Hwv 202, 203, 204, 205,…
Orchestral Collection (The)
Alexander Kipnis In Opera And Lieder
Handel's Last Chance: Music From The Film
HANDEL: Oboe Concertos Nos. 1- 3 / Suite In G…
Handel: Oboe Concertos Nos. 1- 3 / Suite In G…
Christmas Carols On Flute
Soprano Arias
In Memoriam - Music For Solemn Occasions
Isaac Stern - A Life In Music IV - Box Set
The Complete Water Music
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 12
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 7
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 16
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 20
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 13
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 24
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 26
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 25
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 23
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 28
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 32
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 36
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 27
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 37
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 4
Joyas De La Música, Vol. 2
The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra Collecti…
Christmas Choral Concert - Handel, G.F. / Moz…
Classic Masterworks - George Frideric Handel
Marian Anderson In Oratorio And Spiritual Vol…
The Complete Organ Concertos, Vol.1
Klassiska Favoriter, Vol. 2
Sounds Of Finland
Haendel : Le Messie
Haëndel : Water Music
Fireworks! (Baroque Brass Favorites)
Messiah By Handel
Handel: Apollo E Dafne/Crudel Tiranno Amor
HANDEL: Messiah (Highlights)
Händel: Feuerwerksmusik, Wassermusik
Handel: Messiah (Highlights)
Música Clásica
Wilhelm Furtwangler Conducts. George Frideric…
Guitar Duo Recital: Gray, Julian / Pearl, Ron…
Vivaldi - Handel: Dixt Dominus
Christmas Carols Around The World
The Music Surround Spectacular: The Tests
Schipa In Song
Classical Favourites
Famous Baroque Concertos
Baroque Concertos (Famous)
Artistry Of Clas Pehrsson (The)
Marian Cantatas And Arias
Greatest Hits
Concerti Grossi/Oboe Concerti/Solomon
Great Choral Music
Christmas Choral Music - Handel, G.F. / Bach,…
Christmas Favorites
Handel, G.F.: Organ Concertos Nos. 1-6
Christmas Choral Music
Vocal Recital: Kowalski, Jochen - Bach, J.S. …
Oxford Church Anthems
Handel, G.F.: Overtures - Hwv 5, 6, 34, 33, 3…
Classical Music Start-Up Kit, Vol. 1: 1500-18…
Discover The Classics, Vol. 1
Christmas Music
Choral Masterpieces
Christmas Concerto
Discover Classical Music
The Glenn Gould Edition: Suites For Harpsicho…
Concerti Grossi, Op.3, Nos. 1-6
Pachelbel Canon & Other Baroque Favorites
HANDEL: Recorder Sonatas, Op. 1, Nos. 2, 4, 7…
Handel: Recorder Sonatas, Op. 1, Nos. 2, 4, 7…
Harp Recital: Vigh, Andrea - Handel, G.F. / D…
Christmas Concert (Stille Nacht)
Harp Recital: Vigh, Andrea - Bach, J.S. / Han…
O Sole Mio: Classic Love Songs For Violin And…
Music From The Courts Of Europe - London
Music For Ceremonial Occasions
Händel: The Great Choruses From Messiah
La Grande Sarabande De Haendel
Kurt Redel: Musica Para Flauta Y Guitarra
World's Greatest Choruses
Two Violins And One Guitar, Vol. 2
Encore! Vol. 1: Baroque
Kempff: Italian Suite / Piano Sonata / Transc…
Stress Busters: Music For A Stress-Less World
HANDEL: Concerti Grossi Op. 3, No. 3 And Op. …
Best Of Naxos 1
Handel: Organ Concertos Nos. 1 - 12
Christmas (The Joy Of)
Opera Arias (Counter-Tenor): Kowalski, Jochen…
Handel: Concerti Grossi Op. 3, No. 3 And Op. …
Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op.6
101 Great Orchestral Classics, Vol. 3
101 Great Orchestral Classics, Vol. 4
101 Great Orchestral Classics, Vol. 7
Horn Concertos
Handel: Nisi Dominus/Silete Venti/Dixit Domin…
Music For A Guitar Family
Handel, G.F.: Cantatas - Hwv 109, 112, 132c, …
Handel, G.F.: Vocal Music (The Italian Years)
Paganini - Saint-Seans - Boccherini - Suk: Th…
Handel Festival, Vols. 1-3
Eidé Norena (Recorded 1930 - 1937)
Handel: Harpsichord Suites Nos. 1- 5
Trumpet Concertos (Famous) (Kejmar)
Trumpet Concertos (Famous)
The Very Best Of The Great Composers
HANDEL: Messiah (Choruses)
Handel: Giulio Cesare
Judas Maccabaeus, HWV.63 (Oratorio In Three P…
Handel, G.F.: Organ Concertos, Op. 4, Nos. 2,…
Organ Recital: Koopman, Ton – Purcell, H. /…
Harpsichord Suites Nos.1-5